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[Magazine] B’s Log May Issue 2016 – (March)

2016-05-06 22.07.59
happy late 1 year anniversary of collecting magazines

Sorry for the wait. I could’ve just skipped this issue but because this one marks my one year of purchasing B’s Log I thought I may as well do it anyway (even if its old news now).

Without B’s Log I wouldn’t have gotten into Enstars, hell it was the first form of media that introduced me to Enstars. So I’m grateful for this magazine being the number 1 cause of me falling into Enstars hell. Also having all these magazines make a really good step ladder for when I need to reach stuff lol.

I’m gonna try to make this one quick! Also heads up, the image quality for some of these images might be poor because I’m using another website to host these images because they’re too damn big 😆 so I’m sorry guys.

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[Magazine] B’s Log April 2016 Issue – (February)

2016-03-23 18.38.31

This issue’s B’s Log cover is Valentine’s Day themed with Kiniro no Corda 4, featuring the heroine and the Kisaragi brothers. Despite the cover theme the contents doesn’t feel rather Valentiney (jk), its all good tho.

Heads up, I only write on article that interest me/I find interesting and can talk about. I’m sorry if I don’t talk about the whole issue because that would take a lot of time scanning everything and reading thoroughly. Really sorry!

I’ve just managed to keep up with my issues of B’s Log, sadly its not exactly this month’s issue but its close enough.

Pinups for this issue is Liar-S from Dynamic ChordMineo Enomoto from CollarxMalice and Noa Arimura from Blackish House.

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[Magazine] B’s Log March 2016 Issue – (January)

Edit: 17th April 2016 – Notice on missing content

I just found out that all of the contents for this post mysteriously disappeared and I have no idea why or how and it makes me incredibly sad because I didn’t save a backup. I guess that teaches me that I should backup my posts haha….

Thankfully the images that were in this post were not deleted from my wordpress media library.

I can’t remember what I wrote either, nor can I reproduce my thoughts and comments from the first post. So instead, the rest of this post will just be scans without context/comments.

I’m really, really sorry. If this occurs again where you find a post that is blank please notify me ASAP.

Again, I’m sorry 😦

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