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Status Update – What have I been up to?

Nier Automata 12 Screenshot 2017-04-13 18-23-08

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[Bunny Diary] ⚠️️ Future Plans for 2017 ⚠️️ – Streaming Plans

I think I talked about it briefly in my overview of March, but I’ll say it again here. I have been thinking for a while now about getting a setup running so I can stream PS Vita otome games, I’m almost there in getting the ‘equipment’/things I need to make that possible.

I’ll be talking about some limitations/mess ups that might come when I’m streaming PS Vita games and I’d like some input on what you guys think would be a better way to go about it (let me stress that I’d really like some input bc I don’t want it to be a shit experience for y’all).

So if you want to read me talking about my limitations for having an old ass computer, then read away.

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bunny diary, status update

Status Update & Post Updates

Unfortunate news about the laptop I mostly use, after 6 years of using it, it seems like its on its last legs. The charger no longer works and it needs to replace its battery soon, but considering its an old macbook model I’m not sure if there is a place out there that has replacement parts. So maybe this is the end for it. I mainly blog on that laptop so it might be a little bit of a problem in the future/right now.

Right now I’m going to try to use my other old laptop but considering it heats up and when it heats up it lags, its troublesome when charging and isn’t quite comfortable to blog on than the old macbook, I might think about buying a new one or hopefully I can find a place that has spare parts (I’m hoping for the latter because I have a lot of good software on that laptop). Luckily I backed up my old macbook but it seems like the thing I backed it up on can’t be accessed on a windows laptop so blog materials are locked away for now 😆

Anyway, onto what was updated:

Hopefully this setback won’t affect the blog posts but considering that laptop had my photoshop and this one does not, it might be a hard time to do edits and stuff like translation. Just when Aoi’s episodes starts tomorrow… Now I can’t translate about looking at his butt too. Jk.

Thanks for your patience.

bunny diary, status update

Blog Updates

Just dropping this post to say that I’ve updated the Monthly Overview page so now all monthly overview posts are accessible through that page.

Also big update on Toraware no Palm Otome Watch post with a summary of what happened/what was announced at the Tokyo Game Show concerning Toraware Palm. I have a feeling I’ll do a final review of it once I play all episodes to speak about my overall thoughts about it.

Hopefully I’ll get to publish new content soon…

Anyway, enjoy this picture of Yuichiro Umehara hugging Haruto


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[Bunny Diary] Semi-hiatus Announcement

Last month publishing of posts has been a lil slow than what I wanted, I had a lot of stuff I wanted to blog about but stuff got in the way. Now exams are coming up in 3~4 weeks or so and I’ve been slacking a bit in my studies so I’ve decided to take a semi-hiatus.

May is going to be a busy month for me but after that I’m free on a 2 month holiday/break or something. So seeing its gonna be busy why not take a hiatus. Tho in the end doing blog work is therapeutic/calming to me, so maybe I’ll do some posts here and there if I have some time. I have scans for a B’s Log that I’m putting together but I guess progress on that will be slower than usual.

But right now I’m kinda worrying about the amount of study I put into my academics (my test results are turning out good but I worry). Plus I need some time to myself to get over my fear of doing presentations/speaking in Japanese as one of my big exams is an Oral and boy oh boy am I deathly scared of it.

At the end of the day this blog is just a hobby, it won’t give me income or a secure future. Tho I wish it did sometimes because this would be the best job ever for a gal like me. Jk, jk.

I will be finally free to post as much as I want by the end of May (25th at the latest maybe). Again, I’m not stopping all blog work, I’ll try to blog as often as I can but for now academics is priority.

Thank you for your patience.

quick doodle of sleepy Theo to make up for lack of content

(Btw, June kind of marks the anniversary of this blog. Somewhere in June I grew a backbone and decided to start a blog about otome stuff and fluffy bois. Then again I didn’t start to post until July so I’m wondering which occasion I should celebrate as my Anniversary lol. For an anniversary gift to myself I’ll try to get my hands on a copy of BinaryStar, the game that started it all for me, and hopefully review it)

bunny diary, status update

[Bunny Diary] Blog Announcement

I have this rule where my first post of the month is a Monthly Overview but considering this news is kinda top priority the Monthly Overview will have to wait. Also brace yourselves because this is going to be a long post of me talking.

If you haven’t noticed posts have been kinda slow as of late, prolly in the last few days and thats because I’ve been working on a little project. Tho I wouldn’t call it little when its going to consume most of my spare time… which brings me to the blog announcement.

I’m gonna have to take a break/hiatus for a while for this project. Not exactly quitting but if it comes to that then I guess I have no choice. I’m sorry! Hopefully when its over I can get back into providing more content for you all.

Now this project I’ve been working on has been on my mind for a while and only now have I decided to take a direct approach into making it happen. I’ve attempted to make visual novels in the past but couldn’t find the time or thought my skills were still weak but now I’m gonna take the plunge again into making one for reals.

I’ve only managed to create kind of a key visual, tho I have a feeling characters and visuals will change throughout development (the guys’ visuals are still being decided/in the works!).

«   »

The story will be about a heroine who was dumped by her father at the steps of a mansion where 6 beautiful brothers, all related by blood somehow, reside. Little does she know that these handsome guys are sadistic yanderes and she had been abandoned there as a ‘sacrificial lamb’ to these wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Alas she is keeping a secret too. She’s been trying to live through the facade of a human despite being a vampire herself. Being the kind hearted and timid girl that she is, she cannot bring herself to drink the blood of others and wants to live a normal life. But sadly her instincts get the better of her and one day drinks the blood of one of the guys… And by bizarre chance by biting these boys they show an unexpected ドM side!?

Each time she drinks their blood they gain a fatal attraction towards the heroine and become unexpectedly clingy and the exact opposite of their personality. In the first stages they seem to lose all memory of the blood-sucking incident, but if she continues they’ll become more and more reliant on her, even volunteering to have their blood sucked and becoming madly in love with her… This creates inner conflict within the heroine as she does not wish to follow her vampire instincts but deep down wishes to be loved…

Get ready for a heart pounding, intense blood sucking, headache inducing story!  Coming soon in 2017… (hopefully)

[more info under the cut]


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[Bunny Diary] Future Plans/Blog Update (Feb 2016)


I’m going back to uni next week. In Australian schooling we kinda do things differently, we start the school year in February and we have breaks/holidays pretty often (for uni we get 1 week break for Easter & another somewhere in September or something and a month break in the middle of the year and a three month break for summer/christmas).

Funnily enough my uni doesn’t let us have a breaks on public holidays except for the Melbourne Cup, a day that involves horse racing, fashion and gambling, so if I got classes on other public holidays I have to go to Uni, unlike my previous uni.

Which then leads to my main problem: time management and this blog…

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[Bunny Diary] Blog Update (Jan 2016)

It’s been a long time since I did a bunny diary/blog update, last one was in September, and I usually talk about update stuff during my monthly overviews so I don’t see a need to do one of these but I wanted to do this as a small update on what I’ve been doing lately…

Here’s a lil sneak peak on what I’ve kinda been doing:


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[Bunny Diary] Status & Blog update

Apologies for the 1~2 week absence in blog contents. Got hit with the flu that was going around my household and got sick to the point I couldn’t even think straight. With a slightly runny nose right now, I could say that I sort of recovered and should continue creating more content. I even had a few things I wanted to publish before I got hit by the flu, one of them being a breakdown on KLAP’s gameplay. Hopefully I’ll get onto doing that soon enough.

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