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[2017 Recap & Review] Week 1 – Drama CD Reviews

This year I’ll be doing the yearly recap & review posts a bit differently, I’ll be doing separate posts for each review subject so it’ll be posted for each week in December and finally doing an overall recap post at the end of the month.

I’m splitting things up because I won’t be available to blog during late November/whole of December as I’ll be overseas with no internet access, or at least no regular access.

This week I’ll be recapping and reviewing the drama CDs I’ve been listening to in 2017.

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[Drama CD] Oniichannel CD Collection Vol.1 ~Oniichan to Sugosu Dokidoki❤Valentine~

Its spring time somewhere in the other hemisphere of the world, love is in the air, y’all know what time it is…. Valentine’s Da–Oh wait I’m 3 months too late lmao. Either way it’d prolly would’ve been still winter during February so I’ve already ruined this intro terribly.

I’ve been meaning to do an “Otome Watch” post on Oniichannel ever since I started the Otome Watch post category, but after doing my first one on Toraware no Palm I found it really hard to keep updating it and keeping up with the news about it that I kinda forgot about it. But I’m still following Oniichannel even just a little bit. But for the sake of this post I’ll do a little introduction.

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[Magazine – extras] Oniichannel Pinups & Short Stories (July ’16 Issue – February ’17 Issue)


Considering the big pile up of B’s Log magazines I’ve been collecting, I’ve decided to get around doing some posts using the contents I found in the magazines. It won’t be in-depth as my previous magazine posts but I felt like I should share some extra things like posters.

Enjoy these Oniichannel pinups in the meantime while I try to scan and stitch together the others. I wish I could translate the short stories but there’s a lot and I’m still inexperienced to give a “pro” translations.

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