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Full Reviews

Full reviews, goes into full details on plot–contains spoilers

[PS Vita] Psychedelica of the AA-Nisus

Quick Looks

Quick reviews based on my first 2 hours of playing a vita game

[PS Vita] CollarxMalice

[PS Vita] Brothers Conflict Precious Baby

[PS Vita] Kamigami no Asobi InFinite

[PS Vita] Kiniro no Corda 4

🆕 [PS Vita] Side Kicks!

Thoughts on…

Mini reviews on console games, does not go deep into detail

[PS4] Persona 5 

Yearly Recap

In these posts I’ll talk a little bit of the games I played throughout the year but never got the chance to fully review it

2015 Review 

2016 Review

2017 Review