This is a place where you can send questions, feedback or requests to my email and still be a bit anonymous (sometimes its intimidating for people to input their emails or create a wordpress just to leave a comment or something).  However, if you are sending questions and would like a reply, you may need to insert your email so I can reply back.

Questions can be anything related to the blog or anything that I am capable of answering (such as where to purchase this or that, or when am I gonna get off my butt and attempt another otome game review). If there is a question that keeps being asked I will have to make an FAQ, possibly have it located in this page so its easy to see. For future purposes and in case anyone gets confused, I’ll be responding to questions through this email:

Give me Feedback if you think some of the formatting in my posts or the way the blog looks needs some updating because it either hurts your eyes, hard to read or not great on mobile. You can also send other feedback such as criticism or whatever feedback you’d like, hopefully its feedback that I can use to improve myself and the blog.

Send some Requests if you would like me to either review something that you like and would want my thoughts on it or if you want a certain subject to be blogged about (such as requests on topics covering maybe figures, thoughts on mobile games, indie otome games etc), want some scans of a book/magazine I have (if that’s the case, please also include a place to send them to you like an email, a DM on twitter etc), requests for me to do streams/make videos of a game that I own or send a request for me to shut down my blog whatever you like. Take note that I may not be able to fulfill requests if its something that I am not capable of doing.

Hopefully this contact page will be helpful, or maybe collect some dust and cobwebs like the rest of the pages I have here 😆