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[Monthly Overview] March Releases 2017

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Otomate Party 2016 Roundup


Ah yes otomate party, the party that comes once a year to announce new otome game titles while striking fear to our wallets. This year they announced 9 new titles (tho I have 11 titles here, so the last 2 titles of this post aren’t necessarily new), one of those titles will be a new mobile game, one title is a port of a mobile game to the vita, four of them are new ps vita titles and three of them are fandisks. So four out of nine new titles will be new IP PS Vita games.

I’ve never been to an otomate party nor have I watched one on youtube before so I have no idea what goes on with it, hell I’m a bit late on this post seeing that this information is about one week old, but I’ll try with what I have to make a post discussing about it. Even if its just a few sprinkles of information, think of it as a small masterpost of videos plus my ramblings.

Note that almost all of these games announced will come out in 2017.

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[2015 Recap & Review] The year of Disappointment

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[PS Vita] Breakdown- KLAP ~Kind Love And Punish~

KLAP ~Kind Love and Punish~ is a “torture” based adventure game/visual novel by Otomate for the PS Vita. Now I would use the word “torture” very loosely when describing this game because there’s some reasoning around the S&M elements, believe me. The basis of this game is you play as an aspiring teacher that somehow lands a job at a school for youkais, where you have the job to both teach these students common sense/behaviours that humans have so they can graduate into going out into the human world and to stop them from going berserk by ‘torturing’ them.

Again, this a breakdown, not a full review. I’ll be just breaking down gameplay elements and systems, rather than stating my opinion or talking about story elements any further than a review would talk about. But in a way it’s kind of like a review anyway.

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[Monthly Overview] July Releases 2015

While everyone else is enjoying summer, I’m here freezing my butt off in the southern hemisphere during the midst of the coldest winter I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. So there’s nothing like a good game that can warm up one’s heart and soul, and it seems July is going to be a busy month for releases.

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