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[Mobile – Special] April Fools Day: Ensemble Stars, A3 and Yumeiro Cast 2017 Edition

Today is the day where you too can be the April Fool. April Fools Day is taken very seriously in Japan and is prolly one of the most anticipated dates when it comes to being entertained by parodies/jokes set up by companies that produce your favorite games and animes. Mobages are especially predictable to use this day to its full potential by putting out bonus content, be it gags or free stuff. I’ll be rounding up what happened with my three favorite mobages.

Sorry I won’t be doing anything else for April Fools other than this post. So… Happy April Fools 😆

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[Magazine] Ensemble Stars! Magazine – Vol.4 Ra*bits


Ensemble Stars! Magazine is a new series of mooks/magazine books from Dengeki, particularly the Girl’s Style division. Each magazine volume is dedicated to each unit from Enstars and I decided to dip my toes into this series of magazines with a unit I hold close to my heart, Ra*bits.

For anyone whos a big fan of a certain unit, you’ll find the contents of these magazines to be very fulfilling.

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[Mobile] Special – Ensemble Stars Character Poll


To commemorate Happy Elements return to Comiket this year, they are holding a character poll for Enstars to see who will be in the top 2. The top 2 highest ranking characters will be turned into dakimakura covers! Similar to how they did a poll last time and got Mao, Ritsu and Chiaki as the top 3 popular characters and made them into dakimakura covers. An example of what Ritsu’s dakimakura cover looked like.

You can vote for your favorite character on twitter and through the game. They’ve made a special mini event for the voting period so if you have your heart set on a dakimakura cover of your fav characters being made then its best to spam the mini event in the game.

Voting period starts today (26th October 3pm Japan Time) and will end on 2nd November at midnight (Japan Time).

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[Character Songs] Dance with Devils Unit CDs (Lindo vs Jek) & Ensemble Stars Unit CDs (UNDEAD + 2wink)


So the unit songs I ordered last month finally came, so I guess this will be a big haul of character songs lol. I bought the Dance with Devils Unit song with Lindo and Jek because why not? Actually I really love Wataru Hatano and his singing voice and Yuto Suzuki creates a perfect harmony when they’re singing together, I couldn’t get the song out of my head lol.

As for Ensemble Stars second season with the Unit songs, of course I would buy UNDEAD and 2wink seeing that I bought them last time. This will be a mini review on these CDs seeing this is all I can do for now without my usual laptop (luckily I have paint tool SAI on this laptop to make the featured image).

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[Figures & Statues] Spotlight – Ensemble Stars! Palmate (MegaHouse)


Sorry for not being active lately, got some projects coming up and I’ve been busy stressing about them rather than doing them 😆 So here I am procrastinating. Lately I haven’t been able to write up Ensemble Diaries, mainly because I feel like they’re no longer useful because my summaries are sometimes not accurate and theres translations of the stories out there that are way better so maybe I should stop…?

Either way I’ve been wanting to write up a post about the palmates that will come out soon. Usually I talk about them inside the Enstar diaries, so I may as well change things up by giving it its own post.

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[Magazine] Spotlight – Ensemble Stars! magazine (feat. vol.1 Trickstar)

Volume 1 will focus on Trickstar

Ensemble Stars gets its very own magazine! Starting from August 29, 2016 (today), they will release a volume focusing on one Unit each month for about 10 months (there will be 10 Volumes in total). The first volume to be released will focus on Trickstar and will cost 1,200 yen (plus tax). The next volumes will be as followed:

  • Vol.2 – Knights (Release in late September)
  • Vol.3 – 2wink (Release in late October)
  • Vol.4 – Ra*bits (Release in late November)
  • Vol.5 – Ryuseitai (Release in late December)

Note that they’ve only released the dates for the volumes until December 2016, they’ve yet to release information on the remaining 5 volumes and which Unit will be in which volume. The remaining units are: fine, UNDEAD, Valkyrie, Akatsuki and the new unit ‘Switch’. Each volume will probably have the Unit’s Leader as the cover.

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