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[Anime] Dynamic Chord Episode #01 (Anime Review)

Woooooo, its Hallooweenie month and y’know what that means. Spooky shit, and what’s more spooky than a shitty anime adaption of an otome game? Trying to profit off a series by making an anime out of it and leaving it in incapable hands is the truest horror one could possibly witness. Like I promised, even… Continue reading [Anime] Dynamic Chord Episode #01 (Anime Review)

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[Magazine – extras] B’s Log Pinups (July ’16 issue ~ February ’17 issue)

This post had a long time coming and finally I got around doing it. All the pinups in this post has been collected from July issue ~ February issue of B’s Log (released between May 2016 and December 2016). There’s a total of around 23 posters if I’m counting right, from all sorts of series… Continue reading [Magazine – extras] B’s Log Pinups (July ’16 issue ~ February ’17 issue)