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「萌えなヤンキーをちょうだい」 is a blog that I occasionally update with stuff I like to talk about. Most of that stuff being my hobby of playing otome games, listening to drama cds and reading magazines. Previous title of this blog used to be 「ふわふわイケメンをちょうだい」, but changed it because it seemed to not make a lot of sense, hopefully the new title makes a bit more sense.

This blog is more of a hobby for me to keep me productive and to share my interests. I don’t get profit from anything I do on this blog, tho it would be nice if I could blog as a full-time paying job 😆 Anyway I love what I do on this blog and I hope that some of the information I blog about help you out too!

— · —

This blog may or may not contain:

  • Otome Game & BL Game Reviews/Opinions/Breakdowns
  • Mobile & Browser game diaries
  • Drama CDs Reviews/Opinions/Breakdowns
  • Figure collection
  • Spotlights on products/games/drama cds etc
  • B’s Log issues & other magazine discussion
  • Monthly Overviews about games that will be released
  • Twitch Stream Announcements
  • Maybe fanart

🔞 ←Posts with this icon in their title means it may contain things NSFW

— · —

I’m more active on my twitter accounts: Public Account and Otome Game Account. Otome game account I tweet screenshots etc, public account I’m shit posting and tweeting about Ensemble Stars. If you want to see screenshots on the games I’m currently playing check out my otome game account.


When it comes to reviews, I’d like to make it clear that I have terrible taste in characters and that my opinion may not always be agreeable. For that I’d apologise in advance for being trash.

And further warning: Even if I studied japanese for 6 years still doesn’t mean my reading is accurate so I may slip up when it comes to some stuff, again this is not going to be professional and reliable this is just something to keep me busy.

*As for the drawing part, I’ll probably post some stuff from my tumblr (similar url yankeebanchou, its easier that way) to here and vice versa. Hopefully I can actually get around drawing stuff.

2 thoughts on “About Blog

  1. I love your magazine reviews. I am looking through a bunch of sites deciding what magazines to buy, and it’s so hard, but it makes it easier when I see your reviews showing things like posters (which honestly are the main reason I want to buy them lol).
    Thanks so much, and I hope you continue. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad my posts were helpful! I wish I could do some more magazine posts for B’s Log and the others but sometimes it takes up too much time doing it. Maybe I’ll try to bring it back but in smaller posts.
      Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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