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[Otomate×Nintendo Switch] Otomate announces its plans for the Nintendo Switch

On the 10th May, 2018, Otomate made 12 game announcements in this month’s issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style as well as publishing tweets on their official twitter relating to their switch to the Nintendo Switch (yeah I know a lot of people made the same pun but bear with me here). The game announcements included ports of previous PS Vita/PS4 games to the Nintendo Switch as well as exclusive Switch games in development as we speak. This could open a new door for Otomate’s games being on a hybrid console that allows you to play on the go or at home on the TV, that’s if this move is successful with Otomate’s current consumers (some, if not many, of whom may not even have the Nintendo Switch at this point in time).

I’ll go through the titles announced, giving my thoughts and theories. I’ll try to update this post once I get my hands on this months issue of Deneki Girl’s Style, but for now I’ll be writing on what I’ve heard and what Otomate has released on their twitter account.

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[2017 Recap & Review] Week 4 – Apps & Browser Game Reviews

This year I’ll be doing the yearly recap & review posts a bit differently, I’ll be doing separate posts for each review subject so it’ll be posted for each week in December and finally doing an overall recap post at the end of the month.

I’m splitting things up because I won’t be available to blog during late November/whole of December as I’ll be overseas with no internet access, or at least no regular access.

This week I’ll be recapping and reviewing apps(mobile) games as well as browser games that I’ve played in 2017, some of them are just me trying them out and then dropping them others are games that I play religiously.

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[Anime] Thoughts on… Sengoku Night Blood Episode #01

Based on the mobile game that released late May of this year, Sengoku Night Blood is one of historic dramas but with a twist, that twist being that it’s set in an parallel world where instead of daimyōs fighting against each other in the Sengoku Period to unite Japan, we’ve got vampires and werewolves fighting against each other to unite “Shinga” (totally not vampire-werewolf Japan). Oh, also every single person in this anime/game shares the same name as historical figures in the Sengoku Period. Coincidence? No, not really.

The mobile game and anime is a collaboration between Otomate (game company whose specialty is to create games for girls), Marvelous Inc. (developer of video games and anime) and KADOKAWA (publisher of manga, magazines and games). The game itself is only in Japanese, so if you’re an English speaker who is interested in playing it after watching this anime, I’d suggest to either look up guides and translations or learn Japanese. If you want to read my review of the mobile game, here’s the link.

As for the anime its main production is by a studio called Typhoon Graphics who are mostly credited for finishing animation and their big projects would be animation production assistance with the Digimon Adventure Tri. movies, animation production/finish animation of my favorite shitty first person anime series One Room and Roommate and finally their latest and biggest project with Sengoku Night Blood. With such prestigious work, I’m sure this will be one hell of a ride.

This time around I’ll be reviewing this series as each episode airs because I have a mighty feeling that this anime might be hilarious in terms of quality (or lack there of) and it’ll be much easier to gather my thoughts on certain parts of the anime, considering I forget some stuff when I do full reviews. Hopefully I’ll do the same for the Dynamic Chord anime because that seems lol worthy. Not sure if I’ll do a full review eventually to wrap things up after it ends, but I’ll consider it. ❗

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[Mobile] Quick look at… Sengoku Night Blood

Sengoku Night Blood is an ambitious mobile game, that is collaborated between Otomate, Marvelous and KADOKAWA. The mobile game is the starting point for a multi-media franchise, or so Otomate prolly hopes for.

I’m a little late to the party on reviewing this, mainly because something happened last month I couldn’t get around doing it, but hopefully my input on this game is still welcomed (even though some people may have already forgotten about this game). I’ll be quick about this review while putting my two cents on what I think about this game.

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Otomate Party 2016 Roundup


Ah yes otomate party, the party that comes once a year to announce new otome game titles while striking fear to our wallets. This year they announced 9 new titles (tho I have 11 titles here, so the last 2 titles of this post aren’t necessarily new), one of those titles will be a new mobile game, one title is a port of a mobile game to the vita, four of them are new ps vita titles and three of them are fandisks. So four out of nine new titles will be new IP PS Vita games.

I’ve never been to an otomate party nor have I watched one on youtube before so I have no idea what goes on with it, hell I’m a bit late on this post seeing that this information is about one week old, but I’ll try with what I have to make a post discussing about it. Even if its just a few sprinkles of information, think of it as a small masterpost of videos plus my ramblings.

Note that almost all of these games announced will come out in 2017.

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