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[2016 Recap & Review] 1 Year of Blogging (yet still trying to find my feet)

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[Unboxing + Quick look at] Kiniro no Corda 4

2016-03-23 19.29.49

I just got it in the mail and thought I should do an ‘unboxing’ post. Tho I wouldn’t exactly call it an unboxing when there’s not much to unbox seeing that I bought the regular edition from CD Japan, which comes with a big tin badge of and I quote “Purple Hair Character” as described from their website lol.

The White Day Postcards weren’t exactly a preorder/first press bonus, I guess it’s a little gift from Neo-Romance Games/Tecmo Koei. I guess I’ll be putting them in the pile of postcards I will never send because I don’t understand how mailing stuff works lol.

2016-03-23 19.38.08
the bottom postcard came from an animate limited set bonus for B’s Log

Now it wouldn’t really make much of an entertaining post if I just left it at that so I’ll write up my impressions on it from playing for 2 hours…

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