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Parts of this post may be out-dated thanks to the new event update that changes the point distribution

Phew, sorry about the long break. I guess that previous event had me so burnt out that I needed a week to recuperate… by playing more app games. Really sorry! But from now on I hope I’ll be making more content.

Anyway, as promised, a post on some tips & tricks to enstar events. Seeing that I never wrote up a breakdown of this game, I guess this’ll be a lil substitute. Good thing I delayed writing this up because this event (the excursion trip to Kyoto & Hot springs) seems to be a bit different than last event.

For now the following tips are just experimental and I really have to stress this out that they may not be effective/efficient but I hope that it helps you create a strategy of your own. The following method helped me get the Halloween Ritsu card in 8 1/2 days (?), as you can see its not a sure-fire way to getting the card in the first 3 days but this is mainly because I have weak teams.

At the time I didn’t get a ranking card because back then Rank 16K (16,000) did not get you a damn thing. But now that they lengthened the ranking bonus tiers I’m sure you’ll be able to get some ranking cards in future events, well that is if you don’t have a lot of players to compete with. Anyway, again really sorry that I wasn’t able to write this up before the start of the event, but its better late than never. I hope it’ll be helpful, and if the following is stuff that you’ve already figured out then you’re free to stop reading, I really don’t want to waste your time with my silly theories. More or less this is for newbies, or those who’ve started a while ago but still kinda new to this.



Before event

So before the event starts its wise to get your EXP up while courses are half AP price. Having your EXP a few hundred points away (maybe 400~600 points) from ranking up before the event is ideal so that if you already use up all your LP during the event you can just rank up to replenish your LP so you can do some more lives.

If you have it unlocked, I suggest to go through class 3-B Course, which gives you about 600 EXP for 30 AP (only during half AP cost time aka before events, regularly it is 60 AP). The Sunday fine courses doubles the EXP you get, Eichi’s give out 400 EXP and Yuzuru gives out 800 EXP.

Note: As you rank up the amount of EXP you have to gain gets higher. As you get to higher ranks you’ll find that the maximum EXP will be 5000 & will never change. I’m at Rank 100 something and my max EXP is always 5000 before I rank up.

Another Note: Maximum AP you can get is 200, no matter what that will not increase. At around Rank 80~90 your AP will reach that maximum.

Make sure you have your teams prepared too. Sometimes during down time you’ll prolly be levelling up some cards and blooming them so it’s wise to reshuffle your teams depending on strength. This is prolly obvious but sometimes ppl forget, well I do anyway.

Diamonds. Time to talk about them good ol’ diamonds. For the Halloween event I started off with 134 Diamonds and that carried me for about halfway through the event point bonus tiers (it got me to Hinata’s 4* card). Of course, during the event you’ll get more diamonds so in the end you may be spending about 200 diamonds+. Maybe save up to about 160 diamonds or so.

If you’re a freeloader like me (well I’m a half freeloader now) and don’t want to spend irl money I suggest to save up your diamonds for a event/cards that you’re really invested in. For me that event/cards was the Halloween one and that one Kurou card where he’s smiling. I find that events with the least popular characters/units are less competitive which means ranking is easier. So if you just want any old card to strengthen up your teams, then by all means go for it.

Remember, these cards are nothing but numbers and images, if you do intend to spend irl money then go ahead, I’m not stopping you. But remember to spend responsibly at the very least, don’t be like me and spend recklessly. For me, I spent about 1,500 yen on diamonds last event and thats all I’m gonna inject to enstars, well other than merch & goods.

During Event

Preparations during the event is just to max up the  level of “特大” lives (Oversized/Urgent Lives with the yellow marker in the corner) within about 2 days. The ‘maximum’ level you can get with lives is how many ‘people’ you can get with all three tiers (Main Tier & Two Backup Tiers) of your unit, Dance, Vocal & Performance. Think of it as using 3 LPs is your limit, if you can’t complete a live with 3 LPs then the previous Live level is your limit.

2015-11-17 13.28.22How it works: for example, I have a dance team that has 200,000+ power normally. During a live, if I use all three of the tiers of my dance team their power is doubled and gives me an overall of 490,000+. An Oversized Live has a Level cap of 30 which needs 500,000 people/power. Because my overall power is 490,000+, Level 30 would be my max and I can’t go any further because thats the level cap for that Live.

Of course, my other teams are weaker so they can’t really reach the max cap of a Live. For example, for my performance team all three tiers can only complete a live at lvl 29, but the next time I have a Live it’ll be at lvl 30 and because only three of my tiers can barely reach lvl 30 I can only complete it with 4 LP. So next time I get another live it’ll be at level 29 and the circle continues between Level 29 and Level 30 until I can make my team strong enough for a Level 30 Live.

Note: Getting to the maximum level of Lives you can do early on will help out in the long run of the event. The plus side of doing this is that you’ll be getting a steady number of event points each time you do a live, down side is that it uses up 3~4LP every time which takes time to recover.

Event, Lives & Methods:

Phew, half way through I hope. Thanks for hanging in there and sorry for all the text, but from here on out I’ll be talking about a few methods to getting to 1million event points. As I said before, they’re all kind of experimental and may not be efficient, and they’re just there to help you out with your own strategy. Like, feel free to put your own twist on these methods!

✦Before that, here’s some more info on Lives, to help give you a better understanding:

Now, as you should know, there are two lives that can pop up regularly, the Normal Lives (通常ライブ) and Oversized Lives (特大ライブ). There are two ways you could go about this event, prolly even more if you think about it, the high road or the low road. High road is to ignore Normal Lives and level up Oversized Lives to the max & get an increased amount of event points than Normal Lives, while the Low Road is to go with Normal Lives which gives you a lot of time to replenish your LP but gives out small amount of event points and takes a longer time to max it’s level.

Note: Max Level for Normal Lives is 45 (200,000 people) and Oversized Lives is level 30 (500,000 people).

2015-11-15 20.59.43Emergency Lives (緊急ライブ), the ones that pop up randomly after completing a live with the bloomed 4* event card, has a max level is 15 (1,000,000 people). The maximum of LP you can put into Emergency Lives is 6 LP, anything more than 6 LP will put you back to the previous live level. For example, if you cannot complete a lvl 14 live with 6 LP your next Emergency Live will be lvl 13 and the circle will continue until your team is strong enough to complete a lvl 14 with 6 LP.

As y’all know, in the second half of the event a new live is introduced which starts off with a different number of ‘people’ you’ll have to accumulate. Why is this introduced? To give more points. For Oversized Lives, we all know that theres a level cap of 30 with a capacity of 500,000 people, however with the newly introduced live’s Oversized Lives, lets call it ‘special Oversized Lives’ for now, the max level is 20 but the capacity is 750,000 which means more event points. This Live is very helpful to give you a boost with points, so I’d recommend to try to level it up if you can. For me, I’ve never managed to level these lives properly because they’re hard to come by.

Random Tip: Having event gacha cards in your teams really help, no seriously they do. But that would mean you’ll have to save a bunch of diamonds to do both the event and gacha.



This is just my method on how I got a event point bonus tier 5* card and if you haven’t noticed, it was a bad impact on my mental stability so prolly don’t try this at home(?).

Usually I have a set of rules when it comes to lives, don’t use the LP recover items on Oversized Lives unless its I really need to and if so just use the star candy & only use sports drinks and/or star candy on Emergency Lives seeing that they use up the most LP. If I don’t have any recover items I just dump all my diamonds into it.

For the Halloween Event I managed to reached the max levels of the Oversized Lives on the second day. Now there were a few phases to this method I used:

  1. Phase 1: Max Levels of Oversized Lives (2 days MAX)
  2. Phase 2: From then on have an oversized live every hour until 600K has been reached, go a little crazy/overboard with lives (took up to 5 days)
  3. Phase 3: Reached 600K and ran out of diamonds, bought some backup diamonds,  had an oversized live every hour and ranked up like crazy with bread
  4. Phase 4: Reached 1Million (took up to 3 days), have a live every 1.5 hours

Little Tidbit: LP replenishes every 30 minutes, to fully replenish LP (All 5 LP) it will take 2 hours and 30 minutes.

For Phase 2, because my Oversized Lives were at the max of capacity I could possibly put in with 3LP, I decided to make a rule to have a live for each hour which would give me about 5,000~7,200 event points each hour or more if I decided if I wanted to have another live right after that. Of course, this will be easy if you have a gr8 sense of luck but it seems this event may have lowered the possibility to get an Oversized Live or maybe its just me.

Now why 1 event per hour? Well to save diamonds but also use them at the same time I decided to use an hour for LP replenishing and then adding a diamond to give me 3LP to do a live, tho for lives that are 1 level higher than my MAX I had to use 2 diamonds or wait for another 30 minutes for it to replenish. Keep a stopwatch/timer handy if you want to be alarmed when the hour is up. You can mix it up, like wait for 30 minutes and then use 2 diamonds to get 3LPs or just wait for 1hr30min for the LP to just come back, its up to you. But as they say time is money, the more event points you get the closer you are to your goal, right?

The reason why I only refill the LP until 3 LP is to keep the replenish time going. If I were to refill up to 5 that would mean the time to refill is reset. Its more or less to keep the time to refill constant and continuing.

Go at your own pace, prolly set goals for each day if you’re planning to go slow, like me. For myself, I made a goal of 100K per day and if I made that goal I’d still continue at that pace, tho I did rush in a couple of lives and wasting my diamonds which would explain why I made to my main goal 2 days early. Write & record it in a notebook for future event attempts and see the progress you’ve made, if you’re willing to do it that is.

By the time I got Hinata’s card I was out of diamonds, which explains phase 3. I was more cautious with my diamonds which is why I kind of slowed down and lost some ranks in the ranking. Which is why you should save up a lot of diamonds if you have a weak team. By this time my dance team was stronger and could actually hold the Dance Oversized Live at level 30, so I could get the usual 7,200 event points every hour.

At this time this is where yakisoba bread comes in handy. In previous events I would think ‘Why are they giving me out bread, I don’t need it, give me water bottles.’, but in the end they’re very helpful. If you get up to rank 80~90, your AP will be a solid 200 which means you can do three 3-B Produce Courses (60AP) with 20 AP left over, which also means 600 EXP x 3 (1,800 EXP). If you’re starting off with full AP and depleting that, you may have to use up to 2 yakisoba breads to rank up. So whats good about using the bread to rank up? Ranking up = restored LP, of course. If you’re too annoyed with waiting you can always use this method, tho by the time you’re about to rank up you’ll already have some LP recovered.

Always keep an eye on your LP, don’t let it go to waste such as ranking up just when you got about 3LP restored. Be strategic about this.

Phase 4 pretty much speaks for itself.When you got some down time but you want to keep your rank (which may be in the 25,000~14,000 by then) & got no diamonds then just do a live every 1hr30min. You may drop a few ranks, but at least you won’t be outside of the 25,000 rank area… hopefully.


And that was pretty much my method to get Ritsu. Its a slow one yes, but it gets the job done in the end. I’d pretty much do this method everyday when I woke up at 9am until 1 am, so thats about 17 hours dedicated to that Halloween event per day for almost 9 days.

I wouldn’t really recommend it, but I hope it helps with your own strategies. Tho I would’ve rather saved up for a gacha. But all of those diamonds and irl money was worth it in the end just for that cute Halloween Ritsu card.

Ya know, it’s not like I’m gonna miss a gr8 gacha card of one of my baes, right…?

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