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Happy Birthday Adonis Otogari | 8/29

Before the day is over, just a little shout out to Adonis’ bday lol

I didn’t do a post last year because I forgot and this year I have something in mind to draw for both Adonis’ and Mitsuru’s bday but for now enjoy this celebratory picture

2016-08-29 16.41.05
Eat cake and become strong

I don’t do this often, this is just a rare instance. Adonis is kind of like a muse to me, if you haven’t noticed 😆 plus my household wanted to eat cake so I made it for them.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day/night!

(another shout out to Midori Takamine who also shares the same bday as Adonis)

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[Mobile] Bunny talks about Event Ranking – Ensemble Stars


So you want to Rank for events, well let me tell you it ain’t going to be easy. Thats why I’m writing this post to help you out. Be prepared for 10~11 days of eternal hell if you plan to rank.

There may be a few things that may be outdated because of the new system implementation but hopefully the rest of the post will be helpful.

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[Book] Bunny talks about ARIA, Yomi Sarachi’s new manga and shopping with HMV

2016-04-13 22.23.04

Just the other day my first order from HMV came in the mail, which was my first ever purchase of ARIA and wow, I never thought it’d be this big.

I thought I’d talk about it because I never thought of HMV as a shopping option but thankfully someone was kind enough to direct me to this shop when all of the copies of ARIA was sold out in the exact same day it was released on CD Japan (Curse you Model Trio, you sell a product too good it doesn’t even survive a day).

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