[PS Vita] Review – Psychedelica of the AA-Nisus (Haitaka no Psychedelica)

Psychedelica of the AA-Nisus (or for the long version: “Psychedelica of the AA-Nisus. Snowdrop and Via-Kaleido stories for children”) is the second game in the Psychedelica series from Otomate, the first being Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. It features a fully voiced cast–yes, the heroine is voiced and the voice actress does a great job at it. Artwork is done by the artist from the first game, Satoru Yuiga.

It is a ‘gothic romance’ set in a medieval fantasy where it focuses on this one town that has been cursed in an eternal winter by, what the locals suspect, a witch who’s eyes would glow red. The protagonist is Jed, having been raised as a male to hide the fact that she has the witch’s red eye, who acts as a peace keeper between the clashing clans–the Wolf Clan (Wolg) and the Hawk Clan (Falj ?, I’m not sure how to translate ファルジ). While the power struggle between the two clans over the town continues, a suspected serial killer called the “Black Shadow” has started to cause unrest within the town…

Just a heads up, this review will be from the point of view of someone who hasn’t played the first game. I won’t get the references of that game made in this game so I’m sorry.

 »Spoilers start from here onwards!«

If you don’t want to be spoilt then click here for my final thoughts

Honestly, this game is best played knowing nothing much beforehand

Story / Common Route

The thing I like about this game is that the story has many layers, the first quarter/third of the story is just the tip of the iceberg that settles you into the world and get to know the characters and then shit hits the fan and that’s when things get deeper and darker.

The story is mainly the common route and then you get your branching paths/endings near the end, so its mostly linear for the most part. It took me nearly 24 hours of playing to reach to Levi’s route in my first playthrough, so that tells you how long the common route is (but its mainly me being a slow reader). It doesn’t play like your usual otome game where you can get into ‘character routes’, more like you get ‘character endings’ depending on your choice.

Please bear with me as I try to summaries the story as best as I can (which means this is gonna be a long read).


On the surface level of this story, mainly the beginning, things seem almost normal. It still does have conflicts going on like Wolf Clan vs Hawk Clan and townsfolk anger towards witches and either clan for causing conflict, not to mention the never ending winter where the sun hardly shines upon the town and there is never spring, which is the point of the ‘Masquerade’ celebration (to celebrate spring). Also on the lurk is this serial killer killing numerous townsfolk but that’s mentioned here and there but not much.

Here’s some background story.

Jed lives near town in a tower where a guy named ‘Haitaka’ is the owner of, who sometimes calls himself a ghost and doesn’t do housework. Jed’s job is to do odd jobs around town and is pretty much loved by almost everyone, except for the Hawk Clan as she was raised by the Wolf Clan after losing her parents.Francisca, head of the Wolf Clan, raised Jed up as a boy in hopes no one would be suspect her of being a witch because of her eye seeing that the town has a strong hatred towards witches. Things between the two clans seem to settle down as Jed tries to get them to work together and be friends during the preparations of the Masquerade and on the day of the celebration. All the while Jed tries to find a stone called the ‘Kaleido-via‘ (or Via-Kaleido or however its translated) that appears only so often and sometimes near the Masquerade (or so I think). Apparently the stone have some connection into ending the long eternal winter.

The Kaleido-via (カレイドヴィア)

The Masquerade is prolly one of the key points of the story, where everything goes south from there. After getting along splendidly for the Masquerade, Olga–the head of the Hawk Clan–set fire to the manor where Francisca and Jed are (the two wolf brothers are conveiniently not home), in order to kill ‘the witch’. Francisca sacrifices herself to save Jed and dies as ‘the witch’ in Jed’s place. Jed is now on the run and the town is under Olga’s rule and everyone is more on edge than before about there being more witches.

〈 * 〉

Cutting the fat I’ll just run down a few things that happen afterwards.

Lugus (son of the Hawk Clan) confronts Jed and the wolf brothers (Lavan and Levi) find Jed during the confrontation which leads Jed to tell her true gender and then later revealing to Lavan and Levi her red eye, the witch’s eye. Levi is revealed to be the ‘Black Shadow’ and possibly possessed by the ‘Magic Stone’ to do those acts of killing. Then after teaming up together, Lugus and the wolf bros along with Jed and Hugh decide to overthrow Olga who has become dangerous because of the ‘Magic Stone’ he held in his possession.

After Jed spared Olga’s life Hugh comes in to drop a bombshell to everyone that they’re all fucking dead and that there is no witch and they were only hunting down the idea of a witch because it makes everything so convenient if you blame everything on this one individual. Turns out the realm in which they are residing in is called ‘Psychedelica’ and it was all activated by Olga long, long ago (which makes me wonder how does everyone age in this realm if they’re supposed to be dead or something). Turns out all this shit happened because of four best friends when they were young, these friends being: Olga, Aria (Jed’s mother), Francisca and finally April (Haitaka/The owner of the tower).

Left to Right: April, Francisca, Aria, Olga (they were all cute back then)

They were all from two different clans. The two siblings(? im not 100% sure if they’re siblings) of the Wolf Clan are April and Aria, the other two siblings of the Wolf Clan are Olga and Francisca. That’s right folks, Olga sent an order to kill his sister in a burning fire and Francisca anticipated it which is why the two wolf bros weren’t there (she sent them off so only Jed can witness her death). The reason for this can be explained further into their dark, depressing story…

Story is, Aria and Olga have fallen deeply in love with each other despite the tensions between their clans. Aria decides to hook up April and Francisca together so they can all get married at the same day, that day being the Masquerade.

They all end up getting married, Aria and Olga are a happy couple that dote on each other while April and Francisca seem to be a bit rocky with their relationship, they already have two kids by the time Aria becomes pregnant with her own child. In the meantime, April talks about making jewelry out of the magic stones from the Kaleido-via he had received long ago, while Olga has a snowdrop inspired jewelry using the stone in mind for Aria as a present. Hugh pops in out of nowhere and drops some exposition to both Olga and April that the Kaleido-via can help you meet someone who has passed away, more or less it opens a doorway to the dead, and then he peaces out. Makes you wonder if that’ll become relevant later on 😏

Francisca becomes lonely as her husband is always out and her brother hardly visits her, that’s when she snaps. She comes to the conclusion that the person who has been taking away all her happiness is Aria, her best friend.

One day she sees a skinny malnourished boy, who turns out to be Lugus btw, and his father who had connections with Aria and was very poor and desperate. Francisca manipulates him and starts a rumor about a witch who has red eyes has been behind all the despair of this town and puts ideas in his mind that the person who kills/speaks out on who the witch is will be declared the town hero and be given riches. Behind the scenes, Lugus, having seen Aria with her red eyes and told him that she was a witch (jokingly), tells his father and then the witch hunt starts.

Francisca sent out her brother to get some snowdrop flowers (I guess for Aria because she loves flowers and to get rid of him while shit happens). The townsfolk sets fire to the manor where Aria is, and heavily pregnant too. She tries to escape but gives birth in the fiery manor to a baby girl who she names ‘Eiar’, Jed’s given birthname before being raised up as a boy. Francisca comes in and goes “My baby now”, but not before accusing Aria of having an affair with April which doesn’t make sense because aren’t they siblings? and also goes like “Is that baby Olga’s? Or is it that man’s?” or something like that, to which I think she was implying April I dunno, she’s batshit crazy.

“Both you and my brother will come back to me, right?”

April comes back from his journey and crosses paths with Francisca who is holding an unknown baby, she starts babbling about stuff and April is like “I don’t got time for you woman!” (actually he more or less ignored her and went looking for Olga). All the while, Olga came back to find his manor is burnt to the ground and finds his wife’s burnt corpse. He goes on a killing spree, killing Lugus’ father who started the witch hunt and then winds up on top of tower. Olga still hasn’t calm down and April tries to knock some sense back into him by having a sword duel on top of the tower. April, having his eye stabbed, eventually falls from the tower and dies.

Can’t remember if this happened before the fight or after the fight but Olga tries to activate the Kaleido-via to see his beloved Aria again but when he did, nothing happened. In anger he tossed it off the tower, where it would later be found by Lugus, Lavan, Levi and Jed as children (if I remember right).

Little did Olga know, in his grief, he actually put the whole town into the realm of Psychedelica where the winter on that day when he activated the Kaleido-via would haunt the town forever and that if you die in this realm, your soul will never be able to go back to the real world and you’re lost forever in the void/hell.

Back to current day, everyone sees Jed activate her red eye to see the flashback of the four friends. Everyone starts calling her a witch and to calm them down, as the current head of the Hawk Clan, Lugus gets Jed arrested and locks her up in the dungeon where she will be later trialed in front of the whole town… This is where endings start to branch off.

You could say that this story is about the sins of parents burdening the next generation with the faults and mistakes. You can also say its also about people (the townsfolk) who are in a desperate situation would believe anything and blame anything if it gives them comfort in knowing what exactly is to blame for their suffering and that the cycle of ‘the witch never ends’ (the blame towards the witch, the killing of the witch and then finding another witch to direct the blame towards).



Lavan | CV: Satoshi Hino

Lavan is the older brother and the next head of the Wolf Clan. He’s kind, mature and a good leader, shame I didn’t like him as much 😆 He’s got a grudge against his father for not treating his mother good, for leaving them all the time to journey outside of town and for dying because Lavan wanted to be the one to kill him with his own hands.

He has the hawk ring with the magic stone attached to it, which is kind of like a family heirloom for each head of the clan to have. He keeps it around his neck on a necklace. Even though Levi gave up his when they found out the magic stones have the power to possess ppl, Lavan still kept his for some reason.


Unlike Levi, Lavan knew the whole time that Jed was a girl and kept quiet about it. At first it seemed like he didn’t like Jed because he suspected she was his father’s child from a mistress but then grew close to her, considering her as strong for a child for having to do deal with all this shit and since then helped her train her sword skills and trying to compete with her. Along the way his feelings for her change from like to almost lust lol. Even in map events he’s forcing himself onto her despite Jed in her male appearance and not knowing that he knows she’s a girl. At another map event, they pretended to go through a marriage ceremony because Jed didn’t know how it works and then she’s like “Wait, we’re both guys here why does it feel so intimate?” lol.

After getting separated at one point (where Levi went crazy and stabbed Jed who then had to be nursed by Lugus), Lavan and Jed reunite at the church where Jed’s right red eye activates because of Lavan’s ring, which then activates Jed’s power to see into Lavan’s mind/heart via the ring and her eye. Turns out, his heart has mainly him as a child hating is father and also childhood memories of him and Jed… amongst those memories/thoughts is Lavan and Jed in a compromising position and Jed not wearing underwear underneath a white dress and saying sweet nothings into Lavan’s ear… Yeah if I saw that shit from a dude I grew up with as siblings then I would be kinda disturbed and not flattered 😂 . The lust is true with this guy. I guess at this point I started not to like him, I’m sorry bro but… yeah, ya lost me.

In Lavan’s ending, he manages to save Jed from death/punishment by gathering some townsfolk and Lugus and announcing to everyone that him and Jed are married and that a Head of the Wolf Clan can’t be married to a witch because there’s no way that shit is going down and therefore Jed is not a witch. And you know what, that shit works and everyone is like “Oh shit, yeah that makes sense. I’m sorry for doubting you’re a witch, my bad” and Lugus is trying to hide his heartbreak from this sudden revelation because during the whole common route he’s been crushing on Jed and hearing this must’ve broken his heart. Poor guy.

The town starts to become kinder to Jed like they did before finding she was a witch but there is a few ppl who doubt. Jed starts living her life as a girl, wearing a dress but keeping her hair the same instead of wearing a wig and tries to be the best wife she can be to keep ppl from doubting. All the while Lavan has been distant for some reason, and Levi is like “Yo, I’m gonna move out of this manor and let you two newlyweds have your own place ;^)” and peaces out while I’m like “No don’t leave me alone with him, I miss you already” in my head.

I don’t know for sure why Lavan is being kinda cold, and not having some time together with Jed as a couple, I guess he feels bad for dragging her into this ‘false marriage’ and thinks she doesn’t love him and it must bother her and I’m like “binch! why would she choose the decision to kiss you when you were alone with her at the church in her room and going ‘I might not hold back’ if she didn’t like you wtf (tho this was an optional dialogue choice, not sure if you had to do it to get into his route).”

2017-02-16-000000Anyway, yada yada, Jed goes to Haitaka to talk about it and asked if he loved his family or something (if I’m remembering right) and they have a conversation and Jed finally has the revelation and goes to Haitaka “Yeah, I love Lavan after all, I’m gonna tell him” and walks away. Then Lavan comes from out of the bushes and has a convo with Haitaka/his dad and it seems like he doesn’t hate him as a much but still shows a bit of disdain. Later Jed and Lavan are at a church and confess to each other and have a proper wedding with just the two of them and maybe Lawrence (I can’t remember). The end. Prolly the only end that wasn’t bittersweet and was kinda normal but somewhat felt kinda forced, but that might be biased on how I feel towards him lol.

Levi | CV: Soma Saito

Levi is the youngest brother, but a bit older than Jed. He’s laid back, loyal (esp when expressing his loyalty to Jed when competing against Tee), a bit of a cry baby and all smiles. Also bares a small resemblance to his father when he was younger imo lol. Too bad he killed a lot of people for his mother’s approval… His deal is that his mother always tells him off and only praises Lavan, his mother never read him books or anything so he had to do it for himself and guess what, he really loves books especially adventure books.

It may be because of the magic stone’s bad influence that made him become the serial killer, the Black Shadow, but I guess it was both the combination of wanting his mother’s approval and because of the stone. His ring has a butterfly motif with the magic stone in the middle.


Levi’s serial killing started when he was going to beat up a guy for saying some bad stuff to his mother but ended up killing him and when he confessed to his mother she praised him, which enabled him to do it more. He even said he enjoyed doing it, but really he became tortured between trying to know whats right from wrong. He would wash his hands at the ice cold river but felt like he could never get the blood off his hands no matter how much he cleaned, enter Jed who finds him washing his hands at the river. Not knowing anything, Jed took Levi’s hand and made him forget everything, Jed made Levi feel like a proper human being.

Even not knowing whether Jed was a boy or a girl, he liked her as a person from that point. Shit kinda hit the fan when Levi met Haitaka and mistook him as a ghost and ran off going crazy, he would dread seeing ghosts of his victims, tried to wash his hands at the river and then stabs Jed when she tried to approach him. He wanders off into town, where Jed finds him again and tries to get him back to his senses and eventually he did after stabbing himself in the hand to stop himself from stabbing her again. Levi takes off the ring promising to never wear it again.

In Levi’s ending, Levi swears to get Jed out of prison and says that he won’t ever call her a witch because she ain’t. During a trial at the town square where all the townsfolk are gathered, Jed is questioned as a witch and despite her denying she isn’t one the dude behind the trial ignores her. As the trial spirals downwards, Levi, in desperation, announces that he is the Black Shadow and has the weapon to prove it. Levi gets thrown into jail in Jed’s place, while Jed is set free. At the moment, Jed can’t visit him so instead they start writing letters to each other until Levi writes back that he wants to meet her.

Lavan manages to arrange Jed to deliver food to Levi so they can meet each other. Each day Jed makes food for Levi and they chat face to face, at one point Levi tells her he loves her and how he knew that once she took his hand that he loved her, doesn’t matter if she’s a boy or a girl. She sleeps over outside the bars where Levi and her talk about the future. Levi says he wants to live together with Jed, just the two of them, maybe even have a bunch of kids and that he would read books to them and all the stuff his mother never did for him. Jed jokes about him being too childish to be a father but he’s like, when it happens I’ll get my shit together and they have a cute moment.

2017-02-16-000020Next day, Jed is about to get ready to give Levi his lunch when Lavan stops her and tells him he won’t be there. Jed takes it that they already killed him but in fact they decided to exile Levi and that Levi didn’t want Jed knowing. Exile would mean that Levi would either starve to death or die from the cold and anyone who tries to stop him will be exiled too, knowing that Jed still goes looking for him and finds him at the field of snowdrops. Levi tells her he wanted her to be the only one that lived, but Jed just wants to be with him always because its fun whenever she’s around him and doesn’t want to let go. They decide to never let go of each other and lay down in the field of snowdrops, hand in hand, as the snow falls on them, forever and ever together.. 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。ワーン!!

It just ends like that. I want to be optimistic and think, “maybe they’re alright and are surviving in this man made hut in the forrest and living happily ever after” but boy…. I think they’re dead. I cried most in this end, I wanted them to be happy but not like this. I know he did some shit that can’t be forgiven but still… At least give him a kiss CG, almost everyone else got one (if not a couple of kiss scenes).

//Extra Endings//

Before going into Lugus’ ending (which ties to the true ending), I’ll go through the extra endings you could’ve gotten from choices like running away or being indecisive.

Extra End- People (Masquerade I): This end is when you choose to go party with everyone at the Masquerade as yourself (male attire) rather than in your girl attire. Here you hang out with everyone and reflect on what a success it has been to get the Wolf Clan and Hawk Clan to get along together. Francisca asks Jed if she’s not gonna dance with the boys as a girl and Jed is like nope and then hangs out with the gang and that’s the end. No bad shit happened.

Extra End- Heroes (Masquerade II): This end is when you decide to behead Olga. This turns south when Olga is like, yo fuck this shit I’m jumping out of the window, now I can be together with Aria… Everyone comes in to see that Olga is dead and they’re like “wow way to go, Jed, you killed him!” and at first Jed tries to deny it but then goes with the flow and everyone celebrates and go to the pub to drink a bunch. Next Masquerade, everyone is having fun, it’s still snowing despite it being a celebration for spring and the Hawk and Wolf Clan are getting along splendidly. Hugh pops up and is like “And so the town finally got its peace. They all lived happily ever after… or something like that”. The joke is that they never realized they’re all fucking dead and are trapped in Psychedelica.

Extra End- Bad: This end is when you choose to think everything is a dream after the realisation that they’re stuck in Psychedelica and Jed is locked up. Francisca’s ghost pops in and affirms that Jed’s thoughts are true and that she should close her eyes and lock away her heart. Then the game ends with the sound of doors closing.

2017-02-15-235946Extra End- Wolg: This end is for when you choose to have no resolution for the future. Lavan breaks into the jail/dungeon Jed was being held in, massacring every guard. Walking towards town, Jed sees a guy half alive begging for help and she calls for Lavan to help the dude but instead he’s like “*stomps on the guy’s head* Let’s keep going, shall we?”. Into town, the town is fucked, its burning and the Wolf Clan is killing everyone with Levi as the leader and they reunite and Jed is like, no… not like this. The wolf bros. go full yandere on the townsfolk for thinking Jed is a witch, and I would do the same lol.

Haitaka | CV: Daisuke Hirakwa

Extra End- Lord: This end is when you decide to run away with Haitaka after being locked up as a witch. So Haitaka whisks Jed away to the tower and tells her to sleep a while until the snow goes away so they can escape. This end reminds me a lot of Toma’s ending in Amnesia and you’ll see why. So Jed keeps sleeping and every time she wakes up she’s greeted by Haitaka who says its still snowing, better sleep, and this happens over and over again.

One day, Haitaka tells Jed a story about a boy who had a beast’s heart (which, spoiler, he is talking about himself)  and how the boy wanted friends but because of his beast’s heart he couldn’t make any. One day he finally got his heart back into being that of a human being’s and made friends, started a family and lived happily ever after… or so he wanted it to be that way. He explains how he lost everything, even his life, and just wandered… but it seems like Jed changed all that, coming into his life so he has gratitude towards her. He doesn’t want her to disappear like all the witches, as the cycle of being a witch is, like with Aria and Francisca. So he’s gonna protect her, but its kinda messed up how he does it, by locking her away in the tower from everyone else and wait for a never ending winter to end… I wouldn’t say the relationship between Jed and Haitaka is romance, hell no it isn’t. More like she supports him and he’s a bit dependent on her, its a mutual trust. Plus, they’re kind of uncle and niece at this point…? I dunno, this cross clan marriage thing is getting confusing.

Hugh | CV: Daisuke Namikawa

Extra End- Hugh: This end is when you decide to run away with Hugh after being locked up as a witch. Before suggesting to run away, Hugh reveals that the only way to get out of Psychedelica and return back to the real world, Jed has to die. The reason being is because one of the magic stones is residing in her eye, more like her pupil after a certain incident. To release the magic stone from her eye she has to die because it’s attached to her soul and maybe her body too. So Jed agrees to run away with Hugh and Hugh is like, ok why not fall in love with me for the heck of it because I’ve been travelling all by myself it gets kinda lonely. Jed agrees and they run away.

As always, they end up escaping to the tower where Hugh is like “Hey look at this” and Jed stares at this sparkling thing and goes into a trance where the both of them start saying something unintelligible and Jed doesn’t realise she’s moving her lips too. Then, Jed turns into a butterfly and the stone that was in her eye drops and Hugh collects them both before getting interrupted by Haitaka. Hugh antagonists Haitaka by saying Jed chose him and that she’s his. He also says that Haitaka killed him and calls him “Small Wolf”. He disperses into butterflies, taking butterfly Jed with him, before Haitaka can get him.

I was a bit confused with the last part, but after completing the game and reading the new memo’s of ppls past that unlocked, it actually made sense. In the note “Ash-Accipiter Nisus”, it explains that Haitaka/April was called ‘small wolf’ as a kid and was thrown out of the Wolf Clan house because of his beast’s heart. He stayed at the tower with a witch called the “Ash Witch” who helped him take control of his beast heart, she would write picture books for the children of the future generation (one being the picture book of the beasts that fought and the witch, talking about the never ending cycle of killing the witch and creating a new witch to take her place). She would have sparrowhawks (haitaka) by her side, prolly her familiars. One day one sparrowhawk went near the boy and he accidentally killed it, which resulted in the witch saying that she peace out and gave him magic stones to keep revert his heart into a human’s heart.

So yeah, the sparrowhawk Haitaka killed as a young boy was Hugh.

Lugus | CV: Makoto Furukawa

Lugus is the son of Olga, older brother of Tee and the next head of the Hawk Clan. He’s intimidating, strong and a bit of a romantic guy lol. Now, he isn’t really Olga’s son, Olga adopted him and Tee after the death of his wife and presumably his child too. Lugus lost his father when Olga came for his revenge on the people, he had nowhere to go and thought about taking his own life (remember this is Lugus as a child) by jumping off the tower where Haitaka stopped him and told him to go to the church with the other orphans.

Lugus has been crushing on Jed (when she’s in her girl attire) ever since he mistook her for his date or something and kissed her, which then lead her to slap him and relay the message to him that his date is never gonna see him again. It’s kinda cute to see him interact with Jed when she’s in her girl attire, like there’s some kind of innocence to him lol. Also did I forget to mention that he and Jed are prolly the true OTP of this game? Hell, the cover of the box art has only those two being affectionate and cute together. He’s always smooching on her when he gets the chance, tho he only does it once again when they were apart for so long and he had to act like a jerk by sending her in the dungeons to protect her from being killed by a rouge townsfolk that wants to kill the witch or something.

Apparently he knew Jed and the wolf bros ever since they were kids where they gathered all the magic stones and the kaleido-via and almost activated something before a ghost lady tried to stop them which made the snowdrop motif necklace with the magic stone that was a momento from her mother, Aria, exploded and got into Jed’s right eye which is prolly why she’s got that red eye going (that’s just my guess). I’m not sure who the ghost lady is but she has the same voice as Aria so maybe?? Then again she voices a lot of characters.


Why no one remembers about this I dunno know, I guess because they were so young they forgot lol.

Anyway, getting sidetracked here. So after Levi stabbed Jed when he was going crazy from seeing ghost Haitaka, Lugus finds her and takes her to the tower where he takes care of her and nurses her back to health. What a sweet guy. They even had this moment where Jed accidentally dropped water on herself and Lugus had to get her undress or else she’ll get a cold 😏 Heh, smooth moves there. Tho he ruined the moment by commenting on her breasts size or something, I can’t remember lol. Jed even taught him how to cook because he was terrible at it. All of this happened during the common route btw, so its like she’s juggling between three different dudes’ feelings, Lavan’s being the second strongest feelings towards her.

In Lugus’ end (which isn’t really his true end), Jed tries to have a conversation with her true dad(?), Olga, in the jail cells. Apparently he still believes that the child died together with Aria but there’s a point during the ending that he asks Hugh to unlock his cell or cuffs so he can take a closer look at a sleeping Jed only to go back to his cell, so maybe he does acknowledge Jed is his daughter but I dunno.

Later, Lugus comes in and tells Olga to take the poison and end all of this. Lugus’ plan is to make it look like an accident and the witch is to blame and they killed her immediately (I’m not sure if that’s the plan, I can’t remember properly), Olga accepts it and because he’s been meaning to die to see Aria soon he takes the poison and violently dies in front of Jed’s eyes who was against the plan the whole time. Lugus then whisks her away and lets her live in the attic of the Hawk Clan’s manor in secret, the only time she can go outside (under my impressions) is when Masquerade is on where she can dress up as a girl and wear a mask and I’m like… Girl, you can just wear a disguise all the time when going out. Then again, I might’ve read into this wrong but whatever, didn’t feel like a good ending for Lugus but it did tie up Olga’s story–which I presume is followed up with one of Hugh’s notes that is unlocked once you complete the game, where he lets Olga to escape the void and see Aria in the field of snowdrops once again, but that’s based on my assumption. Olga just wants to see his beloved wife again that’s all he wanted… Shit, I’m tearing up again haha…


// True End — A Girl //

This is what I’m presuming is Lugus’ true end because this one works more than the end that was named “Lugus”. Here is where everything falls into place, things get resolved and a happy but bittersweet ending happens.

2017-02-15-231751Jed faces her future with optimism, and goes to the town square trial in front of the townsfolk. She admits she’s a witch and starts antagonizing everyone, especially the wolf brothers, and then grabs a sword and challenges Lugus to a sword duel. Secretly, the night before, Jed told her plan that she wants to be killed by Lugus in front of everyone and be hailed as the hero of the town, saying that she loves happy endings. Lugus of course is against it, killing the woman he loves, but eventually agrees and saying that “No matter what world you’re in, I’ll come back for you”. Jed didn’t tell him that once someone is killed in this realm their soul is forever damned in a void, tho Hugh had the heart to tell him, to make things interesting.

Lugus stabs Jed through the heart, shocking everyone. She dies, forcing a smile and flower petals blow through the wind. Lugus carries her body to the church where he readies the kaleido-via and the magic stones (Levi’s ring, Olga’s ring, the magic stone that fell from Jed’s eye and later Lavan’s ring), when Lavan & Levi barges in and demands an explanation until they noticed Lugus had been crying, he tells them everything about her plan about dying as a witch and getting everyone back to the real world. Lugus leaves everything to everyone to activate the kaleido-via because he has one final job to do. Lugus, keeping his promise to come for Jed, kills himself and finds Jed in the void before she lost her sense of self.

“I told you I’d come back for you, Eiar”

In the epilogue, we are introduced to a modern world, with flowers in full bloom and Jed alive and well. Alongside her is Ai, the heroine from the first game who was known as Beniyuri. The epilogue is just them travelling to school and Jed noticing strangers on the street, two of them being Hikage/Elric and Kagiha/Lawrence from the first game in their newest reincarnation. Lavan also makes his cameo in this new world, talking on the phone with his mom and it seems like his little brother was born (?), so no dating baby Levi in this world lol. Finally, as they’re about to go to school Jed bumps into someone and you won’t guess who…


Jk, it’s pretty easy to guess who. Turns out Lugus just transferred schools and new to the place. Cut to the rooftop where Hugh is looming over and commenting on despite everyone losing their memory, that there’s a world where they can finally meet each other. めでたし、めでたし。

This end was more sweet than bitter, shit gets resolved and it makes me wish that they could make an FD where the cast from the first game and this game are together in this alternate universe and just have some light hearted moments and comedy. Though, I dunno if it’ll work if Levi is implied as an infant in this universe (well I assume he’s a newborn in this universe). That part where Lugus grasps Jed in the void still gets me every time, its like a sigh of relief.

// Bonus Ends – Traveler + Links //

This is a bonus end where it takes place before shit hits the fan and before Jed gets the kaleido-via from Hugh. I’m not exactly 100% sure what happened in this ending, it left me a bit more confused than usual.

So in this end/route Jed keeps meeting Hugh at the bar/pub while in her female attire, he introduces himself as “Ash” rather than Hugh. They get to know each other and get closer and closer. Hugh talks about his journeys across the world and shares the stories he learnt from different people with Jed and is surprisingly nice. One day Jed finds him writing a story, apparently its a story of an ordinary girl falling in and bridging the gap between her and the guy she’s falling in love with. Which makes Jed wonder who it is about because he said he only writes stories based on people he meets (he’s writing about you, silly). While all this is happening, it seems like no one pays attention to Jed’s eye turning red and no one calls her a witch which confuses Jed and me, but then she grabs the opportunity to live her life as a girl and leave her identity as Jed behind.

All the while I’m on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what Hugh is trying to do, considering last time I did his ending, he turned Jed into a butterfly which apparently a vehicle of the soul. I was even wondering if he is behind all these stuff happening, like what was the sudden change of people not knowing that red eyes = witch. Did he write it so that’s gone? Does he have the power to do that? I dunno lol.

2017-02-15-232134Anyway surprise, surprise, he actually falls in love with her and finds himself getting a bit jealous when she’s paying attention to other ppls needs when working at the bar rather than talking to him. He later invites her to the field of snowdrops and tell her his feelings and that he wants to take her with him to travel, she says she loves him back and they lived happily ever after.

In the epilogue/’Links end’, we see Aria having just finished a book Hugh brought to her, which is the story Hugh was writing about a normal girl who falls in love. Aria seems to be quite content with the story and happy for Hugh who has fallen in love with the girl, which surprises him, and it seems like Aria is cheering for him and the girl aw lol. It is also hinted that Aria and Jed met in real life the day before, which was hinted in a dream in the common route, giving Aria the idea to name her child Eiar. This ending might confirm that Aria is a witch, maybe…? (I’ve been doubting all through the game she was a witch, like a bad witch that would curse ppl) She says she can see into the future and to see what troubles the future will bring for her child, but maybe its all because of the help of Hugh who might be giving notes about future events? Who knows, it’s just my assumption.

All in all, it wrapped things up quite nicely though it left me questioning some things especially about Hugh… who also has a lot of identities.

Final Thoughts

I’m not gonna lie, I struggled to play this because I came in thinking it’d play like most otome games these days where the common route is half or less than half of the content and the rest is character routes where you get to know more about the character. But all in all, I like this kind of story format, even though it felt like some of the endings weren’t satisfying it made the true ending twice as satisfying.

Talking about story, I love the storytelling in this game. Sometimes it holds your hand for some revelations but other times it gives you scraps of info that you have to connect it to other things you’ve learnt from other endings to understand. It took me by surprise at some points and was thoroughly enjoyable to read. I just wish one of my favs had a better ending/more romance *coughslevideservesbettercoughs*.

The art is beautiful but also uses a lot of monotone or dull colors, which helps convey the tone of this story nicely. It makes me wonder if the artist draws the sketch on paper and then colors and linearts it digitally because of the sketches shown in the limited edition booklet. Either way I’m impressed. Comparing art style between the two games, I prefer this game’s art.

I also struggled getting the true end because I messed things up and decided to do this blindly and somehow blocked myself from activating a dialogue choice because I went to the earlier stuff and tried to go for the bonus route that could only activate once completing all routes. So I had to restart playing it on my playstation tv that didn’t have my memory card in it, which means I played this game maybe more than twice now because I tried redoing a lot of stuff to get it to work. My advice to those who want to play it or any Psychedelica games is to always have a walkthrough handy! My suggestion of play order is Lavan-Levi-Lugus-Hugh.

My fav boys would have to be Levi/Lugus, then Hugh and all the way back would be Lavan. Sorry bro. If you’re looking for a lot of romance than I don’t think you’d get much here, there is romance but not too much where it feels like you’re being spoilt, its just enough. If you want some tragedy then you’re in for a ride. Finally, if you want to read a really nice story then I suggest this to you. Sadly, it’s not in English but I wish it was because it’s so nicely written, it’s nothing shallow like you’d read from ordinary otome games. Also I’d suggest to play the firs game so you’d get the references made in the second game. This game can stand on its own without the first game but you’ll be missing out on some background stuff and terms/lore.

I hope to one day play the first game, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, but I’m all run down from crying and tragedy that I’ll take a break from sad stories for now lol. I hope they make a sequel (maybe with another new heroine) or maybe a light-hearted FD just for the hell of it.

I’m really sorry for this review for being really long, it’s a bit hard to summarize a story with a lot going on. This is my first review of a ps vita otome game, so hopefully I’ll get better at this. I’m thinking of doing a separate post for the drama CDs that came with the game as well as something extra so stay tuned!

As always thank you for reading!

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  1. BILLY I MADE IT!! This is a very in-depth review and I can see the time and effort that you put into this. It was also fun to read and see your reactions to the boys and the bittersweet endings. I’m glad you enjoyed it very much and hopefully you can play the first Psychedelica game soon ;; Now you’re converting me to Levi… bye Lavan 👋

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    1. Thanks for reading my really long review lol I hope you liked it
      Also, Levi deserves more love I swear I came in thinking Levi was ok but then coming out I was all for Levi. Too bad ppl voted him 6th place behind Jed and Elric lmao


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