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2018 Overview – Upcoming Otome & BL Games

We’re in the year 2018 now and we have yet to arrive in a future where games aimed at women aren’t dumbed down, can be pretty fun with gameplay and is just as pandering in terms of fanservice in any other game aimed at the average male otaku (e.g Senran Kagura, Blue Reflection (kinda pandering), Any other D3P game that has a main cast of high school girls etc). Just cryogenic freeze me and thaw me out when that future happens. Just kidding.

This Overview Post will be a bit different than the previous years. I’ll do my best to write down the names of the main voice actors for each game and I’ll only write up summaries for games that already have a set date, which will help me get through this list faster.

Last year I couldn’t update the 2017 Overview post past July, 2017 because my browser would always lag because of all the youtube videos it tried to load, so hopefully I’ll post less youtube videos this time (particularly only posting youtube videos for games with set release dates).

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[PC] Demo Review – “Wishes In Pen: Chrysanthemums in August”

Wishes in Pen: Chrysanthemums in August is an upcoming English visual novel/otome game by Lunaniere (a subsidiary of Afterthought Studios with experienced members) with assistance from Sekai Project (a visual novel publishing company). Currently they are holding a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter to help bring this project to life on PC, Mac and mobile devices.

I was asked to review the demo that is available at as well as on their kickstarter campaign. I’ll be reviewing the Windows demo, version 1.5.0 so if there’s any complaints or bugs they might mostly be linked to that version. This review will kind of act like some form of feedback and thoughts for the team as well as helping spread awareness of it, just to be clear.

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[Switch] Review – Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku -Forbidden Romance with Mysterious Spirit-

Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku started out as a mobile game and eventually got ported to the Nintendo Switch in April 2018. 4~5 months later it was ‘translated’ (I wouldn’t call it a translation, you’ll see why later) into English and now available in the Nintendo eShop in English since August 2nd, 2018. The story is about a five man visual-kei band called “FOX EAR” whose stage costume consists of the usual gaudy visual-kei fashion along with fox ears and a matching tail, because of plot the heroine, Suzuno, ends up being their assistant manager and hijinks ensues as Suzuno finds out that the band is made up of actual ‘foxes’.

Despite the English version having the choice to switch to Japanese text, I’ll be reviewing the English text version because oh boy is that a hot mess. Spoiler warning: It’s as if either DIGIMERCE (the game’s publisher) or OperaHouse (the game’s developer) ran the Japanese text through Bing Translate, slapped it back into the game and sold it on the eShop where no one involved in this process stopped and think “Hey wait a minute…”. If you can look at this official product description in the eShop and think this game will have a good translation then think again:


Quick advice/opinion for those wanting to play this game: Don’t. It is almost unplayable for anyone who has zero knowledge of the Japanese language and rely heavily on English translation. If you can read Japanese or can hear and understand Japanese just buy the Japanese version in the Japanese eShop but for the love of God DONT BUY this version of this game, if the company sees they can get away with this god awful translation they’ll prolly do the same translation for their next couple of games.

Anyway, I managed to play this game to completion (in English) so I’ll do a run down for each route. So please keep reading if you want to know what went wrong here.

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[Mobile] Quick look at… Idol Fantasy

Idol Fantasy–released on 18th July, 2018is Square Enix’s second female oriented mobile game. Their first female oriented mobile game, Kimi to Kiri no Labyrinth, was a hot mess upon release and stayed that way, full of bugs and zero content until it’s death almost a year later after it’s release in June 2018. Now Square Enix is back with a vengeance in this okay, probably decent, by-the-numbers boring idol game. There, that’s all you need to know about Idol Fantasy.

Just kidding (though this game is pretty boring), I’ll go a little bit more in-depth with this game to explain why I’m pretty disappointed with this game when Square Enix gave us this beautiful mess:

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[Otome Watch Special] Report – Readyyy! Go☆ld Channel Vol. 4 & Vol 5


On July 21st (Saturday) and 22nd (Sunday), Readyyy had an exhibition at Sega Ikebukuro GiGO (game arcade) which displayed a lot of promotional material as well as selling some goods like tin badges as well as high five sessions with the cast on the day. Saturday’s session had SP!CA and Just 4U‘s cast of voice actors while Sunday’s session had Maten RocketRayGlanZ and La-Veritta‘s voice actors, these sessions had a night time stream dedicated to new game information, variety quizzes and other antics.

The streams are archived on their Youtube channel.

*I won’t add this post to the main Otome Watch post dedicated to Readyyy! Project because it does still lag when I edit it to the point it feels like I’m gonna crash my new computer lol.

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[Otome Watch Special] Report – “Readyyy! Go★ld Channel Vol.3” & “Readyyy! Go★ld Stage Vol.4”

It’s been a while since I’ve done these report posts. The main Otome Watch post on Readyyy Project was getting too big and bloated that my laptop would lag and freeze so it became impossible to edit it and add new stuff to it, which is why I’m writing these as separate posts and adding a link to them in the main Otome Watch post (also I upgraded to a new computer so hopefully things will go more smoothly).

I’ll keep these posts short and informative as possible. I know I’m a month late on making a report on Gold Channel Vol.3 but better late than never (plus there was some information released in that stream that needs to be shared).

I’ll make a separate post for Gold Channel Vol.4 seeing it’d be a bit different in terms of format than last month’s.

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[Mobile] Spotlight – Taito x Otomate’s upcoming mobile game “Crimson Clan”


Crimson Clan was announced on June 20th, 2018 as a collaboration between two game companies Taito and Otomate/Idea Factory. It will be a mobile game, available on Android and iOS, and is projected to release in 2018.

I haven’t seen a lot of posts discussing it and even though its a bit late to talk about this announcement I thought I may as well just make a post about it. This won’t be an in-depth following of the project like my usual “Otome Watch” posts, this is just going to be a one off to give it a little limelight.

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[Mobile] Thoughts on… A3! Getting a Worldwide Release

On June 28th, 2018, it was announced that Liber Entertainment Inc. (company that created mobile games A3! and I Chu) and CYBIRD Co., Ltd. (company that created the Ikemen Series–a series of mobile games in both Japanese and English) had concluded licensing agreement for a worldwide release of the popular ‘actor raising’ mobile game “A3!“. CYBIRD has a press release on their website which goes into more detail of this joint project, you may have already read it on other websites.

I’ll try not to repeat a lot of stuff that’s already been said, especially when I’m already late to the party to talk about this. So instead I’d like to explore this news with some insight as a player/user of A3!

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3 Year Blog Anniversary!

3rd anniversary

Almost every year I forget what day my blog’s anniversary, most of the time I’ll keep telling myself I’ll do something until the next month rolls by but this time I was lucky enough to catch what day my anniversary is (which was yesterday and not today, but better late than never).

I’m still rusty with my drawing skills (its been more than a year since I last drew something) so enjoy this celebratory Theo–for those who don’t know he’s kinda like my blog’s mascot 😆


I’m not sure if there’s a lot to celebrate considering I’ve been slacking with otome reviews (I ain’t gonna kid myself, I’m getting too lazy to get around doing it), but for the posts that have been informative and helpful I hope they have been of good use to you all.

I appreciate every view and each comment or like. I’ll try my hardest to make more review posts and to deliver better content.

Thank you so much for these past few years.