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[Magazine – extras] B’s Log Pinups (July ’16 issue ~ February ’17 issue)

This post had a long time coming and finally I got around doing it. All the pinups in this post has been collected from July issue ~ February issue of B’s Log (released between May 2016 and December 2016). There’s a total of around 23 posters if I’m counting right, from all sorts of series… Continue reading [Magazine – extras] B’s Log Pinups (July ’16 issue ~ February ’17 issue)

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[Mobile] Breakdown- アイ★チュウ – Ai Chuu (I Chu)

Ai Chu is a rhythm game with a hint of romance, where you, the player, is the Producer/Teacher for these ‘Idols in training’ ranging from different ages and personalities. This mobile game was released late June, 2015 but because my internet ran out of data just before its release, only recently have I been getting into.… Continue reading [Mobile] Breakdown- アイ★チュウ – Ai Chuu (I Chu)