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[Mobile] Quick look at… LibraryCross∞ – Mini Review

LibraryCross∞ is Otomate’s latest mobile game. It was developed with the help of Wright Flyer Studios and had been delayed for quite a bit until now… though you’ll never guess why it had been delayed until I reveal it later into this review. The mobile game centers around a group of strangers finding themselves trapped inside a library. It is also a crossover of a select few Otomate games, where the heroine would explore their worlds by jumping into a book.

Otomate has also planned for an anime to be made in the future (of course they are), which may mean that we’ll see Otomate characters crossover in anime form too–which won’t get weird whatsoever when there might be characters with the same voice actor talking in the same scene (just kidding, I’ve yet to see characters with the same voice interact in the game).

This review is gonna be mighty quick and messy because….. yeesh, I just can’t bring myself to play it anymore but I also feel like I should talk about it on this blog. Fair warning, this review might be biased because it’s heavily based on my opinion. So if you don’t want to be swayed by my opinion and you want to give this game the benefit of the doubt, I’d suggest trying it out and form an opinion by yourself.

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[CD/Character Songs] A3! – Autumn Troupe Album: “First AUTUMN EP”

A3! released a line of four seasonal albums for each troupe (from Spring to Winter troupe), each album consisted of the troupe’s theme song, their first stage play song and solo character songs of the two main stars of the troupe. As a avid Autumn Troupe fan I’ve bought their album, hopefully this won’t be the last because I want to hear everyone’s solo songs especially Taichi’s who’s one of my favs lol.

Autumn Troupe’s album released just last month and if you haven’t listened to the audio sample of the album in above’s video, then listen to it now because those songs are lit as fuck 😆 Honestly I love their songs and fits well with the image of Autumn Troupe: just a bunch of delinquents (or ex-delinquents) that are hard as nails and are not to be messed with.

Anyway, I’ll do a little review for it to just share more of my opinions on what I love and find interesting about this album.

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[Mobile] Quick look at… Sengoku Night Blood

Sengoku Night Blood is an ambitious mobile game, that is collaborated between Otomate, Marvelous and KADOKAWA. The mobile game is the starting point for a multi-media franchise, or so Otomate prolly hopes for.

I’m a little late to the party on reviewing this, mainly because something happened last month I couldn’t get around doing it, but hopefully my input on this game is still welcomed (even though some people may have already forgotten about this game). I’ll be quick about this review while putting my two cents on what I think about this game.

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[Unboxing + Quick Look at] Side Kicks! (Limited Edition)

2017-05-03 14.23.15

It took over a month to get here but I finally have my big ol’ yaoi hands on Side Kicks! I guess all those public holidays during April made it harder for it to get mailed to my door 😅 I was thinking of getting a special set like the animate set but decided to hold back bc I’m already drowning in badges and stuff and I’ve gotta think about saving money. Though the Imajin special shop bonus had a Rico dakimakura cover–wall scroll/tapestry, tho I wouldn’t put it up on my wall bc I might be judged by others considering he looks like a 12 year old (he’s actually 19 going on 20). You can be the judge of that by looking at the sample image of the almost dakimakura-esque wall scroll/poster/whatever it is. The funny thing is that they don’t have the same treatment done to the other characters so Rico is just special.

I did however bought the limited edition of Side Kicks!, particularly from CD Japan which delivered on its usual bromide store bonus, however instead of giving 2 bromides of different CGs they only gave out 1 which I won’t complain bc I wasn’t expecting much lol.

Seeing that this post will be a bit short if I just talked about the stuff that comes with the Limited Edition, I’m gonna also talk about my first impressions on the game after playing it for 2 hours or so. Hopefully this post will give some ppl some insight into what kind of game Side Kicks! is, and hopefully I’ll get to finish it and actually write a proper review this time. Please be patient with me lol.

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[Manga] Mini Review – Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki (Vol.1)


Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki is a comic/manga initially published online at Ruelle Comics (where you can read the first chapter and latest chapter) and now has been published into a bounded manga. Art and story is by Mizuki Oniyama, you can find their pixiv but if you look into their art logs you’ll prolly get spoiled on what they have in mind for the series.

The art style Oniyama uses is reminiscent of 80’s manga, while the visuals they use are kinda macabre and really leaves an impression on you. Gonna say this outright, this isn’t a shoujo manga, actually I’m not even sure what audience this is for, but I’m gonna have to say it’s for adults or for those with mature minds. If you’re easily squeamish at either gore, vomiting, piss etc then I wouldn’t recommend you to read this 😆

It’s definitely dark but the dark comedy makes it less grim than what it should be, but guaranteed it does have it’s dark moments where it’s not joking around. Even if it is about an abusive relationship, I still find it interesting at how the manga explores the human workings of the two characters as well as their paraphilic tendencies. You’re free to call me out on being an asshole or a sick fuck for liking this manga. Also, just a heads up but this post will be discussing some stuff that may not sit well with some people and might be a bit NSFW.

I also got a bonus illustrated gift from purchasing it from Animate:

2017-03-01 13.06.16

The context of this pic is explained in later chapters, don’t worry. Anyway, this is just a glimpse on how abnormal the manga can get.
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[Manga] Mini Review – Mermaid Boys Vol.2


This is a little belated review of Mermaid Boys Vol.2 by Yomi Sarachi, been a bit busy lately haha. You’d think that after reviewing the first volume I wouldn’t feel the need to review the second volume because I might have the same opinion but this volume has changed a bit of my opinion on it…

Anyway, I’ll be addressing some spoilers for Volume 2 in this post so if you plan on reading it yourself and don’t want to be spoiled then don’t read the rest of this review. All I can say is that I don’t see this series going far, even if it pains me to say it. Sorry if I’m being a wet blanket, its just that I didn’t feel it in this volume… It still made me laugh but whenever I think about what it’ll provide in the next volumes I start to think that it might not last long before the conclusion.

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[PS4] Quick look at… Danganronpa V3 demo & Yakuza 6 demo


Considering I haven’t been posting much lately, I may as well do a quick post on something I’ve played recently. I’ve been thinking of writing a post on A3 but it seems like it’ll take a lot of effort and a long time, so in the meantime I thought about doing something quick so then it wouldn’t seem like I’m missing in action lol.

Please bear with me until I start doing my usual posts. A3 has practically held my life hostage at this point.

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[Manga] Mini Review – 31☆idream (Vol.1~4)


31☆idream is an on-going series by Arina Tanemura, first published back in 2013 and still going. The latest volume released was released last year in November, seeing that I tried out Akumi ni Chic x Hack, I thought I may as well try this one.

It seems like the publisher for this series, Melody, asked Tanemura to make a “magical girl manga for adult readers”, limiting Tanemura from the stuff she’s well know for and the result of all that is this series. There are subtle themes/tropes that you’d find in the magical girl genre, like having an alter ego, transforming into someone else, the dual personalities one has to balance as well as their lifestyles, but rather than being pure fantasy, it is a bit more grounded and realistic than the average ‘mahou shoujo’ manga. No talking animal mascots here lol.

There are a few moments at the first two volumes where it becomes painfully relatable, especially for me seeing that the heroine is too similar personality wise haha.

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[Mobile] Quick look at…. ボーイフレンド(仮)きらめき☆ノート – Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note – (Mini Review)

Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note  is a spin-off rhythm game for Boyfriend (Kari)–a character/gacha game with prolly over 30 beautiful boys for you to collect. The Boyfriend (Kari) series is a brother game to the original Girlfriend (Kari) game, which was the first one to make a rhythm spin-off game.

Both Girlfriend (Onpu), the rhythm game, and Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note uses 3D models during the rhythm game but sadly only Girlfriend (Onpu) uses full body models while Kirameki Note uses small, cute SD characters (chibi charas). I guess the devs creating this thought girls only appreciate cute chibi characters rather than full body models? I guess ya can’t get bouncing boob physics in male 3D models so where’s the fun in playing it? Who knows what their reasons are.

With Girlfriend (Onpu) they could only fit 1 character model, while Kirameki has 3. If Idolmaster Cinderella Girls can fit 5 dancing girls with good 3D models then y’all can too.

Kirameki Note uses the character songs released previously as the playable songs, tho its prolly not the full versions of songs but its good enough.

I was planning to make a breakdown post with translated menus and further details on gameplay but seeing that this game is already a month old I thought there’s prolly enough info on the internet by now that will help ppl out.

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