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[Book] Bunny talks about ARIA, Yomi Sarachi’s new manga and shopping with HMV

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Just the other day my first order from HMV came in the mail, which was my first ever purchase of ARIA and wow, I never thought it’d be this big.

I thought I’d talk about it because I never thought of HMV as a shopping option but thankfully someone was kind enough to direct me to this shop when all of the copies of ARIA was sold out in the exact same day it was released on CD Japan (Curse you Model Trio, you sell a product too good it doesn’t even survive a day).

In comparison to a magazine, ARIA is really thick. I thought it’d be thin so I combined the order with Cool-b, tho that made the shipping a little bit expensive. Inside this issue is Enstars Stickers as bonus, this time it is Mao&Ritsu and Makoto&Izumi. Next issue (coming out this month I think?) will have Chiaki&Midori and Hokuto&Subaru.

Shopping with HMV

I bought it at HMV (copies no longer available). I never that that HMV shipped outside of Japan until now lol.

Here’s their shipping cost table, for reference. They only ship overseas with EMS, its super fast but really expensive. According to the table the base shipment for 2 or less items is ¥1,600 for shipping to America and Oceania (Australia), its 300 yen less for those in Asia but isn’t Australia pretty much near Asia? lol. So naive me thought ‘Oh cool, 1,600 yen shipment for 2 items. May as well add Cool-b to my order’, tho after they calculated the weight of the whole order it turned out to be ¥3,000+ lol. Naive me again.

I’m sure they explained it somewhere but I guess I didn’t really pay attention.

They have a point service like with CD Japan. Its called ‘Ponta Point’ rewarding you 1 point per 200 yen spent. However it cannot be distributed to those outside of Japan, so unless you registered your address in Japan you can get these points for discounts to your order. There’s special coupons tho, I got like 15 special coupons for my order but I’m not sure what to use it for, it’ll expire in a year tho. Maybe next time I shop there I’ll try it out?

There are some video games that have special store bonuses with HMV, like with bonuses in CD Japan and Amiami. I’m not sure if Otomate does store bonuses with HMV, but I do know that HMV has a Special Set with the new Kamigami no Asobi game (the set is the one with Thoth, Anubis and Melissa). Too bad for me I already ordered at CD Japan, plus the set is expensive.

More or less this place will be my last option when I can’t find the thing I want to buy. It helped me out with buying ARIA but boy was it expensive (5,000+ yen, including Cool-b). Usually a shipment with 2 books/magazines in CD Japan would cost me maybe 3,000~4,000 yen with shipment (SAL Small Packet or Air Mail). If I have any games that I like that have special sets here then maybe I’ll try it out.

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My first ever purchase of ARIA/a book full of monthly comics (I’m not sure what to categorise it). Its about 600+ yen I think? Tho with all the shipping costs maybe its best to purchase it when you’re in Japan lol. Tho for 600+ yen thats a lot of content for a cheap price, there’s like more than 300 pages in this book and all these comics I’ve never heard about.

First of all I bought ARIA because Yomi Sarachi’s new comic is making its debut here and I’m really excited to read it, so thats prolly the only reason I went to great lengths to buy it (I was really sad to see almost everywhere its sold out). Tho theres a few comics in this book that I really want to get into like Hatsukoi Monster. But sadly the series is so far into the plot that I’m like “What? Whats happening? Why does it look like they’re kissing? OH NO THAT KID SAW IT”, its like I’m walking into something and I’m like ‘whoops, don’t mind me’.

Theres also this manga series called ‘Sengoku Vamp’ where Nobunaga is actually a vampire? lolwut. What will mangakas think next? The art was gr8 tho.

The same goes for many of the other ones, tho I understand the Enstars comics because I’ve already read the main story in the game lol. Enstars manga art looks gr8 and everyone looks handsome but it still doesn’t feel right without Anzu. Like they’re at the part where Trickstar is doing their first Dreamfes (?) on stage and they win and in the game they get Anzu on stage, I think. I can’t remember clearly but didn’t they appoint her as their leader or something in front of everyone? lol, its been so long. But ye, gr8 stuff. Here’s some shots I took:

One thing I really like about ARIA is that all their kanji has furigana (the hiragana reading of the kanji on top), so its really, really, reaaaally easy to read. Thank you, Furigana, our lord and saviour. I think its really helpful for beginners to read stuff like comics with furigana so you can prolly pick up on kanji and its reading while having a good time!

The only sad part is that you have to buy the next issue to find out what happens next lol. You could always wait until all chapters of your fav series releases in bound form but why wait when you can buy now (jk).

I’ve yet to read all the comics because I’m kinda busy at the moment but hopefully I’ll get around to reading them all (even if I don’t know whats going on).

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Yomi Sarachi’s new comic

I happened upon Sarachi-sensei’s tumblr a year back and saw her cute comics of a mermaid boy that fell in love with a human girl. I totally fell in love with the concept lol and wished Sarachi-sensei did more.

(If ya like what you see pls like and/or reblog Sarachi’s posts)

Now the story is a bit revised (the mermaid boy has longer hair, more older and kinda arrogant lol) but the theme is still there and has its very own manga series! Wanting to read it for myself I bought ARIA and checked it out.

And its good lol. I want to read more because I wasn’t expecting that twist, but it really does add a lot to where the plot might go. I’m really glad Sarachi-sensei will get the chance to flesh out these characters more than just short comics on tumblr.

Right now its under the title of “Mermaid Boys“, it used to be ‘Mermaid Boy’, now the plural is making me wonder if there will be more Mermaid Boys. I don’t really come across Monster Boy type comics/media nowadays so I hope this fits my yearly quota like what Monsters Recipe did lol. I really wish there were more monster boys based series like with Monster Musume …

I really enjoyed it, I laughed a few times and was really invested in the story (esp when Nami’s guy friend said he saved her when actually Nalu [the mermaid boy] saved her and I was like ‘Noooooo’ lol)! But I felt sad when it said ‘to be continued’, because I didn’t want it to end 😆 . I’m trying to debate between myself whether I should buy ARIA again to keep reading or just wait until it becomes a bounded manga…..

Like I said before, the furigana helped a lot when I was reading it so it was like I was reading it fluently as if it was in English lol.

As always thank you for reading!


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  1. You bought *o* cool!!!
    Mermaid Boys is that new manga from Sarachi-sensei 😀 I saw on her Twitter account
    I want to read!!
    I bet it’ll get an anime later xD I BET!!!

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