[Monthly Overview] September Releases 2016


Room No.9 – 30th September – parade

*R18 PC Game

PS Vita

Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite – 1st September – otomate

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 11.40.19 AM

Geten no Hana with Yume Akari – Aizouban – 8th September – Koei TecmoNeo Romance

Yuukyuu no Tierblade ~Lost Chronicle~ – 8th September – otomate

Yunohana SpRING! ~Cherishing Time~ – 15th September – otomate

Magikyun! Renaissance – 21st September – broccoli

DYNAMIC CHORD feat. [reve parfait] V Edition – 29th September – honeybee black

Haitaka no Psychedelica (Psychedelica of the aa-nisus) – 29th September – otomate


This month is jammed packed with games like holy hell. I guess its almost the end of 2016 so nows the time to release games promised to come out in 2016.

For me I don’t have big plans for this month. There are some games that I would like to try like the Marie Antoinette game (mainly because it has more gameplay and I crave some gameplay every now and then) and maybe Magikyun! Renaissance but considering the last game I played from broccoli was not up to scratch I kind of worry. Then again the game I played was like a weird fandisk from a pre-existing title so maybe with a fresh title like Magikyun it might be a little bit different? I’ll just wait until they get cheap and maybe watch the anime for Magikyun to help me decide… if they ever release the anime tho.

Room No.9 is something I’ve been keeping a little eye on, from the people who made No, Thank You!!! it makes me wonder what sort of game it will be. It might be short because there seems to be only one guy to romance… or whatever this game has in mind because it looks dark as hell. Prolly not for the faint of heart? I would like to play this game tho I’m wondering if Mangagamer will localise it seeing that they localised No, Thank You!!! so we’ll see. Apparently [link NSFW] amiami (Japan website) has a mousepad bonus…

The game that I do think I might buy is Psychedelica of aa-nisus, I haven’t played the first game but it looks so interesting to me. I dunno how to explain why I’m so drawn to it lol. I could buy yunohana SpRING! Cherishing Time too but seeing that I haven’t 100% finished the first game I’m gonna have to skip it until I do finish it.

Thats all from me for today, thanks for reading as always!

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