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[Anime] Thoughts on… Roommate & One Room (Anime Review)

I was initially going to review RoomMate by itself but when I found out it was a spin-off of another anime that shares the same concept called One Room (replace the dudes in RoomMate with cute anime girls and that’s the anime), I decided, what the heck, I’ll check this one out and see if its… Continue reading [Anime] Thoughts on… Roommate & One Room (Anime Review)

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[PS4] Thoughts on… Persona 5

For these past few days (which turned into weeks), I have been enslaved by Persona 5 and only now have I been emancipated. To tell you the truth, I’ve been playing it 24/7 for the past 2~3 weeks–which ended up being almost 170 hours of gameplay, give or take–and just finished it yesterday. As promised I’ll… Continue reading [PS4] Thoughts on… Persona 5

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[Anime] Thoughts on… B-Project Kodou*Ambitious (Anime Review)

B-Project, a multimedia project that started off with character songs (eventually adding drama parts to the CDs), eventually got a manga and an anime and their next project will be a mobile app. Of course, B-Project is all about idol boys and their hardships. A-1 Pictures took on the job to do the animation with… Continue reading [Anime] Thoughts on… B-Project Kodou*Ambitious (Anime Review)