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[PC] 🔞 Thoughts on… Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai (Trial Ver.)


I promised to give my thoughts on the trial of Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai at the start of this month, so I’m gonna deliver on that promise right now. I won’t be doing mini reviews on trials/demos often but if you suggest one or if I’m interested in something there’s a chance I’ll do it more often.

Anyway, onto my mini-review.

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[Figures & Statues] 🔞Post-mortem on… Aoba Figure by Native


It’s been about 9 months since R18 Aoba had been conceived in the womb of Native (naked + creative), a company that creates erotic figures–mainly female erotic figures. Now that he’s been released there’s much to be celebrated for the first R18 male character figure… or at least I had hoped.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of views on my initial post about the Aoba figure, I can’t really do a fully fledged review because I didn’t buy him myself but thanks to a friend who told me to check the comments on his page at myfigurecollection and seeing how the comments are disappointed, I thought, “Hey, why not do a post-mortem based on my impressions from images users have supplied on myfigurecollection?”

I won’t be doing a lot of post-mortem posts, but because I have followed the development of the Aoba figure for a while I feel the need to talk about it. I won’t be reuploading other user’s pictures of their Aoba figures for this post, instead I’ll supply links and pictures from the official Native blog.

Again, this is gonna be an R18 post, so don’t be surprised by a few links to dongers here and there and foul language.

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[Figures & Statues] 🔞Spotlight – Aoba Figure (Native)

Seeing that it was Aoba’s birthday a few days ago (April 22nd), I guess this would be a fitting birthday post lol. Actually on the 22nd of April, preorders for the R18 Aoba figure/statue had opened (tho I think it was purposely set on that date).

I was thinking of just doing a lil tweet about it but why stop there when I can do a short post about it. I’ve got time to kill.

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[Magazine] 🔞Cool-B – March 2016 Vol.66

2016-04-21 18.50.20.jpg

I should’ve written up a post on this last month but I guess I was too busy lol. Now I have two Cool-B magazines to write up on. Oh boy.

This issue came with a bonus original R18 BL game with full voice acting, tho I never got around to playing it, also  I was intimidated by the thought of puzzles/quiz.

Be prepared for another wild ride of me badly censoring dicks in the scans.

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[Mobile] 🔞Quick Look at…ケモ彼!- Kemo Kare! (Mini Review)

Kemo Kare, aka イケメン医者 ケモ彼!~俺達のBL病棟~,  is a BL mobile game available for the iOS and Android for free (with in-game payments). It has no voice acting and is a ‘gotta catch ’em all’ kinda game where the gameplay centers around the main cast’s routes.

Bit of advanced warning, this isn’t explicitly an R18 game but because its an app it had to be toned down and is now a solid 17+ but its kinda on the edge of an 18+. No kids allowed (jk).

I promised I’d review both Kemo Kare and Ore Pri back in my Cool-B January Issue but after seeing Ore Pri where the GUI kinda hurt my eyes to look at I decided to just focus on this game for about 5 days… or more. Technically spent like 2+ weeks playing this because its one of those games where you unlock a story chapter each day or something similar to that…

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[Magazine] 🔞Cool-B – January 2016 Vol.65

2016-02-03 19.43.02

This’ll be prolly the first of many magazine posts where I’ll look through the magazine and pick out stuff that seem interesting to me and talk about it in some detail. Please note that these will prolly be of issues released one or two months ago.

Seeing that this is the first, I’m not sure how the format is gonna be like but we’ll see how things go. Of course, this is a magazine full of screenshots from BL R18+ games so I’ll try at the best of my ability to keep it at least safe for work/censoring.

Also forgive me for the poor quality scanning.

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