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[PC] 🔞 Thoughts on… Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai (Trial Ver.)

I promised to give my thoughts on the trial of Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai at the start of this month, so I’m gonna deliver on that promise right now. I won’t be doing mini reviews on trials/demos often but if you suggest one or if I’m interested in something there’s a chance I’ll do it more… Continue reading [PC] 🔞 Thoughts on… Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai (Trial Ver.)

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[Figures & Statues] 🔞Post-mortem on… Aoba Figure by Native

It’s been about 9 months since R18 Aoba had been conceived in the womb of Native (naked + creative), a company that creates erotic figures–mainly female erotic figures. Now that he’s been released there’s much to be celebrated for the first R18 male character figure… or at least I had hoped. Lately I’ve been getting… Continue reading [Figures & Statues] 🔞Post-mortem on… Aoba Figure by Native

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[Figures & Statues] 🔞Spotlight – Aoba Figure (Native)

Seeing that it was Aoba’s birthday a few days ago (April 22nd), I guess this would be a fitting birthday post lol. Actually on the 22nd of April, preorders for the R18 Aoba figure/statue had opened (tho I think it was purposely set on that date). I was thinking of just doing a lil tweet about… Continue reading [Figures & Statues] 🔞Spotlight – Aoba Figure (Native)

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[Magazine] 🔞Cool-B – March 2016 Vol.66

I should’ve written up a post on this last month but I guess I was too busy lol. Now I have two Cool-B magazines to write up on. Oh boy. This issue came with a bonus original R18 BL game with full voice acting, tho I never got around to playing it, also  I was… Continue reading [Magazine] 🔞Cool-B – March 2016 Vol.66

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[Mobile] 🔞Quick Look at…ケモ彼!- Kemo Kare! (Mini Review)

Kemo Kare, aka イケメン医者 ケモ彼!~俺達のBL病棟~,  is a BL mobile game available for the iOS and Android for free (with in-game payments). It has no voice acting and is a ‘gotta catch ’em all’ kinda game where the gameplay centers around the main cast’s routes. Bit of advanced warning, this isn’t explicitly an R18 game but because… Continue reading [Mobile] 🔞Quick Look at…ケモ彼!- Kemo Kare! (Mini Review)

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[Magazine] 🔞Cool-B – January 2016 Vol.65

This’ll be prolly the first of many magazine posts where I’ll look through the magazine and pick out stuff that seem interesting to me and talk about it in some detail. Please note that these will prolly be of issues released one or two months ago. Seeing that this is the first, I’m not sure… Continue reading [Magazine] 🔞Cool-B – January 2016 Vol.65