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[Mobile] Bunny talks about New Upcoming Unit – Ensemble Stars

Some more leftovers from my unfinished diary post. More or less my thoughts but also written for awareness for those who don’t know about implementation of the new unit. Then again this news is really old so…….. :lol:.

By next week we’ll feel the wrath of the new unit that includes the 4th oddball. Seeing that the event announcement doesn’t include them and the new event starts on 29th February and overlaps March 2nd, the time they release, I’m guessing on the day they’ll prolly release them as a character/unit gacha like Leo.

I’m really excited to get to know these guys seeing that I didn’t catch what Akira-sensei’s notes said about the new guys’ characteristics (if anyone knows pls tell me because I’m clueless). I have some produce points saved up so I’m gonna try to scout their 3*’s because thats easier and I may have to spend the diamonds on the event…

Man, Happy Elements gave us a double whammy with what they have planned for us in March. First the 2wink/UNDEAD White Day event, Arashi & Leo Gacha and also these guys all happening in one week or more. Not to mention the beta test happening with “Chinese Enstars” happening on the same day as their release and coinciding with the event. Say goodbye to your money.

Anyway, onto analysing the teaser picture that greets you on Enstars Official Website.

As you can see the background is littered with cogs/gears which pretty much confirms the unit theme might be steampunk. Some others have theorized it might have something to do with time, like the time loop that’ll happen soon that will reset events and everyone won’t have memories of what happened in the previous year and no one will graduate. Not sure if this ‘time loop’ is gonna be acknowledged story wise or not, but it’d be definitely interesting in terms of “this isn’t your average idol simulator”. Then again we already have this hierarchy and rebellion going on with the main story, two brothers who may or may not be vampires, a guy claiming to be abducted by aliens and just popping into existence one day, an eccentric, mysterious boy with no family background but loves to play in the water fountain and then ya got this yiffboy by the name of Koga Oogami in this story so I think we got that “this isn’t your average idol simulator” thing covered lol.

The one with the blue outline seems shorter than the one illuminated in red, who is the newest oddball, so I’m guessing he might be a 1st year? Then again we have Nazunya and he’s a 3rd year and smol. Tbh the blue guy kinda reminds me Izumi with his stance so it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

The red illuminated guy looks quite elegant and prim so it’d be interesting to see how he plays into the “Oddball” part. Maybe he’s a time traveller and the blue guy is his time travelling companion. Who knows lol. Its all up there until they’re implemented into the game.

Tbh I’m really interested in seeing how they wear their school uniforms because each character has some uniqueness to their school uniform. Maybe red guy wears a top hat all the time to cover his baldness.

Again here are the silhouettes for the new characters:

them thigh high boots tho

It’d be interesting to see how they’re wedged into the story this late into the school year (like its almost time for graduation in Japan right?). Maybe they’re gonna be like “Yo, we’ve been here this whole time you just didn’t notice lmao”. I also wanna know if they’re gonna be part of the events/gachas/story after the time loop, hopefully Leo will be there too because it took him like late last year to appear.

Also does anyone have the faintest idea on what this unit will be called? Something like ‘Chronos’, maybe? Time Haters? Thigh High Boot Police?

Actually I’m really awful at guessing/theorizing names. There’s just an infinite of possibilities.

There’s about four days to go (its exactly 12am rn) until they’re released so I’m really looking forward to it. I have a feeling they might become one of my favorite units. Who knows! I really look forward to their interactions with everyone and how will they develop in the future.

What I’m curious is how will they introduce the next and final oddball. Will he have a unit of his own or will he be a solo? The development of Enstars is just too exciting! Just give me a character design of Anzu and we’re all set. Actually I really wish they released some more info on how Anzu will appear in the anime (better not be at the last shot of the episode goddamn it).

Thanks for reading my rant from beginning to end or wherever you started reading until here. I added some more comments compared to the original text I wrote for the game diary.

As always I’ll see you next time _(:3 」∠ )_


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    1. I remember reading something like one of them is a stalker or something lol (maybe it was a misinterpretation by a fan). I’m really interesting to see what they look like, maybe the second member looks like Izumi 2.0 lol


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