[Mobile] Bunny talks about Event Ranking – Ensemble Stars

So you want to Rank for events, well let me tell you it ain’t going to be easy. Thats why I’m writing this post to help you out. Be prepared for 10~11 days of eternal hell if you plan to rank.

There may be a few things that may be outdated because of the new system implementation but hopefully the rest of the post will be helpful.

– Warning –

A heed of warning about taking on 5* rankings in events. Like you don’t have to read and skip this but at least hear me out on what you’re getting yourself into.

Events (well in the Japanese version) go for about 10 days, the goal of ranking isn’t similar to when you’re going for 1 million points where its set. Sometimes you won’t even know whats the goal event points to get your ranking so its like a battle every day. From personal experience it can make you moody, very easily irritated and stressed. For 10 days your life may only revolve around ranking up in your player lvl, finding lives and grinding for gems to make your cards stronger. So good luck with that.

One important thing to note is that without money/a bunch of diamonds, ranking for a 5* may not be impossible. You may find yourself buying around 800+ diamonds, or maybe even more. But take in mind no matter how many diamonds you purchase theres always a chance that you may not make the border. Hell, during the Valkyrie Event I almost didn’t reach the border and I spent some serious dough on it. So its kind of like gambling, actually thats what this game is. Its like gambling.

A tip from me to you: Know how to pick your fights. What I mean by that is that you shouldn’t go for something too ambitious when its your first rank or you’re not confident in your teams/cards strength. There are events that are a death sentence, for example Knights Events especially when most of the Knights members are up for grabs as either 4*’s or 5*’s. Theres a bunch of fans and they are willing to buy 7,000+ diamonds for their best boy. Keep in mind the border (for now) for a 5* rank card is around 9,000, that means only 9,000 people can get the 5* rank. Considering that the active participants that play the events are around 250,000+ (and growing) thats like a pretty slim chance when theres a bunch of fans you’re competing against. If I did my math right, only around 3.6% of players playing in the event get that 5* rank card… I think. I’m not exactly saying you can’t do it, with stronger cards and a bunch of money it may be possible.

For now if you’re not willing to put in a bunch of money into an event (around $150~200+ for a single event is too much, but you can prolly do one for less than $100 if you’re not aiming too high), but you need stronger cards you can always try for the slower/non-popular events. If I could guess the difficulties on unit orientated events depending on popularity then it may look something like this…

Knights…………….★ (Individual Knight member events are death)

Ryuseitai…………..★★★★★ (RyuseitaiP are just as crazy about ranking as knights)

UNDEAD…………… (If Rei is ranking prolly deadly)

Trickstar…………….★★★ (Mao ranks are death (?), Makoto may be tough)

fine………………….. (If its Wataru then may be tough, others are ok)

Ra*bits……………… (Been a while since a major event, might be a 3 )

Valkyrie……………..? (Last event was really tough ’cause of Valkyrie!Nazuna)

Akatsuki……………. (Ranking Keito proved to be unpopular)

2wink……………….. (Depends on other paired unit, Akatsuki/2wink was slow)

Switch………………..★★? (Switch events are still mild)

MaM…………………..?? (Its a one man unit so it depends on who’s also in event)

Note that these are based on my observations and may not be exactly 100% accurate.

Reminder – The last few hours of an event will get hectic and stress inducing. Depending on the event difficulty you will be under a good amount of stress trying to get more points to keep your spot so if its your first time be prepared. It may be scary/nerve-racking.

How an Event Works

I’ve explained how events works in a previous post (‘Bunny talks about Events‘) but I may as well repeat myself here in a cleaner format. Click on the link and scroll to “During Event” to get a better explanation.

[You can skip this part] You get event points from Lives, which randomly pop up during courses (you get a higher chance of getting Lives to pop up during Event Courses). During the Lives, you have to “fill in the seats for people” with your units. The unit you use is based on the attribute the Live has (Da, Vo or Pf) and you have to fill in these seats with your unit’s “overall value” which are broken in 3 smaller units (one Main Unit, two Sub Units). Each unit costs 1LP, selecting one sub-units will cost one LP extra and so on. Each Live has LP limitations where you can only complete a Live in a set amount of LP, if you overdo the limitation the level of the Live will go down. To clear it you need to do it within the LP usage restriction, however you can still get event points if you clear it over the LP limitation.

Event points are distributed depending on the level of the Live and the type of the Live. There are about three types of Lives, Normal Lives (通常ライブ), Oversized Lives (特大ライブ) and Emergency Lives (緊急ライブ).

The first half of the Event has 2 different Normal Lives and 2 different Oversized Lives based on bloomed versions of the Normal Lives. During the second half of the Event two new Lives (one Normal Live and the other is Oversized Live) are introduced that give more event points for more people. For now I’ll call these lives Normal Live+ and Oversized Live+.

Here’s some info I’ve gained about them in detail:

2016-06-17 21.37.32 Normal Lives // 通常ライブ

Max Lvl: 45  Amount: 200,000 ppl

Max pts: ???

Max LP Usage Restriction: 3LP ?

2016-04-30 16.59.37Oversized Lives // 特大ライブ

Max Lvl: 30  Amount: 500,000 ppl

Max pts: 6,000 Drop Bonus*: 7,200

Max LP Usage Restriction: 3LP

2016-06-15 16.26.55Emergency Lives // 緊急ライブ

Max Lvl: 15  Amount: 1,000,000

Max pts: 16,000+ ? Drop Bonus: 18,000+ ?

Max LP Usage Restriction: 5LP

2016-05-05 17.44.26
(not visually different but whatever)

Oversized Lives+ // 特大ライブ

Max Lvl: 20  Amount: 750,000

Max pts: 9,000+ ? Drop Bonus: 11,000+ ?

Max LP Usage Restriction: 3LP

* Drop Bonus’ is when by random chance you get an additional drop, either a card or produce points, where you also get added Event Bonus so when you see a produce point pop up in your bonuses instead of a card drop just look on the bright side, you get bonus points

Note – When I say ‘amount’ and ‘ppl’ I mean like seats/overall value needed to clear a live


Sorry that I can’t give accurate details on each live’s Event Distributions. My strategy doesn’t use Normal Lives so I don’t know much about them. I’ll try to update it once I get more proper info.


Preparations // Before Event


2016-04-30 16.24.23
make sure to keep an eye on the expiry dates!

You can save resources such as water bottles, konpeitos, yakisoba bread etc within your present box/inbox. Take note that you don’t have to collect all your resources once it goes to your present box/inbox, you can keep them preserved within it for at least 29~30 days, so you can take them out when a good event comes along. Having a lot of resources helps a bunch to reduce diamond consumption, believe me.

Caution When you accept resources from your inbox they expire once the event period ends so take care. Do not accept resources during off-periods between events because they will expire before the next event.

Tip – You can prolong the life of resources gained from event point bonuses by not accepting them during the event. Keep in mind the event banner usually stays on the home screen until the next event so you can collect event point bonuses even 4~5 days after the event finished.


It depends on the difficulty of the event, I spent about 875+ diamonds for this event but I didn’t straight up buy 875+ diamonds on one go, more or less I bought small amounts of diamonds during the event. I bought 3x 125 diamond pack and 2x 250 diamond pack each time I reached to zero, interchanging between the two packs each time. It depends on you whether you want to buy all of it on the spot, for me buying during the event helped me kind of pace myself instead of spending it all crazily.

Anyway its good to have about 100+ diamonds available before the event. If you can get these diamonds through just playing the game then all the better. I started off with 134 diamonds I collected from previous events and bonuses, tho by Day 0 I had around 150 diamonds which lasted me about 2~3 days (with collecting diamonds from courses and event bonuses).

AP / LP / EXP & Ranking Up

I usually keep my AP & LP full before events. It usually helps to have your AP up to 200 so you can spend a lot of AP during a short amount of time (reaching rank 80~90 gives you the max AP).

Let me explain the importance of all this stuff. LP is important for doing livesAP is important for doing courses where lives can pop up from and by completing courses you can gain EXP (more AP used more EXP gained) and EXP helps you Rank Up which then replenishes LP & AP and then the circle continues.

Note  The higher the Rank you are the more AP you have to consume to rank up, max EXP to gain is 5, 000 once you hit around Rank 80~90+ (I think). If you’re low Rank like 1~20, rank ups happen really quickly which means your LP and AP replinish quickly.

Event Gacha

Screen shot 2016-06-29 at 6.58.11 PM.png

This is optional but it helps with events. ‘Event Gachas’ are the limited gachas that pop up the same time an event happens and are available a day before the event. There are usually 4 new cards up for grabs, the 3 stars are usually easy to get/pop up. If you get all four of them and put them in the same unit they’ll activate a skill that will boost one attribute (either Da, Vo or Pf).

The gacha card’s stats are boosted prolly 2x the original stats, so its best to unlock stuff from their Idol Road (that skill tree that needs gems to unlock upgrades) its best to unlock as much as you can before the event starts. Not only are stats boosted but you can gain bonus event points from lives if the unit you use has one of the gacha cards. I think the bonus points are distributed depending on a small percentage, possibly 2%~4% more event points (Level 30 of an Oversized Live gives you a bonus of 200 event points if a gacha card is in the unit).

U+21B3.svg Da / Vo / Pf Units

above is my teams boosted with event gacha cards

Having an overall Da/Vo/Pf Unit with around 200,000+ ‘overall value’ is satisfactory enough to level up Oversized Lives to maximum (Lvl. 30). I can’t remember the right amount of power/overall value that completes a Lvl. 15 Emergency live, but I suggest to have around 300,000+ overall unit value to successfully clear a Lvl.15 Emergency live.

Theres also new lives that are implemented halfway through the event, which I’m calling them Normal Lives+ and Oversized Lives+, these lives ask for more ‘overall unit values’ but give more event points. Oversized Lives+ maximum is Lvl.20 and is limited to 3 LP uses, I managed to complete a Lvl.20 in 3 LPs with my Dance Unit (boosted by a gacha card) which is about 360,000+ overall value so aim for around that to barely clear the live. If you can’t afford to get gacha cards (especially the 5*’s which are rare to get) each event you can always focus on strengthening your cards.

Tip – Don’t forget to always update your units before and during an event!

Screen shot 2016-06-29 at 7.40.52 PM.png
press this button to update your teams with stronger cards

Strengthening your Cards

Unlocking upgrades in Idol Road helps a lot. My advice is to focus on unlocking nodes that relate to the card’s main attribute (Da, Vo or Pf) as best as you can. This means you’ll prolly need to farm for red, blue or yellow gems. I always find myself run out of medium gems so its good to have cards with lesson skills that boosts the chances of mediums dropping, especially when you unlock their lesson skill node to improve the effectiveness.

If you’re new to the game and don’t have a lot of 4*/5* cards or none at all its best for you to focus on using your diamonds on gachas to get you started, if you’re particapting in events then try your best to get max copies of 3* cards because they prove to be really strong once you unlock stuff on their Idol Road. I have a max copy of 3* White Day Event Adonis thats a Lvl.60 and his overall Vocal value is 21,000+, so if you don’t have a lot of 4*/5*’s and a bunch of 3*’s with maximum card copies then focus on unlocking its Idol Road first. Beef up your cards and you’ll do great.

Don’t Forget! When you’re unlocking nodes in the Idol Road don’t forget to unlock the ‘Live Skill’ node (the purple nodes with ライブ on it)because it helps give your card get a better chance to unleash their Live Skill that boosts their stats during Lives. I cannot stress how important this is.

Preparations // During Event / First Few days

The day the Event stars is ‘Day 0’, its a good chance to set things up for the long road ahead. For my strategy to rank I try to aim to get all my Oversized Lives to Lvl.30 so I can get the maximum event points per Oversized Live for the rest of the event. Like no need to waste time you have to go balls deep, go hard or go home. Tho I kind of went too hard during this event, like you don’t have to go as hard as me esp. when it comes to the money involved in it.

Try to level up Emergency Lives as much as you can, same goes for Oversized Lives+ when it comes out because you will need it during the final days/hours.

During the Event you may want to gem farm during your down time waiting for LP to restore and also try to Rank up for AP/LP replenishment. I mainly spent my time waiting for LP by gem farming so I could beef up my cards.

Bonus! Someone reminded me of the twitter account ‘enst_border‘ (thank you very much for reminding me! you know who you are 😆 ). Its an account that keeps track of the border during the event and they sometimes post interesting data from past events like how many people played the event, collecting information from past events and comparing them etc. Its a very helpful account and I recommend following it!

Encore Lives / Idol Roulette


Upon completing a live theres a chance of getting an encore live that will give you bonus points. The encore live will start once you tap on the screen to continue, so I’d recommend putting in your earphones/headphones because it helps to work on the sound cues. Also these Encore Lives do not cost LP.

Encore Lives has a roulette mini-game where at the right timing you have to tap on the screen to stop on an idol’s portrait. You have 5 chances to get all 5 of your idols on your team to appear on screen, each turn is under a 4 second timer where letting the timer run out would mean you waste a turn. If you tap on a character that has already appeared on stage will lead to another wasted turn. The speed of the roulette will get faster upon each succession of getting your idol to appear.

The aim is to get all 5 of your idols onstage to get the maximum bonus points.

If you have 5*s in your main unit they will do their extra animation only when you get all 5 of them on stage

Your roulette team is your main unit from your dance/performance/vocal team that you used to complete the initial live that triggered the encore live. For example if you do a performance live with your performance team, your main unit from your performance team will be the ones that show up in the roulette.

The distribution of points depends on the level of the live you completed + your unit’s parameter (from your main unit of 5ppl), which is then multiplied by the number of people you have on stage and campaign card bonus (limited event gacha card) if you have that card in your unit. On average I’ve got about 2,000+ bonus points from max levelled oversized lives with 4-5 people on stage. With Emergency Lives you will get more bonus points than oversized lives.

The chances of encores appearing is 20%, however if you’ve done 5 lives and an Encore Live hasn’t been triggered you are guaranteed an Encore Live after completing your 6th Live. So this means you have the chances of completing a live > trigger an encore live > trigger an emergency live > then trigger an encore live for the emergency live. This has happened to me more than twice on some occasions.

Also note that in your top right hand corner there is an ‘auto’ button that will do the encore live for you. Its recommended for those who don’t want to do the encore live or are in a hurry and don’t mind what the outcome may be. However once you tap on the auto button you cannot press it again to do it manually.

Bouquet Chance happens at random where a bouquet will pop up and ask you to get X amount of people to show up on stage and it’ll give you a bonus of 1,000 event points added to your encore live points. The amount of people you have to get is at random from 1~5 people. If you can’t complete the bouquet chance, it will keep popping up until you do complete it. So the next time an Encore Live pops up you’ll be given another Bouquet Chance, usually it would ask an amount lower to the one you couldn’t complete. You could use a strategy and exploit this, maybe purposely fail bouquet chances and do them on emergency lives? who knows, I’ve never risked it.

Tips on Roulette – Its very easy to get the first two people to show up on stage. When the roulette starts I suggest to do 2 quick taps to get two people on stage, you could do an extra tap to get the third one but sometimes the pattern changes so theres a chance you might tap on an already tapped idol. From there on I suggest to keep a close eye on the roulette pattern, sometimes theres a bit of a delay upon when you want to stop and when you tap on the screen so sometimes its best to estimate when a non-tapped idol appears after an already tapped idol appears just from examining the pattern. Once you get used to the roulette you can actually feel when an idol is going to appear and when is the right time to strike, its all about practice.

I started off getting 3 people onstage on average but as I got used to it, it increased to 4 people and now I can get 5 people with ease. I suggest you practice and have patience, then again you can always use the auto button when you need to.


Unlike going for 1 million points where I can chill and wait for a couple of LPs to replenish, with the Akatsuki/2wink Event I was pretty much going balls deep. My main goal was to get to 3 million points or more, which is prolly a good number when it comes to getting a 5* rank. So my main strategy is to do lives every 30 minutes and do 1~3 extra quick ones between waiting for the next 30 minutes for 1 LP to restore. Just like with getting 1 million points I mainly focused on doing Oversized Lives and Emergency Lives.

Managing to get Lvl.20 Oversized Lives+ before the final days of the event helps too seeing that it gives around 3,000 more event points than normal oversized lives, but it needs extra strong units so it ain’t easy. You could, alternatively, level up Normal Lives so during the final hours of the event you can accept those lives to get event points instead of refusing and dropping ranks while trying to find an Oversized Live. The same goes for Oversized Lives+, even if you think you can’t manage to clear a Lvl.20 at least level it up so you can have something to do during the final hours.

I either alternate between a Live every 30 minutes and use 2 diamonds or do a Live every hour and use 1 diamond so I can take a break. When you do a Live every 30min you spend about 4 diamonds per hour, so you could prolly last for 12~15 hours more or less on 50 diamonds with this strategy (only if you’re clearing lvl.30 oversized lives per 30 min and not using diamonds on Emergency lives).

That being said I’ve said in my other post to save the LP refill items for Emergency Lives, but with my strategy I used konpeitos and diamonds to level up Oversized Lives on Day 0 until I could get to Lvl.30. Water Bottles are reserved for Emergency Lives. I’ve yet to strengthen my teams to have them complete Oversized Lives with 2LPs but that would be the ideal situation as it would save diamond usage. So if you can try to beef your cards up!

Tip You can clear lives even though it seems like you’re around 20,000+ short from clearing it. If you have unlocked your card’s “Live Skill” the added boost should help you clear it.

I stressed it out before in my ‘Bunny talks about Events’ post and I’ll say it again. Yakisoba bread is not useless, you can use it to get more AP to rank up quickly. I think I ranked up about 1~2 a day which refills my LP so I can do two quick lives.

The key is to just keep doing Lives at a good pace. At the first few days of the event try to break free from the other players by gaining a lot of points at a rapid speed, then when you think you’re in a good spot try to keep a constant pace and only increase the amounts of Lives you receive when you think you’re slipping down the ranks. You may find yourself at a certain rank, for me during this event I always found myself in Rank 2,400+ so I made that as my ‘landmark’/goal for the event so if I see myself slipping down to maybe 3,000+ it meant that I needed to do a live to catch up. So try to find yourself a landmark/goal.

You’ll have to change your strategy during the final hours if you want to keep up with the frantic players who are trying to rank. The final hours is like torture depending on the event difficulty, some players may freak out an hour before the event ends and rank like crazy while in slow events, others will be chill and then freak out for 30 minutes and try to get a better rank. If you don’t do rapid lives during this time you will most certainly slip further down, tho if you’re really high up it may not affect as much. What I can advise is to buy diamonds before the final hour if you’re out or you notice a heavy drop in your rank.

Make sure you’re doing event courses when you’re fishing for Lives to do. Try not to tap on spaces where Jin (nurse office) or Akiomi (empty space) is, same goes for the course character. You don’t want to waste time reading a character’s mini event when you have Lives to do and Ranks to gain. You’re against the clock and against others who are trying to rank like crazy like you are. Just do your best and try to remain calm.

Event Report

For the Akatsuki/2wink event with Rank Kuro I managed to get the third rank tier (1,500~3,000) which gives you 3x Kuro 5*, 5x Souma 4* and 5x Shu 3*. My final rank was 2,594 with 3,652,182 event points. I spent money on around 875+ diamonds for this event, purchasing an extra 50 diamonds for the final hour (actually the ranks only dramatically moved during the last 30+minutes). Compared to the Valkyrie Event with Rank Nazuna, this one was slow.

(Valkyrie Event was back when the border was 8,500. With one false move and I would’ve lost the rank)

More or less I was sweating bullets and scared for my life during the final hour of the Valkyrie Event and as you can see I just got in there thanks to a last minute purchase of 125 diamonds.

Then again I had more time with Akatsuki/2wink because right now I’m on break while Valkyrie Event was when I was busy going to school where transport time took like a few hours and that was hours not spent playing the event 😆

Anyway here’s my overview of the 10 days of this event to give you an outline on my progress:

With Old System (Before June 30th 2016):

2016-06-25 23.01.01
Based on Akatsuki&2wink Event in June | Difficulty: ★★☆ (2 and a half stars)

       Points (End of Day) —– Rank (Start of Day)*  Rank (End of Day)

Day 0 –        112, 614                                     –                                               2, 688

Day 1 –        501, 156                                     5, 675     ↓    2,987                2, 453

Day 2 –        852, 468                                    3, 434        981                   2, 462

Day 3 –        1, 213, 140                               3, 212        750                  2, 239

Day 4 –        1, 551, 972                               2, 815        576                  2, 231

Day 5 –        1, 810, 207                               2, 511        280                  2, 390

Day 6 –        2, 177, 046                               2, 785     ↓    395                  2, 348

Day 7 –        2, 494, 662                               2, 745        397                  2, 393

Day 8 –        2, 816, 022                               2, 735         342                  2, 402

Day 9 –        3, 149, 238                                2, 728        326                  2, 443

Day 10 –      3, 625, 182                                2, 796        353                  2, 594

* “Rank (Start of Day)” is my rank with the day before’s points. For example, Day 2’s Rank (Start of Day) is the rank I woke up to with the day before’s (Day 1) points: 112,614 and my rank for those points are now 5,675 which means while I was asleep I dropped by 2,987 ranks.

Note  Day 5 is when they introduce the third Normal and Oversized Lives (or as I call it Normal Live+ and Oversized Live+)

With New Encore System (From July 15th 2016 Onwards):

Based on Summer Camp Event | Difficulty: ★★☆ (2 and a half stars)

                   Points (End of Day) —– Rank (Start of Day)  Rank (End of Day)

Day 0 –        159, 485                                     –                                               1, 780

Day 1 –        602, 430                                     4, 394     ↓    2,614                2, 346

Day 2 –        981, 759                                    3, 278        932                   2, 411

Day 3 –        1, 354, 452                               3, 077        666                  2, 219

Day 4 –        1, 668, 480                               2, 676        457                  2, 113

Day 5 –        1, 959, 631                               2, 436        323                  2, 144

Day 6 –        2, 286, 702                               2, 576    ↓    432                  2, 251

Day 7 –        2, 632, 597                               2, 602        351                  2, 165

Day 8 –        2, 968, 010                               2, 431         266                  2, 155

Day 9 –        3, 383, 287                                2, 412        257                  2, 067

Day 10 –      3, 742, 238                                2, 350        283                  2, 188


Because the event was pretty chill I didn’t have to stay up so late like 3am in the morning to do lives, tho I could’ve if I wanted to save diamonds. On average I would wake up late morning (almost 11am/late 10am), and I would sleep at late 11pm, sometimes early 12am and on rare occasions, 1am. Tho this was for this event, which was pretty chill. If its more hardcore you may have to stay up a little longer or even have alarms set to wake you up which may not be gr8 for your health/sleep. If it affects your health then its not worth ranking.

My hours of playing the event per day are as followed:

Day 0: Around 9 hours                              Day 1: 13~14 hours

Day 2: 13~14 hours                                    Day 3: 11~12 hours

Day 4: 13~14 hours                                    Day 5: 13~14+ hours

Day 6: 13~14 hours                                    Day 7: 13~14+ hours

Day 8: 13+ hours                                          Day 9: 13+ hours

Day 10: 14 hours

Hopefully that helps! You don’t have to do everything that I’ve done, I’m just writing this in hopes it’ll help others with their strategies or at least form new ones from the gained knowledge learnt from here.

With the new feature that gives you new opportunities to get more event points, the strategy to rank might change a bit. I just hope the new feature doesn’t affect my strategy too much 😆

As always, thanks for taking your time to read this. Sorry that its really long.

I wish you the best of luck!

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  1. thank you so much for this, it’s really helpful!!! i wasn’t prepared at all for this event, but at least i was able to get 1x shu haha….
    have you heard of enst_border on twitter? the account keeps the border of the event points updated during the day, it’s pretty cool to keep track of how much to aim for, i guess ´q`

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    1. Yeah sometimes I see ppl retweeting it and it helps to get a better grasp of how well you’re ranking. I’ll try to add it in my post somewhere, thanks!
      And I’m glad my post helped.

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