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[Monthly Overview] September 2018 Releases

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[Otomate×Nintendo Switch] Otomate announces its plans for the Nintendo Switch

On the 10th May, 2018, Otomate made 12 game announcements in this month’s issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style as well as publishing tweets on their official twitter relating to their switch to the Nintendo Switch (yeah I know a lot of people made the same pun but bear with me here). The game announcements included ports of previous PS Vita/PS4 games to the Nintendo Switch as well as exclusive Switch games in development as we speak. This could open a new door for Otomate’s games being on a hybrid console that allows you to play on the go or at home on the TV, that’s if this move is successful with Otomate’s current consumers (some, if not many, of whom may not even have the Nintendo Switch at this point in time).

I’ll go through the titles announced, giving my thoughts and theories. I’ll try to update this post once I get my hands on this months issue of Deneki Girl’s Style, but for now I’ll be writing on what I’ve heard and what Otomate has released on their twitter account.

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[2015 Recap & Review] The year of Disappointment

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