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[Monthly Overview] August 2017 Releases


THE CHiRAL NIGHT rhythm carnival – 11th August – nitro+chiral

Sangoku Rensenki Sakigake – 25th August – Daisy 2

PS Vita

Taisho Mebiusline Teito Bibouroku Hare – 24th August – Holic Works / Dramatic Create

Starry Sky ~Autumn Stories~ – 24th August – honeybee

TOKYO Yamanote BOYS for V [FAN DISC] – 31st August – rejet

Crank In – 31st August – p-reve


Code:Realize ~Saikou no Hanabata~ – 24th August – otomate


Gee the year sure does fly by so fast 😆 Seems like this month is also full of new releases, though most of them are ports. As usual I’ll run down a small summary on each game inserting a bit about my opinions about it and hopefully talk about my plans this month.

THE CHiRAL NIGHT rhythm carnival is a PC game thats kinda like a bonus game that includes all the characters from games released by nitro+chiral. The game is more like a rhythm game with music from all 4 nitro+chiral games as well as (supposedly) a fully voiced story where all the characters interact with each other. It’s rated for all ages so no H scenes involved. It’ll be released first at comic market from 11th to 13th of August where it’ll be sold as a set with six A3 sized illustrated posters, which all of it including the game is worth 7,000 yen. They say it’ll be available for store purchase after selling it at comic market, without the A3 posters for hopefully around 3,700 yen. You can download the trial here (I haven’t downloaded it myself to check for viruses or anything so be careful!) Also! It comes with the typing spin off game “Togainu no Chi TYPING” where you type your way through the game, I guess.

Sangoku Rensenki Sakigake is somewhat of a sequel to Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou!~, though more like it’s a new installment in the Sangoku Rensenki series and it has no similar characters shared between them. It’s one of those time slip games where a modern every day school girl time slips into a place or time that predates her birth by a couple of centuries. The heroine slips into time and winds up in China, possibly around the Han dynasty and inspired by “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, just like the previous game. Seems like the heroine has a bow and arrow so I’m hoping it’s not just for show and that she has skills that can protect her and others 😆

Taisho Mebiusline Teito Bibouroku Hare is a port to the PS Vita of Taisho Mebiusline’s FD which was too R18 for vita that they had to cut out H scenes and replace them with fluff. This is the teen friendly kind of stuff. It includes the minigames and scenarios from the original R18 PC fandisc, but it also promises new original PS Vita content like new scenarios with sub characters, new original episodes for the 6 main characters including new graphics, converting the short stories into visual novel form and also “clock mode”…? I dunno what clock mode is but seems like a legit clock/alarm feature with character lines for every time of the day.

Starry Sky ~Autumn Stories~ is a port to the vita, includes the first Autumn game and the FD. Nothing much to say about this but at least they’re releasing these ports at a more rapid speed instead of being stuck in limbo for a year or few.

TOKYO Yamanote BOYS for V [FAN DISC] is also another port to the vita, following the first port of all the original games rolled into one that was released around 2 months ago. This one includes all 3 of the fan discs as well as “ALL STAR DISC” which includes two sub character routes/endings/dates (including a date with some president dude lmao). FD parts include scenarios like being girlfriend and boyfriend and having all these cute moments, wedding event graphics and dates in casual clothes lol.

Crank In is a new PS Vita title, it’s been in the works for a while and was delayed a few months back so hopefully it’ll release this month. It shares the “half/a quarter of the story takes place when theyre kids and later when they are adults” genre with Otomate’s Clock Zero, except there’s no time travelling or whatever involved. The similarities just stop there lol. So basically the heroine and her classmates/maybe friends want to make a movie as kids and the heroine is gonna be their main lead, or something like that. I’m gonna guess that a quarter of the game will take place when they’re kids while the rest is when they’re adults.

Code:Realize ~Saikou no Hanabata~ is a port to the PS4. It will include the first Code:Realize game as well as the fandisc “Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~ (the one that promised weddings might happen and not to be confused with the other latest fandisc announced a few weeks ago: Code:Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~ lol). I’m not 100% sure whats the neccessary reason to port it to PS4 other than you can store more memory in discs than cartridges/microchips and maybe for a graphics boost (tho it still looks good on vita).  Like I mentioned, there’s going to be a second fandisc thats separate from this game but still also releasing on PS4 and PS Vita. I’m crossing my fingers Otomate doesn’t milk this series dry and crash it into the ground like it did with Hakuouki and Diabolik Lovers… Also there is a collab with Sony to make a special edition PS4 console complete with an original theme for the PS4.

And thats it for this month’s games.

My plans for this month is to put out some posts as usual, prolly get around doing posts I didn’t get to do last month. I have a big project in mind for a post about a certain game that I want to break down in video form so hopefully it won’t take me too long and that I can actually get it done haha.

I’ll do my best for this month too.

Thanks f


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  1. The Chiral Night game is really fun! I played the demo but was only able to go through the regular levels because most of the hard levels were really hard! >~<
    Also, the demo download shouldn't contain any viruses owo

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    1. Thanks for the info! I was thinking about how hard it is to play a rhythm game on PC bc im so used to console buttons or touch screen 😂 i guess it must be challenging


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