[Unboxing] Beast and Princess (Limited Edition) & Tsumi kui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori

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Different arrangements this time seeing that my room is now a dump for things that used to belong in my old shelf, that has now been dismantled and I’m currently waiting for a new shelf so that’ll take a while. So with the little space left in my room here’s an unboxing post!

I bought the limited ami-hime set for Beast and Princess, while Tsumi Kui only came in one regular ver. but I was sure surprised that it had a outer cd jacket sleeve…

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Morihito being slightly creepy on the jacket sleeve lol

I’m thinking about either playing it by myself or streaming it. Then again I haven’t found enough spare time to stream Anata Nikki lately so we’ll have to see.

For the Beast and Princess ami-hime set you get tin badges, keyrings and a tote bag. Right now I’m using the tote bag as a temporary place to put all my preorder bonus cds that come with otome games lol. The designs for the tin badges and keyrings are so cute, the keyrings in particular because you get to see the full design of it.

I’ve yet to purchase a chain or something to hook all these keyrings onto so I can string them somewhere in my room so for now I’ll put them on my cork-board… even tho they’re not securely place there lol. The badges are a bit smaller than 7’scarlet’s badges but a bit bigger than the badges I got from purchasing I DOLL U at CD Japan (I think it was CD Japan).

As for the limited edition, it gives you a bonus drama cd and a lil booklet. As for the booklet its ok, I’ve seen a bit better but it was interesting to see the early sketches of the characters, particularly Mias who had a lot of different versions of him. Tbh I would’ve liked it if he was a ハンサム bird guy, but ya gotta have that token younger guy character I guess? Its a bit of a shame because some of the other designs seemed final. On the other hand there was a younger version of Jozef which could’ve been cute because his relationship with Julia was like she was his mom or something. But gentle giant Jozef is still cute to me.

I’ve heard that the routes in this game is pretty short which is good for me because you know how slow I am when it comes to reading and completing a game. I’m planning to stop buying games after maybe this month or next month because my backlog keeps growing and growing and it almost feels like a I’m a squirrel gathering acorns for winter 😆 weird analogy but it does feel like that. Plus theres only a few games coming out at the end of this year that catches my eye so I may as well save up for next year.

As always thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “[Unboxing] Beast and Princess (Limited Edition) & Tsumi kui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori

  1. OMG, that one where he’s holding her behind and kissing her neck HNNNNNG
    This looks so good, and those pins so cute! I don’t have any of that because I wouldn’t know what to do with them really xD;;
    Seeing unboxings give me such lust for the games <33

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    1. Morihito seems like an overly affectionate dude who doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. Like in one CG he legit waltzed into the bath/spa the heroine was bathing in and tried to accompany her lol.
      Its kind of a hard time to find good uses for all these cute badges and keyrings, but at the same time when I see cute bonus keyrings I can’t help but want them… I gotta have more self control.


      1. WAAAAA, WOA
        I wanna see that, TELL ME HE’S HALF NAKED <3333
        Hahaha, self control is hard to have when it comes to pretty things and bishies 。^‿^。

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