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Rejet Announcements – Summer Festival 2016: One night★Fire★Works


Heed of warning, all of these new announcements are like more than 2 weeks old. I wasn’t available to watch the Summer Festival 2016 stream so I’m not sure what exactly happened and can’t do a proper recap like in my Rejet 2016 CHANGE post, so no buff fruits guys for this post either.

For now I’ll be mainly focusing on the Drama CDs announced, post PVs and talk a little about each new Drama CD. I’m prolly gonna seem like I’m repeating something already said by many others on their blogs but I really want to talk about why the hell is Meimei not in the second volume of Midnight Jiangshi. We have to go deeper.

These new batch of drama CDs will release from October/November throughout the year and into next year.


Release Period: 19th October 2016 ~ 17th May 2017

I’ve never got into this series but it seems like this is the 3rd title in the series. This time around the theme is vacation/travelling with your idol bf. For some of the guys you’re travelling in foreign countries, while for a few of the guys you’re travelling in different parts of Japan. For the whole PV I was like “Yo are you guys even gonna go to Australia or something?” and then finally at the end, there you have it, Australia confirmed for a vacation spot in √HAPPY+SUGAR=VACATION lol.

Vacation spots and which characters go to said spot:

  • Austria – Enju Usui
  • Hawaii – Tamaki Satomi
  • Belgium – Ranran Kurumiya
  • New York – Sora Ebihara
  • Kyoto – Masato Fujiie
  • Italy – Satou
  • Hokkaido – Minato Hayase
  • Australia – Riku Koga

(I love how out of the foreign countries only New York is a listed city in America while the other countries are like “Yeah, no specific area or city, just somewhere in this country”, like Australia is a pretty big place, are y’all gonna travel everywhere in Australia or just a nondescript place where vegemite rains from the heavens and theres a bunch of koalas and kangaroos?)

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Takahiro Sakurai – Enju Usui

Shouta Aoi – Ranran Kurumiya

Nobuhiko Okamoto – Tamaki Satomi

Yuki Kaji – Sora Ebihara

Hikaru Midorikawa – Riku Koga

Junichi Suwabe – Masato Fujiie

Natsuki Hanae – Minato Hayase

Tatsuhisa Suzuki – Satou

Official Website


ミッドナイトキョンシー 天頂遊戯

Release Period: 16th November 2016 ~ 17th May 2017

Whenever Meimei isn’t in MJS2 PVs or on the Website, everyone should be asking “Where’s Meimei?”

Seriously the week when these PVs were released I got views on my blog through the search terms like “where is Meimei” or any other variation.

Screen shot 2016-08-09 at 7.16.23 PM.png
i ask myself this everyday

Meimei wasn’t particularly my fav but he had some redeeming tsundere points and he seemed a bit nicer than the other guys (or at least compared to the guys I listened to). Now Rinrin is the poster boy of Midnight Jiangshi 2: Electric Boogaloo. Inspecting on the new website, it still says Rinrin and Reirei are two of three brothers so they didn’t entirely retcon Meimei out of the series which makes me wonder why he isn’t in the lineup. Like if it was to cut him from the lineup to fit within the schedule then why do other Drama CDs like  √HAPPY+SUGAR and Criminale! get about 8 guys? Either that or Takashi Kondo is too busy/they didn’t want him back or maybe Meimei didn’t sell well. Who knows, I surely don’t have the answer to that.

Anyway we get 2 New Jiangshi, Shushu and Chuchu (isn’t there other variations of Chinese names they could use that isn’t just repeating the first character of their name?). They seem to be twins from the No.2 Clan of the Jiangshi world. Shushu is the eldest and has a complex of never being able to be No.1, he is the “self-indulgent jiangshi”. Chuchu is a super idol and is the “tsundere jiangshi”, which I guess covers Meimei’s job (tho he was supposed to be the do-s jiangshi he turned out to be tsundere).

Shushu will be the first to release while Chuchu is the last to release. I only care about Reirei so I’m buying his CD ASAP because I miss Shinnosuke’s unhinged laughter and Reirei’s messed up personality. Of course I’ll try out the new guys just to see.

Also where can I buy Midnight Jiangshi’s promotional video songs because they’re so damn good.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Toshiki Masuda – Shushu

Shinnosuke Tachibana – Reirei

Ryohei Kimura – Iroha

Naozumi Takahashi – Rinrin

Hiro Shimono – Honoka

Hikaru Midorikawa – Riei

Soma Saito – Chuchu

Official Website



Release Period: 19th October 2016 ~ 17th May 2016

Third title in the Criminale! series, also prolly a continuation of the story. I havne’t got into this series either and its a lil too late to get into it now esp when theres prolly no copies of the first series left for me to buy so 😆 . Looks like its an interesting drama cd series based in Italy/Europe. I guess if you’re interested in mafia and criminal stuff then this might be the series for you.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Hikaru Midorikawa – Gerardo

Takashi Kondo – Lucia

Toshiyuki Morikawa – Tempesta

Kosuke Toriumi – Chiave

Daisuke Hirakawa – Nero

Hiro Shimono – Chara

Kenji Nojima – Dante

Satoshi Hino – Fantasma

Official Website


明治吸血奇譚「月夜叉 紅」

Release Period: 16th November 2016 ~ 17th May 2017

Sequel to Drama CD 明治吸血奇譚「月夜叉」(2014), it is yet another blood sucking Drama CD to add to this new upcoming drama cd season, however this one has a twist with its ‘Japanese Style’ vampires take to it.Tho they sometimes refer to them as ‘yusha‘ (demon) with furigana saying vampire so yeah theres that. The theme that its going for is a forbidden love with these yusha/vampires.

There will be two secret characters added to the lineup, their visual not released yet: Urushi, voiced by Ryohei Kimura, and Ryoma, voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Shinnosuke Tachibana – Misao Ubukata

Kosuke Toriumi – Gento Jyojyo

Hiro Shimono – Reiga

Daisuke Hirakawa – Ryoma

Takashi Kondo – Kirinosuke

Ryohei Kimura – Urushi

Yuki Kaji – Shirou

Official Website


ディア❤ヴォーカリスト Riot

Release Period: 19th October 2016 ~ 15th March 2017

A sequel to the first Dear Vocalist (2015), drama cds based around vocalists from different bands produces by “Climax Records”. I haven’t bought any CDs but I heard that not only do they have drama/situational parts but also songs sung by the vocalists themselves.

For the sequel they will have 2 songs each per drama cd. There is also group Drama CDs that will have all the guys, dubbed “Dear Vocalist Survival Wars”. First Group Drama CD will release on16th November 2016, the second one will release 18th January 2017.

There will be two other CDs, “Dear Vocalist THE BEST Rock Out!!!” that will contain the best songs by each vocalist. They will be separated by 3 guys per CD Album. First album will have Re-o-do, Ciel and (2)You (pronounced ‘You’?)and will release 15th March 2017. Second album will have Judah, A’ (pronounced ‘A dash’) and Momochi and will also release 15th March 2017.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Toshiki Masuda – Re-o-do

Soma Saito – Judah

Ryohei Kimura – A’

Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Momochi

Natsuki Hanae – (2)You

KENN – Ciel

Official Website



Release Period: 26th October 2016 ~ 22nd March 2017

A new CD series where its your first time living by yourself, the guys are your next door neighbours who also live alone and the theme of these drama cds is staying over at one of the guys’ place (for some reason). Each guy has different floor/room designs, as you can see in the video above, like some of the guys have small apartments while others are kinda big for someone living alone lol. I guess its for those who want to live the fantasy of staying over at your good looking neighbour’s place where anything can happen. Most of these guys are around 17 years old, with the outlier of that one 24 year old guy.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Kenji Nojima – Natsushi

Nobuhiko Okamoto – Araya

Daisuke Kishio – You

Takuya Eguchi – Hyoma

Ryohei Kimura – Kunimitsu

Kosuke Toriumi – Rintaro

Official Website



Release Period: 26th October 2016 ~ 22nd March 2017

Got accumulated stress? Well these boys will heal you with their voices! These guys are kinda like ‘therapists’, so I’m guessing this CD is for those who come home tired from work and need a little pick me up. If you couldn’t tell from the music in the trailer, its supposed to be a soothing experience.

Each guy has a speciality with their therapy, one guy is into aroma therapy etc. So yeah, stay tuned for that. Plus its interesting that they got different voice actors than they usually use for this one, particularly older voice actors like Kenjiro Tsuda, so you got mature & deep voices to soothe you (but then theres Kimura thrown into the mix as the younger voice actor, Maeno as the second youngest lol).

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Koji Yusa – Inori

Kenjiro Tsuda – Sammy

Hiroki Takahashi – Kujaku

Soichiro Hoshi – Yuma

Tomoaki Maeno – Nagisa

Ryohei Kimura – Iris

Official Website



Release Period: 26th October 2016 ~ 22nd March 2017

Legit a ‘reverse harem’ Drama CD set in the Edo period where you are the princess and these lovely ikemen (kanji is ‘beautiful male’ tho read as ‘ikemen’) are your harem, maybe. The subtitle of this drama cd has the word Ouoku in it, according to wikipedia it refers to the harem of Edo Castle, it also means ‘great interior’, where women of Edo Castle be it wives or concubines gather. Tho in this drama CD, ikemens gather in this room. So I guess you could say they are your very own harem. Aight.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Kosuke Toriumi – Suzukaze

Hiro Shimono – Etsushi

Kazuya Nakai – Ushio

Tomoaki Maeno – Tatsumi

Naozumi Takahashi – Seishyu

Hikaru Midorikawa – Asagiri

Official Website



Release Period: 26th October 2016 ~ 22nd March 2017

‘Prince of Grimm’ is exactly what you think it is, it’ll have the ‘princes’ from fairtales by Brothers Grimm. I use the term ‘princes’ lightly because most of them are genderbent versions of the princess of some Grimm stories, while others are not princes at all. You’ve got sleeping beauty, cinderella, little red riding hood, hansel and gretel and the pied piper. Kind reminds me of Taisho Alice, tho that was a collection of different fairytales by different people.

Tho I kinda worry for what the pied piper’s situation might be because boy…. you’re 19 and your hobby is to play with children…

Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 6.33.32 PM.png

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Hikaru Midorikawa – Red Hood

Kosuke Toriumi – Cinderella

Tomoaki Maeno – Hamelin

Yuto Uemura – Sleepy

Showtaro Morikubo – Hansel

Kazuyuki Okitsu – Gretel

Official Website



Release Period: 26th October 2016 ~ 22nd March 2017

Set in a sort of alternative universe of the Taisho Era, where you are the daughter of a Zaibatsu (a wealthy clan), who moves to a town (where nobles live) for medical treatment. There you meet 6 boys who prolly have a broken past and are also ‘beasts’ (read as ‘furry’, jk). You get to “raise” these guys, tho the word used could also be read as ‘breed’ lmao. Nobles in this universe get these beasts to keep as pets & play with. Theres a hostile beast, intimidating beast, docile beast, free beast, lost beast and broken beast. Try your best to find out who’s who!

Tho it makes me sad thinking about how they got the audio of those sad dog sounds…

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Nobuhiko Okamoto – Hiiro Kuga

Tomoaki Maeno – Kowori Kuga

Kenji Nojima – Ruriya Kazama

Daisuke Kishio – Mel Fushimi

Hiro Shimono – Kunie Nanjo

Daisuke Hirakawa – Allen Fushimi

Official Website



Release Period: 23rd November 2016 ~ 26th April 2017

If you want to sell me on a drama CD you better have Wataru Hatano in it and it better have a gr8 theme song/PV song. God Rejet Music is gr8, excluding the bad English lyrics from time to time. CDs will have a drama part and possibly a song (theres a sample song for each character on the website so I’m just guessing here). You’ve got a seiyuu cast that have great singing voices and everything, so I’m looking forward to it. Plus I love Wataru Hatano’s singing voice so this will be a treat.

Its about these ‘fallen angels’ who have descended upon a sleepless city full of skyscrapers and seems to be here for a ‘gig’ (uses kanji for ‘feast’). So these guys are fallen angels here for a rock and roll gig? They seem to hold a particular interest in you, who is pretty suicidal.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Wataru Hatano – Isaiah

Toshiki Masuda – Near

Showtaro Morikubo – Oliver

Ryota Osaka – Seth

Yuto Suzuki – Liam

Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Duran

Official Website


Dance with Devils -EverSweet-

Release Period: 19th October 2016 ~ 15th March 2017

These drama Cds are set after when you and your fav boy are going steady, however your fav boy has been cursed? If he doesn’t receive love every day he will die?! Its more likely than you think lol. The CDs seem to be aiming for really sweet times with your fav boy while trying to think of a way to lift the curse. Tbh it kind of reminds me of the Diabolik Lovers Bloody Bouquet series where you get poisoned and the dude has to marry you or something to get the poison/curse out. But because it has my fav boy Mage in it and its prolly gonna be 100% cute moments, I feel like its gonna be a bit better.

Even tho I do love Wataru Hatano’s voice an Lindo seems like an aight guy, the ending in the game where [spoiler] Ritsuka and Lindo get married even tho they’re cousins will make me feel awkward if they continued it in the drama CD. I’ll have to think about it before Lindo’s CD releases tho.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Soma Saito – Rem Kaginuki

Takashi Kondo – Urie Sogami

Wataru Hatano – Lindo Tachibana

Daisuke Hirakawa – Shiki Natsumezaka

Subaru Kimura – Mage Nanashiro

Tatsuhisa Suzuki – Roen

Official Website


Starting 2017

Ayakashi Children will be a “mix media project” by Rejet with collaboration from bilibili (a video sharing website based in China, they also worked with Happy Elements on Chinese version of Ensemble Stars’). Not exactly sure what they have in mind for this mix media project, like are they going to have a game, an anime and CDs or something? Who knows. For now theres not a lot of info, except the background stuff in the teaser video above (some of that stuff I’m not 100% sure about tho). Seems like its about Ayakashis, as well as a city that appears at dawn/night(?). Other things such as seiyuu cast and other details are yet unknown so we’ll have to wait and see.

Official Website


10 thoughts on “Rejet Announcements – Summer Festival 2016: One night★Fire★Works”

  1. Rofl Grim Princes does sound a little weird with the Piper issue….
    Still, this sounds like my kind of thing. Do you know of any other drama cds or otoge or manga where it’s like a fairy tale? I’m a sucker for princes and castles and all that shit rofl and it’s fine if it’s R-18 but I’d like some sweet romance in it.

    Oh, do you know if you can buy R-18 drama cds with paypal or if you can even import them without complications? I keep reading about these poor people who just want some doujin or smt and they might not even have mature content but they get arrested and stuff because the characters appear too young or smt.

    Rejet has completely hooked me on Dance with Devils…..Rem and Roen are freaking adorable and MAGE is tsunderlicous hnnnngh

    Agreed on Wataru’s selling point.

    Also, noob question but how do you watch the otoge festival or drama cd streams? I understand it’s annually so how does one go about watching this event?

    Thanks Billy as always for your indepth posts!!

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    1. I know theres Taisho Alice as a fairy tale game (just got ported to vita and a company is gonna localise it but some ppl see them as a bit suspicious), I think I remember an R18 game that was sort of fairy taley but there was a bunch rape in it. There are other games that arent established on existing fairy tales but feel like a fairy tale, like the beast master and prince series and then theres the bunch of renditions on Alice in Wonderland games so theres that too lol.
      When buying R18 Drama CDs it depends, like I accidentally bought an R18 Drama CD at CD Japan and it arrived at my door in one piece. I heard that there are country restrictions when it comes to sending/receiving content with pornography, you might have to look it up but honestly most of the times R18 Drama CD covers look like ordinary Drama CDs, so maybe if its opened to be inspected ppl might not even know if its R18 or not. Like as long as the distributor does legit write on the shipping “R18 DRAMA CD” or label it as pornographic content itll be ok, maybe. Its best to buy from CD Japan, they usually just list it as a normal CD I think.
      Usually with announcements with Rejet, they announce the date beforehand and then they stream it on youtube and maybe nico nico douga. For otomate, usually they have ‘otomate parties’ that I think they don’t stream but you can go there through tickets. But usually they release promotional videos on their youtube account during these events. The next Rejetfes is on 21st January 2017.

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      1. Billy thank you soooooooo much!
        And yep haha I just don’t want to like accidentally buy an R18 drama cd since I’m still trying to figure this stuff out and then get arrested or smt rofl.
        I don’t see the preorders for some of these cds on cdjapan so can I assume they’ll list them later or should I use another site? I don’t believe I can get international shipping on these cds to the US on amazon jp since I don’t see the option to do so.
        And thank you!! I’ll def try and see the next Rejet event XD

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      2. I guess it depends on the CDs, sometimes they’re exclusive to stores like animate, amazon etc. Sometimes CD Japan lists the cds in their japanese online store neowing before listing it on CD Japan which could take days, or maybe they have it listed under a different name, like when I was trying to look for ‘Mermaid Boys’ they listed it as ‘Marmaid Boys’ or something lol. If its in animate then you might have to use a forwarding service to get it to your place.

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