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I do not regret this drawing of me looking up Kogitsunemaru’s hakama

I’m Billy, often nicknamed Bunny, currently residing in Australia and living through Ensemble Stars hell and Ai Chuu purgatory. Hobbies include playing games, drawing and lying around with my cat. Studied Japanese for 6 years in High School, yet I still have trouble reading kanji so you’ll have to excuse me for some inaccuracies (which there will be a lot of), lack of details and missed information when it comes to reviews and such.

A friend pretty much got me into playing otome games when they lent me their copy of Binary Star at the start of this year (2015). In the past I was hesitant in even playing games with Japanese text because I had no confidence in my reading skills and was a bit rusty having not practiced Japanese since I graduated. But in the end I got better at reading and learnt some new vocab so its a win win situation when playing otome games lol.

With the help of encouragement from friends, I decided to make a wordpress account to write stuff about my gaming experiences and other relevant stuff. More or less I’m keeping this blog as a way to keep myself busy and productive, nothing about this is professional even though I tend slip into writing formally as if I’m writing an essay (○゚ε゚○)プププー

I do tend to get lazy with this type of stuff but I’ll try my best putting content to this blog.

3 thoughts on “About Author

  1. Hi, Bunny! I just started learning Japanese. I adore otome games but like you mentioned, you were unsure of your reading level. See, I am still starting out and I want to know what I can do to get better. If there is any advice you have, or even personal stories on how you went about doing so, I’d love to hear it! XD And btw, so glad to see you’re playing Code Realize and I hope you love Saint just as much as I did! XD


    1. Hello to you too! I guess the major thing that helped me learn japanese was having a good Japanese Teacher, which is kinda obvious but the other stuff I did while I was learning during high school was to kinda surround myself with media that dealt with the Japanese language. For example I watched a lot of videos on Nico Douga usually just fan made videos/MMDs, I listened to a lot of vocaloid covers on Nico Douga as well which helped out my listening a lot. More or less just try getting out of your comfort zone bit by bit, it can start out small like listening to Japanese music or reading small stuff like magazines stuff. I kind of excelled in listening because I listened to so many japanese songs back in High School, but my speaking kinda sucks because I don’t have someone to talk to in Japanese (I still do suck). I felt like reading different materials helped me learn new words by myself after graduating high school, mainly otome games helped me out with learning new stuff. Keep google translate handy sometimes for difficult kanji, I don’t trust it with translating full sentences but it comes in handy when I see kanji I don’t know so having the google translate app on your phone comes in handy. Lately I’ve been buying a lot of otome magazines to read stuff so that helps as well with your daily reading stuff. But yeah, try different things and different media when it comes to learning stuff. I remember a person I followed on tumblr said that they learnt the english language solely from playing video games, so playing Japanese video games can prolly help too. Anyway this is taking a bit too long, but I hope it helps.
      As for Code:Realize, I’ve yet to get to Saint Germain’s route but I have a feeling his route is gonna be really good so I’ll leave it second to last to play. So I’ll be looking forward to that too!

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