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[Mobile – Special] “Chinese Ver. Enstars” 2: Electric Boogaloo (March 2nd)

Chinese Enstars is back at it again and it’ll be open(?) for beta testing as of this month until 5th of April. There will be three events during this period, Circus, Duel and Pirate event. Circus Event is over but on the 16th March there will be the Duel Event! Each Event has respective gachas, for example Circus Event has the Patisserie Gacha and Duel Event has the Hero Show Gacha.

I’ve already written up posts before for Chinese Enstars so check them out, both talks about ways to get into the game tho I’m not entirely sure if its open for everyone. I still had the app from the last beta test so I just opened the app, got it updated and signed in with my QQ account. I think you can sign in with your wechat account too.

Theres a few improvements and new additions so I’ll go through that for this post.  I’ll also try to add things I forgot to say in the first beta post.

Anyway onto the post

2016-03-02 10.22.01

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[Mobile – Special] “Chinese Ver. Enstars” Beta Test (March 2nd)

Chinese Enstars back at it again with another beta test happening on March 2nd. What a coincidence because the new guys will be revealed. This time around it seems like you have to take a “Transfer Student Admission Exam” to get a chance to play the beta (or at least thats what I think its asking for, it may not be true but who knows).

Again this will be Android only, no iOS support available.

You can check out some of the changes they will implement into the new beta in their official blog post. Seems like they’re going to implement time into the backgrounds of the map (night, day, morning according to the user’s time). They are also going to include a CG album as well:

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 10.02.22 PM.png

The events they plan to have while the beta testing is underway is Circus, Duel, the Pirate event.

Beta Exam/Questionaire is no longer available. Info in this post may already be outdated such as the Exam but if you want to continue reading go ahead.
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[Mobile – Special] “Chinese Ver. Enstars” – Ensemble Stars

Here I was thinking I was gonna go on a hiatus but in the end these app games keep reeling me back in. I was thinking of writing something about this topic in my last enstar diary entry but decided not to because its prolly gonna become irrelevant… Guess I was wrong.

Chinese ver. Enstars may or may not be a beta for future gameplay implementations. I don’t know much whats going on behind the scenes, I’ve only heard rumors and such on twitter. It might even be just one of those cheap knock-offs of the game but it looks too elaborate to be that… Hell, it even has a website, a translated opening and the Happy Element’s logo:

2016-01-16 06.09.44.png
Adonis’ name has been translated, some goes for Hinata, Yuuta, Nazuna, Subaru etc
2016-01-16 05.54.09
not sure what the bottom bit says…

More or less, having the graphics and visuals of the opening translated to chinese seems like too much work for an amateur group to do… but thats just what I think. I don’t know how these knock-off games are carried out. Plus, I was told that Happy Elements originated from China or something similar but not quite sure if thats entirely true.

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