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[Mobile] A very quick look at… Dynamic Chord Jam&Join!!!!

Dynamic Chord Jam&Join!!! was released on 9th of August 2018. It’s a mobile game for the franchise “Dynamic Chord” and was produced by ASGARD and Honeybee. It is also a slapped together quick cash grab using A3’s template to hopefully hone in the success of the winning formula of tap-tap games (E.G. Ensemble Stars, A3!) and get Moneybee & ASGARD some big cash from Dynamic Cord’s desperate fans.

Now I may be being too harsh on this with these accusations but goddamn… It was so hard for me to play this game without being annoyed or unnerved at how much of a ripoff this is. I didn’t want to take too much time making an in-depth video on this so I just recorded and gathered some clips and put it into a twitter moment. Have fun:

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[Mobile] Quick look at… Sengoku Night Blood

Sengoku Night Blood is an ambitious mobile game, that is collaborated between Otomate, Marvelous and KADOKAWA. The mobile game is the starting point for a multi-media franchise, or so Otomate prolly hopes for.

I’m a little late to the party on reviewing this, mainly because something happened last month I couldn’t get around doing it, but hopefully my input on this game is still welcomed (even though some people may have already forgotten about this game). I’ll be quick about this review while putting my two cents on what I think about this game.

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[Mobile] Review – 囚われのパルマ – Toraware no Palm (All Episodes – Haruto)

Toraware no Palm is a romance adventure game for the iOS and Android by Capcom. It released on 30th August, releasing an episode each week with 6 Episodes in total. This week was the release of the final episode, drawing a close to Haruto’s story. This game is all in Japanese and is not free. If you see any English translations in this review just take note that it is all done by me.

Story is that Haruto lost his memory and you have to help him remember while he is being detained in a room. As the story goes on you find out about the mysterious powers Haruto has as well as the secrets of his past and eventually uncovering something a bit more sinister as his circumstances behind his memory lost.

Highlight to read spoiler -> I gotta say the final episode was a tear jerking departure to finally see Haruto set free… but at what costs?

If you want a review breaking down the gameplay and talking about the story without dropping too many spoilers then please check out my review of the prologue and episode 1. I will be talking a lot about the story in this review as well as my final thoughts.

Just a heads up, the following will contain a lot of spoilers and possible inaccuracies due to my limited knowledge in Japanese.

If you want to experience the game for yourself and can read Japanese, then I suggest to play it for yourself.

I will not censor out spoilers in this review so read with caution.

Click here for Final Thoughts (no spoilers)

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[Mobile] Review – 囚われのパルマ – Toraware no Palm (Prologue & Episode 1)

Toraware no Palm is an adventure game from Capcom. Released on August 30, 2016, it is purchasable in Android’s Google Play store and iOS’ apple store (Japanese accounts only)* for 360 yen for the Prologue and Episode 1. The following episodes will release every Tuesday, there are 6 Episodes in total. There are in-game purchases, and I do stress that.

The story has romance, mystery and suspense as you try to help Haruto get back his memories and try to get to know him by monitoring him through surveillance cameras. Of course he doesn’t know he’s being watched by you but its still a little creepy…?

* I purchased this app on my iPod with my Japanese apple ID, seeing that they don’t accept foreign credit cards I had to purchase a japanese itunes card from playasia. I’m not sure how to purchase Japanese games on android devices, but I’m sure that there are guides out there on the internet.

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[Mobile] Otome Watch – 囚われのパルマ – Toraware no Palm (Imprisoned Palm)

Release Date: 30th August 2016

囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Paruma*) is an upcoming mobile game by Capcom. It is an Adventure game that follows the story of a young man called “ハルト” (Haruto), he has amnesia and is under surveillance by you, who is also trying to help get his memories back. Upon release, only the prologue and the first episode will be available. Every Tuesday (Japan Time) they will release a new episode starting from Episode 2 until Episode 6 (there will be 6 episodes to release on iOS and Android). The prologue and first episode will cost 360 yen and episode 2 & onwards will cost 360 yen each (about 2,160 yen for all episodes).

*Not sure whether to write it as “palma”, “parma” or “palm”, however palm would be incorrect because it is spelt as パルム. But according to the website’s html it has the word palm so it might have something to do with the game so ??? // Ok just to clear things up パルマ is “palm”


If you haven’t noticed by the title I’m starting a new segment. “Otome Watch” will be a form similar to “Spotlight” posts except it will continuously update until a game/drama cd/etc is released or until there is no news to talk about. It’ll focus on things I’ve become interested in/researched into and will take info I’ve learnt from magazines etc.

It may replace magazine posts like Dengeki Girl’s Style & B’s Log and may contain some magazine scans as reference.

When a post is updated I’ll put a sticky note so it’ll stay at the top of older posts and will put this -> ✨ emoticon next to it, alternatively I could just write up a post saying which posts are updated. Updated posts will stay on the top for about a week.

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[Anime] Thoughts on… 枕の男子 Makura no Danshi (Mini Review)


What am I even watching

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