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2018 Overview – Upcoming Otome & BL Games

We’re in the year 2018 now and we have yet to arrive in a future where games aimed at women aren’t dumbed down, can be pretty fun with gameplay and is just as pandering in terms of fanservice in any other game aimed at the average male otaku (e.g Senran Kagura, Blue Reflection (kinda pandering), Any other D3P game that has a main cast of high school girls etc). Just cryogenic freeze me and thaw me out when that future happens. Just kidding.

This Overview Post will be a bit different than the previous years. I’ll do my best to write down the names of the main voice actors for each game and I’ll only write up summaries for games that already have a set date, which will help me get through this list faster.

Last year I couldn’t update the 2017 Overview post past July, 2017 because my browser would always lag because of all the youtube videos it tried to load, so hopefully I’ll post less youtube videos this time (particularly only posting youtube videos for games with set release dates).

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[Otome Watch Special] Readyyy! has reached 50,000 pre-registrations!


Congratulations to Readyyy! for gaining 50,000 pre-registrations. It’s been a rather slow crawl but it’s still something worth celebrating about.

As promised, Readyyy! has released the full music video’s of SP!CA’s Special Nu-World as well as La-Veritta’s Beat in Love. You can view these videos under the read more tab.

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[Book] Art books – Touken Ranbu Kenran Zuroku Vol.2

2018-10-10 11.21.01

It’s been a while since I did a post on an art book, though there aren’t a lot of art books that pique my interest or I just forget about writing one as soon as I get a good art book. Though one art book that I love to look at is the Touken Ranbu Official Art Book and upon hearing that they’re releasing a second volume for the newer sword boyos I decided to get one right away.

This’ll be a short review. I originally ‘reviewed’ the first volume in my first game diary on Touken Ranbu which you can check out here. I wouldn’t call it a review but it’s something.

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[Otome Watch] VR Kareshi (VRカレシ)

What started off as an April Fools joke has now evolved into a legit thing. VR Kareshi is an upcoming mobile game by IVR (a subsection of Illusion focusing on VR content). It was publicly announced in September 13, 2018 and had a public playable demo at TGS 2018.

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[Otome Watch – Special] Announcement – “Toraware no Palm -Refrain-“

Today marks the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2018, an event that showcases new and upcoming games to the Japanese public. Companies like Sega and Capcom will be at this event with Capcom announcing the next instalment for the Toraware no Palm series: ‘Toraware no Palm -Refrain”. It’s been about 2 years since the game’s first release and has been a while since I posted about it considering there was nothing really big to post about… until now.

I’ll be using information gathered from the official website for Toraware no Palm -Refrain- as well as a Dengeki Girl’sStyle Online article. I’ll be using images from the official website. Check both links out if you want some more information.

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Otomate Party 2018 Roundup

It’s time for Otomate’s annual Otomate party where they release the latest information on 2019’s upcoming games. This year they announced around 11 new titles (some of them being mobile games/apps) over the course of two days (8th ~ 9th September) as well as sneaking in some titles that will be ported to the Nintendo Switch. So let’s dive into the announcements.

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[PC] Demo Review – “Reimei no Gakuen”

Reimei no Gakuen is an upcoming visual novel by Raikon Kitsune Arts. This visual novel is set in a modern fantasy world where supernatural beings exist and certain individuals born after the ‘Hoshi no Ame’ incident possessing superhuman powers called ‘Shin’ are on the rise for about 20 years. The powers of ‘Shin’ users vary from person to person. While it is uncertain how to predict these abilities from user to user, one thing is for certain that those who possess these powers will experience great misfortune.

The story follows our heroine Sheryl Shiganori who is attending an academy to help control and hone her powers while protecting everyone from demons and beasts and guiding newcomers.

This review was requested by the creator. The demo available right now is currently in alpha so some things may be unfinished but it does have about 2 hours of gameplay.

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