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Ah yes otomate party, the party that comes once a year to announce new otome game titles while striking fear to our wallets. This year they announced 9 new titles (tho I have 11 titles here, so the last 2 titles of this post aren’t necessarily new), one of those titles will be a new mobile game, one title is a port of a mobile game to the vita, four of them are new ps vita titles and three of them are fandisks. So four out of nine new titles will be new IP PS Vita games.

I’ve never been to an otomate party nor have I watched one on youtube before so I have no idea what goes on with it, hell I’m a bit late on this post seeing that this information is about one week old, but I’ll try with what I have to make a post discussing about it. Even if its just a few sprinkles of information, think of it as a small masterpost of videos plus my ramblings.

Note that almost all of these games announced will come out in 2017.

真紅の焔 真田忍法帳

This game will take place in the Sengoku Era, mainly focusing on Sanada and his 10 heroes (referring to Sanada Ten Braves). It seems that the character designs and graphics is done by the person who continued drawing for Hakuouki after Kazuki Yone (original character designer for Hakuouki) left, correct me if I’m wrong. The general manager of this game seems to also have connections with working on Hakuouki too.

So I guess you could say they’ve started a new project besides Hakuouki, instead of focusing on Shinsengumi they’re going back in time and focusing on Sanada Yukimura and the ninja association that serves him (made out of 10 ninjas). Maybe this means the end of Hakuouki games, maybe not (I mean they still have one more game to squeeze out this year).

‹ No Seiyuus Listed yet ›



Speaking of Sengoku Era, here’s another game that meshes the Sengoku Era with fantasy (as you can see most of these guys have kemomimi). This will be a mobile game for iOS & Android devices. It will be free to play, tho it seems like you may have to pay micro-transactions for things.

It is a collab between otomate, KADOKAWA and marvelous. It is also a collab between artists as well, you may known them from many other otomate games. Heres the list of the contributing artists:

  • Usuba Kagerou – Reine des Fleurs, Wand of Fortune series
    • In charge of Oda Army
  • Shiki Sakigumi – Hakuouki series, Dance Trip
    • In charge of Uesugi Army
  • Kuroyuki – Period:Cube (also known for Black Wolves Saga)
    • In charge of Sanada Army
  • Hanamura Mai – CollarxMaliceAmnesia series
    • In charge of Toyotomi Army
  • miko – Code:RealizeJyuu Oni no Kizuna seires
    • In charge of Takeda Army
  • Teita – Norn9 series, Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ series
    • In charge of Date Army

Each artists seems to be in charge of different armies, so there may be more characters to come? Who knows. I wish I could watch the promotion video but Marvelous region locked it so I can’t watch it in my country. Thanks. I appreciate it.

New information will be released in November 2016.

‹ No Seiyuus Listed yet ›

Official Website



Another game with Kagerou’s artwork has also been announced! Its from the director who also brought us Reine Des Fleurs so they’re teaming up together to bring us a new game… here’s hoping theres less bad ends in this one.

This time around its set in modern day Japan, the heroine who is a school girl (referred to as an Ojousama so I’m guessing shes from a prestegious family or better yet part of a yakuza family lol), and within 5 seconds of meeting these four mysterious guys they propose to her, to which she rejected I guess. More info will be released in next month’s B’s Log. It looks a bit more upbeat compared to Reine Des Fleurs whose never ending bad endings seem kind of depressing in comparison so heres hoping it will be an upbeat game.

‹ No Seiyuus Listed yet ›


忍び、恋うつつ ファンディスク

You’d think after the ps vita port that it’ll be the end of Ninkoi, but here we are with a fandisk coming next year! The new guys interested in the port were a lil disappointing compared to the original cast, so maybe they’ll improve on it in the fandisk? All I want is more time with Kamakiyo and I’m all good. Also please more meromero time with Hanzou, I need more of that crybaby in my life (just no more uguu cages of love please).

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Takuma Terashima – Sasuke Sarutobi

Takahiro Sakurai – Kuroudo Kirigakure

Yuuki Ono – Kamakiyo Yuri

Hiro Shimono – Garaiya

Tatsuhisa Suzuki – Daisuke Anayama

Kousuke Toriumi – Yukikage Sanada

Tomokazu Sugita – Hidetora Toyotomi

Kaito Ishikawa – Hanzou Hattori

Yuki Kaji – Yoshie Ukita

Takuya Eguchi – Tadahito Kirigakure


おそ松さん THE GAME はちゃめちゃ就職アドバイス -デッド オア ワーク-

Finally more is revealed about the Osomatsu-san Game by Otomate. Seems like they’re going with the original style and it also seems like all of the brothers have jobs lol. When looking through the different games announced by Otomate (found on idea factory’s website), and checking their genres, it seems that Osomatsu-san The Game is listed as “Dynamic Unemployed Adventure”. Comparing to the other games listed, most of them have variations of “romance adventure” as their genre, so possibly “Osomatsu-san The Game” might not be a romance visual novel.

But seeing theres not a lot of information to work on thats just going to be a theory for now.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Takahiro Sakurai – Osomatsu

Yuuichi Nakamura  – Karamatsu

Hiroshi Kamiya – Choromatsu

Jun Fukuyama – Ichimatsu

Daisuke Ono – Jyuushimatsu

Miyu Irino – Todomatsu

Official Website


イケメン戦国◆時をかける恋 新たなる出逢い

Ikemen Sengoku is partnering up with Otomate to bring the mobile game to the PS Vita. It will have two new characters appearing in the vita version and will be about, of course, the Sengoku Era. Y’all really do love the Sengoku Era, then again its a pretty interesting event in history.

Not sure how they’ll go about porting it, tho here’s hoping it’ll be a good port. I’ve heard some tales where mobile ports weren’t up to par like the audio quality and it being too short etc.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Tomokazu Sugita

Kazuki Katou

Yoshimasa Hosoya

Kousuke Toriumi

Toshiki Masuda

Shunsuke Takeuchi

Yoshitaka Yamaya

Yuichiro Umehara

Hiroaki Miura

Kenji Akabane

Tarusuke Shingaki

Shouta Aoi

Taku Yashiro



Set in the 1930s, in the city of Yokohama, this game will be about a heroine that drives guys nuts with her scent (prolly gonna be about vampires or something, thats my guess). It will be a game released in 2017 but before that it will be released in comic/manga starting form next month’s issue of Aria.

It is the product of a collaboration with Aria (a bound monthly issue of all sorts of comics, kinda like Shounen Jump) and RED Entertainment. The character designer, Shouoto Aya is also doing the comic. They are known for Junketsu+Kareshi and Momochi-san Ie no Ayakashi Ouji, which kinda gives me the impression they’ve done work on supernatural stuff.

I’m not sure what it will be about, but the first opening line to this video is like “Everyone, from now on this girl will be my little sister. Please get along with her” and another line that goes like “Fufu, the scent becomes even more stronger if I touch you like this” and I’m thinking “what?”. I’m getting bad Diabolik Lovers vibes or something.

‹ No Seiyuus Listed yet ›


KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ FD(仮)

Hallelujah and praise the lord, KLAP finally gets the fandisk that it deserves. Took y’all long enough. Ngl I am more excited about this than anything. It will focus on the after story with your yokai waifu PLUS! individual routes for Ryo and Shinobu (I wonder if you can get to whip them, tho Shinobu is human so why would he need some whipping?). I do hope they keep the whipping minigame in the fandisk, even though I sound like I sadist saying this lmao. But it does seem like it’ll come back seeing that the stinger at the end of this trailer is like “yo, make sure to practice your training (read as ‘yokai boy whipping)”.

Now I have to wait until 2017…

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Showtaro Morikubo – Toma Mimasaka

Yuki Kaji – Sosuke Suo

Shinnosuke Tachibana – Akito Suruga

Ryohei Kimura – Camil Settselin

Nobuhiko Okamoto – Kanade Harima

Tomokazu Sugita – Shion Izumo

Tetsuya Kakihara – Ryo Omi

Hiroki Yasumoto – Shinobu Hyuga


ニル・アドミラリの天秤 帝都幻惑綺譚 続編(仮)

About 4 months after its release, Nil Admirari gets a sequel announcement. Guess it was well received and had high sales? Not only that but an anime is in the works. Tho I wonder what will they do with the sequel now that shes already done the dirty with each guy per route. I haven’t played the game myself so I wonder if theres any loose threads that can be used for the sequel.

As for the anime, they’re prolly gonna have to skip the Cero D stuff (maybe).

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Yuki Kaji – Hayato Ozaki

Nobuhiko Okamoto – Akira Kougami

Ryota Osaka – Hisui Hoshikawa

Ryohei Kimura – Shougo Ukai

Kenichi Suzumura – Shizuru Migiwa

Takahiro Sakurai – Rui Sagisawa


Not exactly a new game announced, more like a new video released for Shiro to Kuro no Alice during the Otomate party. The video shows off the romanceable guys as well as their voice actors (tho it seems like they only got Yuichiro Umehara to voice for the video). Looks like there are two sides of the story you can play per heroine, so limited guys depending on which girl you choose?

Also its Alice in Wonderland themed so ’nuff said.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Yuichiro Umehara – Rain  (Black Rabbit)

Toshiki Masuda – Snow (White Rabbit)

Ryohei Kimura – Minette (Cheshire Cat)

Kazuyuki Okitsu – Jack (Knight of Hearts)

Hiro Shimono – Nello (March Hare)

Natsuki Hanae – Kanon (The Mad Hatter)

Official Website



Dance Trips was announced a few months ago but nothing much was known about it until they released this video and now I’m more confused 😆 I’m still not sure why its “Kenjiro Tsuda x Otomate” as if its a collab with Kenjiro Tsuda (the guy at the start of the video, he’s a voice actor). I’m also wondering why he said “Eropop” when describing the game, is eropop this new genre or something lmao.

It will be a mobile game on iOS and Android devices and this whole game is giving me this “are they strippers or something?” feeling. All these moanings and leather pants and chains is throwing me off like what is this. At the end of the trailer all three of the main guys are like “hurry up and take it off”, “you go to the shower first” and “wanna take a bath together?”. What is going on.

Because I’m curious and Wataru Hatano is in the game, I’ll keep a close eye on it. Hell, maybe I’ll even play it lol. Its prolly slated to release this year.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Daisuke Namikawa – Itsuki Hyuga

Tetsuya Kakihira – Yuzu Kabei

Wataru Hatano – Shu Sakuma

Yuki Fujikawa – Natsu Enomoto

Kenjiro Tsuda – Akihito Kiritani

Showtaro Morikubo – Orange

Official Website


Thanks for reading as always!

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  1. pfft~! Dance Trips, wth is going on there. I was surprised to by the quotes at the end too.

    I read the post and appreciated the updates, but wasn’t in the mood to watch PVs right now. but then you had me at Kenjiro Tsuda so I played that one. omg I was seriously laughing out loud, I was feeling kinda crappy but this really brightened my day! X’D ahhh~ thank you.

    tho I’m not sure I want to follow it or back away slowly. maybe later I’ll poke any news with a 10 ft pole. :p

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    1. Ah! I’m glad my post cheered you up a little. When I first watched it I was screaming “what? wha– whats going on?” and just laughed a bunch.
      Its definitely something and apparently Kenjiro Tsuda voices the owner of the ‘dance club’ or whatever it is (I’m still suspiciously thinking its a strip club).


  2. games i will get:
    ニル・アドミラリの天秤帝都幻惑綺譚 続編(仮)

    games i might get:
    真紅の焔 真田忍法帳
    イケメン戦国◆時をかける恋 新たなる出逢い

    really depends on the story and seiyuu… i don’t want to spend too much money since i won’t be working next year ;w;
    i’m SUPER not sure about KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ FD(仮) since i don’t really want to spend money on sub character routes but at the same time i want to see what are they gonna do with the main ones ;w;

    this year i’ve already paid for moujuutachi and ouma ga toki so it’s just yuukyuu & suran left (unless wof r 2 comes out). so in the holidays i will just gonna save up money for next year….


    1. I wish you the best of luck in 2017 and that you can save enough money to get the games you really want ;w;
      I’m curious what they will do for the sub characters route in KLAP as well as what will they do with the returning cast (I miss Camil lol) so thats my No.1 game to buy for next year. Not sure if I’m interested in anything else, maybe a tad bit curious about VARIABLE BARRICADE and Shiro to Kuro no Alice but thats just about it I think.
      Maybe they’ll introduce more in 2017 and attack my wallet once again lmao.

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      1. thx, i just want to be sure that i have enough money for next year. really need more info to decide on what i really want, maybe after knowing more i might just kick some off the list XD u never know~
        i might buy FDs when it’s on sale (amiami has a few on sale like dwd) so i can save more money.

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