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[Magazine] Spotlight – Ensemble Stars! magazine (feat. vol.1 Trickstar)

Volume 1 will focus on Trickstar

Ensemble Stars gets its very own magazine! Starting from August 29, 2016 (today), they will release a volume focusing on one Unit each month for about 10 months (there will be 10 Volumes in total). The first volume to be released will focus on Trickstar and will cost 1,200 yen (plus tax). The next volumes will be as followed:

  • Vol.2 – Knights (Release in late September)
  • Vol.3 – 2wink (Release in late October)
  • Vol.4 – Ra*bits (Release in late November)
  • Vol.5 – Ryuseitai (Release in late December)

Note that they’ve only released the dates for the volumes until December 2016, they’ve yet to release information on the remaining 5 volumes and which Unit will be in which volume. The remaining units are: fine, UNDEAD, Valkyrie, Akatsuki and the new unit ‘Switch’. Each volume will probably have the Unit’s Leader as the cover.


Unit Profile – For the featured unit, there will be pages dedicated to a unit’s member’s profile, interview about the character, collection of their cards, the character’s unit skill etc.

Enjoy! Fan Life – Fanpages dedicated directly to fans of the unit, listed unit goods and recommended nail art inspired by the unit as well as cooking recipes! Usually the cooking recipes have some sort of ties to the characters or the unit itself, Trickstar’s volume will have a recipe for ‘Konpeito Cream Puffs’, as inspired by Hokuto 😆 Other recipes include chocolate truffles and lemonade.

World Navi – There will be cast interviews for the unit’s voice actors as well as interviews from the development team, in Trickstar’s volume they will interview Akira-sensei (the main writer) and the development team. They will most likely talk about the ‘untold story of the birth of Enstars’ (if I’m reading the description properly lol). Each volume will prolly have different development stories/questions for the development team.

Considering the price it might like be a thin magazine volume, nothing gigantic like B’s Log (tho B’s Log costs less and its pretty full of content). But I’m sure it’ll be a treat for fans, esp when each volume is dedicated to different units so you don’t need to buy all of them if your main unit is Trickstar or Knights etc.

I will prolly hold back on buying the magazines set to release this year but maybe I’ll buy Ra*bits’ magazine so I can read about my sons Mitsuru and Tomoya lol. I’m waiting for next year when they release UNDEAD, Akatsuki and maybe Valkyrie/Switch. Of course, I’ll buy them at CD Japan because no tax and no extra cost for forwarding/proxy services.

As always thanks for reading!


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Will add more volumes in the future

resize_imageEnsemble Stars! magazine vol.1 Trickstar

Release: 29th August 2016

¥ 1, 200 + tax

CD JapanAnimateAmazon JapanHMV Stellaworth


» Tokuten (special priviledges upon purchase)

» Animate will have postcards, buying the whole 10 volumes will get you a magazine holder (or something similar)

» Stellaworth will have L sized bromide (8.9cm x 12.7cm) of the magazine cover

» Toranoana will have a B3 sized poster (possibly of the magazine cover)