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[Otome Watch Special] Report – Readyyy! Go☆ld Channel Vol. 4 & Vol 5


On July 21st (Saturday) and 22nd (Sunday), Readyyy had an exhibition at Sega Ikebukuro GiGO (game arcade) which displayed a lot of promotional material as well as selling some goods like tin badges as well as high five sessions with the cast on the day. Saturday’s session had SP!CA and Just 4U‘s cast of voice actors while Sunday’s session had Maten RocketRayGlanZ and La-Veritta‘s voice actors, these sessions had a night time stream dedicated to new game information, variety quizzes and other antics.

The streams are archived on their Youtube channel.

*I won’t add this post to the main Otome Watch post dedicated to Readyyy! Project because it does still lag when I edit it to the point it feels like I’m gonna crash my new computer lol.

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[Otome Watch Special] Report – “Readyyy! Go★ld Channel Vol.3” & “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol.4”

It’s been a while since I’ve done these report posts. The main Otome Watch post on Readyyy Project was getting too big and bloated that my laptop would lag and freeze so it became impossible to edit it and add new stuff to it, which is why I’m writing these as separate posts and adding a link to them in the main Otome Watch post (also I upgraded to a new computer so hopefully things will go more smoothly).

I’ll keep these posts short and informative as possible. I know I’m a month late on making a report on Gold Channel Vol.3 but better late than never (plus there was some information released in that stream that needs to be shared).

I’ll make a separate post for Gold Channel Vol.4 seeing it’d be a bit different in terms of format than last month’s.

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[Otome Watch Special] Report – “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol.0” & “Readyyy! Go★ld Channel Vol.1”

This report will cover two (2) events Readyyy Project had in the past week. The first event was Readyyy! Gold Stage Vol.0 on the stage of Segafes on April 14th (Segafes being a 2 day event showcasing Sega games and other announcements), where they announced a couple of things and finally released

The second event happened 3 days afterwards called “Readyyy! Gold Channel Vol.1”, an hour or so live show getting to know the voice actors with “variety show”-like segments.

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[Otome Watch Special] Report – Readyyy! Project’s Second Live Event (14th March)

second live event

As promised, on March 14th Readyyy! Project held their second live event. As usual, they broadcasted it on twitch, youtube, periscope and nico douga (I’m using screenshots from the nico douga archive). I would usually add this to my original Otome Watch post but I figured out that condensing 2 hours of the stream into that post will make it more longer than usual, and would prolly lag it as well. So I’ll be writing separate posts like these event reports and then adding a link to my original Otome Watch post.

You can check out the Otome Watch post here, where it’ll give a better background on what this project is.

If you have a premium nico douga account you can watch the archive of the stream here but it’s only available for a limited time.

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[Otome Watch] Sega’s Upcoming “Readyyy!” Project – An Idol Raising Project

readyyyprojectbannerSega has announced its latest venture in making contents for the female audience. Back in 2015 Sega released Yumeiro Cast, a female oriented mobile game about musicals, this time they’re jumping in on the “Idol” bandwagon with their ambitious Readyyy! Project. Seeing that it had only just recently been announced, there is not a lot of information about it but that’s what Otome Watch posts are for–I’ll be constantly updating this post when news comes in so keep an eye on this post.

As most of my Otome Watch posts go, I’ll be using images only posted on the official website and will also be referencing articles from Japanese online news like Dengenki Online throughout the post.

I will also be trying my best to translate important information from the website into English, however I am still an amateur so please take my translations with a grain of salt as they are not entirely accurate.

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[Mobile] Otome Watch – オトメ勇者 – Otome Yuusha

Otome Yuusha (オトメ勇者) is an upcoming iOS/Android game by level-5, who is known for such games as the Professor Layton series, Inuzuma Eleven games and Yo-Kai Watch series. This will be their first attempt at making a game that is female oriented and hopefully unlike Square Enix’s first time attempt at making a female oriented game *coughKimikiricoughreallybadgamecough* they will be successful with Otome Yuusha.

This is game will be a collaboration between level-5 and A-1 Pictures–who will provide animated sequences for the mobile game–as well as character design from Chinatsu Kurahana, who also did character design for the Uta no Prince-sama games and Togainu no Chi, with her latest work being the illustrator and character design for Otomate’s 7’scarlet.

As usual with most of my ‘otome watch’ posts, I’ll be doing a rundown on the game, characters, story and system before it releases with the information that has been released at the time of writing this post. If there’s anything big in terms of new information, I’ll try to add it to this post.

I’ll be getting most of my information and images from the website, I’ll reference other Japanese articles but I won’t post the images posted from those articles here.

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[Otome Watch] HuneX’s Crowdfunding Project to Port “Steam Prison” to the PS Vita


A couple of days ago HuneX (producing/developing games such as Arcana Famiglia, Meiji Tokyo RenkaPossession Magenta and Believer) started a crowdfunding campaign to get one of their latest games, Steam Prison (released on PC in December 2016), to be ported to the PS Vita and to get people to know about it. The name of the crowdfunding project is 「スチプリを多くの人に知ってほしい!」(if I’m gonna roughly translate it, basically it’s saying “We wish for more people to know Steam Prison!”). Based on what I’ve been seeing on my twitter and a twitter mutual telling me their experience with it, it seems like an alright game. Their goal of 250,000 yen had been met on the first day of the campaign and is right now 611% funded at 1.5 million yen and counting. There’s still 51 days left until the campaign ends, but of course, we foreigners can’t partake in the crowdfunding bc it seems like more of a national thing and prolly would only ship within Japan.

The backer tiers in the crowdfunding campaign includes blanket covers of the dudes for the higher tiers, your name in the credits of the ported PS Vita game for any contribution, signatures from cast members, badges, acrylic stands, an official cosplay outfit based on the heroine’s clothes (no one has yet claimed that tier yet, it is worth 200,000 yen after all) and even a ticket to an event with a few of the cast members called a “high five meeting” or something, prolly where you high five Yusuke Shirai for an hour. The stretch goal of getting one of the male support characters to get a route in the PS Vita port has also been reached at 1 million yen. There are still a few more stretch goals that have yet to be met, one of them being a new opening sung by one of the cast members at 4 million yen, another goal is a memorial book at 2 million yen that may or may not be distributed as something free.

Now this begs the question as to why doesn’t HuneX do the port with their own funding? Not exactly sure how to answer this, I can only speculate. So take this with a grain of salt. It might be because of the low sales that they may not be confident about putting out a Vita port or that there’s no money to spare for it so they take it to crowdfunding. Some speculate the low sales is because of the measures HuneX went to to make sure that the game won’t be pirated that may have caused inconveniences or discouraged ppl, whatever that may mean, who knows. I was a bit interested at getting it but was a bit worried bc of how I was burnt by HuneX before when I got Possession Magenta which also looked promising but the story lacked and poorly executed. Also I’m not the type of person that likes to play otome games on my laptop, I’d rather it on my PS Vita so I can lay around and take it on the go like a book. Plus there’s advantages to otome games being on PS Vita, like not having to worry about ppl pirating the game and depending on how you scale your images in your game, the resolution of CGs and character sprites are so crisp and nice to look at compared to other portable consoles like 3DS, PSP etc.

So what I’m saying is that I’ll be looking forward to whenever they decide to port the game to the PS Vita, though I don’t know exactly how long it takes for a company to port a PC game to a Vita so it may take some time. However I hope that this doesn’t become a trend for other otome game companies to do crowdfunding for their projects often, worst case scenario would be that certain companies would only release their games if the crowdfunding was successful or not and would then rely heavily on the pockets of the consumers when deciding to greenlight a project. But that’s just worst case scenario and prolly won’t happen… hopefully.

There’s also a demo/trial version of the PC version of Steam Prison which you can download on their website. The file is 1.93 GB and will take a while to download, the site also warns it can be played on a Japanese version of Windows OS, I’m not sure if that means it can run on your windows computer/laptop if you have it on  “Japanese Locale” so I’m not sure if it’ll work on my laptop despite having Japanese Locale on. I haven’t tested it out yet, so maybe I’ll do a follow up post on my thoughts on the demo and if I found trouble running it I’ll just edit this post to say I’ve been gaijin blocked or something.

As always thanks for reading.

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[VR] Otome Watch – Locker Danshi ~Zero Kyori Taiken❤Koi no Hajimari~ – Showcase Event (1/21/2017)


Locker Danshi is a VR Project in the works. Back in January 21, 2017, a showcase event was held to discuss what Locker Danshi is and to demonstrate what it plays like in VR (virtual reality). Guests were invited to partake in the demonstration with a VR headset (what seems like a Samsung Gear VR headset) inside a locker, y’know, to enhance the experience.

Its not yet known when it’ll be fully released to the public, whether it will be a VR app for the mobile (though, seeing that the demo was using the Samsung Gear VR, it may as well be) or whether it will be ‘free-to-play’ or a purchasable app. As of now, it seems to be going through trials in these showcase events and gaining feedback from the guests who purchased tickets to the events.

Most of the info presented in this post are reiterations/summaries from Japanese sites and reports/articles. I may get some info wrong because of my amateur translation skills.
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[Mobile] Otome Watch – 囚われのパルマ – Toraware no Palm (Imprisoned Palm)

Release Date: 30th August 2016

囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Paruma*) is an upcoming mobile game by Capcom. It is an Adventure game that follows the story of a young man called “ハルト” (Haruto), he has amnesia and is under surveillance by you, who is also trying to help get his memories back. Upon release, only the prologue and the first episode will be available. Every Tuesday (Japan Time) they will release a new episode starting from Episode 2 until Episode 6 (there will be 6 episodes to release on iOS and Android). The prologue and first episode will cost 360 yen and episode 2 & onwards will cost 360 yen each (about 2,160 yen for all episodes).

*Not sure whether to write it as “palma”, “parma” or “palm”, however palm would be incorrect because it is spelt as パルム. But according to the website’s html it has the word palm so it might have something to do with the game so ??? // Ok just to clear things up パルマ is “palm”


If you haven’t noticed by the title I’m starting a new segment. “Otome Watch” will be a form similar to “Spotlight” posts except it will continuously update until a game/drama cd/etc is released or until there is no news to talk about. It’ll focus on things I’ve become interested in/researched into and will take info I’ve learnt from magazines etc.

It may replace magazine posts like Dengeki Girl’s Style & B’s Log and may contain some magazine scans as reference.

When a post is updated I’ll put a sticky note so it’ll stay at the top of older posts and will put this -> ✨ emoticon next to it, alternatively I could just write up a post saying which posts are updated. Updated posts will stay on the top for about a week.

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