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[Monthly Overview] April 2018 Releases

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[Mobile] Guest Review by Two Happy Cats: “Love Cuts: Descendants of the Sun”

Hiya, it’s Steph from Two Happy Cats (! Today I’m appearing on Yankee Banchou as we’re doing a special collaboration post. A really big thank you to Billy for agreeing to this collab with me! In our collaboration we’ll be playing a Hanabi media game called ‘Love Cuts’. Our review of the game will focus on one of the two romace-able guys. Billy will be writing about Si-Jun (the military guy) and I’m looking at Daniel (doctor dreamy). I hope you enjoy my post, and make sure to read Otome Bunny’s one over here!!!

So what is Love Cuts?

For whatever reason, this game has 101 names, from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ to ‘Otome Game’ (yes just Otome Game) or simply ‘Descendants’. I did a little bit of digging and found out that ‘Love Cuts’ is meant to be the otome game version of a very famous Korean drama called ‘Descendants of the Sun’, which aired in 2016. However, the actual writer of Love Cuts has said that she only watched one episode of the series before writing the game [] , so if you’re a fan of the series, don’t expect the game to be 100% accurate!


In the game you play as a genius doctor who is living her (near) perfect life with doctor boyfriend, Daniel. Her life is turned upside down when an injured soldier sneaks into her room with a newborn baby. The soldier, Si-Jun, is taken under your care at the hospital, and while you guys form a close friendship, he’s still a man of mystery. Soon after, Daniel informs you he wishes to break up, he has to travel back to his home country which has erupted into civil war. But our MC won’t take that lying down! She follows Daniel to his country, and is confronted by war, tragedy and trauma.


How did Dr. Dreamy Daniel go?

While you’re playing the game, it doesn’t actually branch off into a different route. Instead you get options to spend time with your babe, and at the end a final choice on who you want to end up with. As mentioned above, Daniel is our MC’s boyfriend (although technically they’re broken up), and they’re shown as being absolutely in love with one another. Besides being the closest thing to a modern day Disney prince, Daniel also has a tragic past. He was a refugee who came to South Korea to study medicine and build a new life. He had to leave his family behind in his home country, and now wants to return to help his village during the war.


It’s quite rare that you see such an interesting and complex character, whose story actually touches on today’s issues. Bug I had this strange issue with the route where I honestly didn’t care about the romance with Daniel, romance seemed so trivial in the face of what Daniel had experienced and was going through, I felt also superficial trying to get him to kiss me when he had so much other stuff to deal with. Ultimately,  I didn’t want to play as MC, I wanted to play as Daniel and follow his story. I wanted to learn more about his culture, his family and everyday life, to see what war was like through the eyes of a survivor. And I’m not saying the MC was useless, I just felt too much like I was focusing on romancing a guy (in her shoes) rather than saving people and understanding the war around them.


My other annoyance with the route was there was no ending CG!? Maybe I’ve just been playing too many otome, but I’ve come to expect to at least have a kiss or hug picture after I make my way through the game! But nope, instead we got these weird comic book shots (above) which were randomly thrown throughout the game. I wouldn’t have minded them so much if we had gotten a really nice CG at the end, but these basic sketches are all we get.


Final Bit

I didn’t really know what to expect when I played this game. I had read a few reviews on the app store which said that the dialogue can waver between cute/goofy to just cringe, so while playing, I was very hyper aware of awkward dialogue, which often brought me out of my immersion. I  really loved the designs of Daniel and Si-Jun, but gah! You all know how much I hate a faceless MC!! The game should only take an hour or two to play through, and for that amount of time, it was quite enjoyable. I just can’t help but wonder how much better it would have been if we played it from another perspective, without any romance. It’s hard to feel the love when bombs and body parts are flying around everywhere…

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Kimikiri April Fools Stream

slidin’ into them kimikiri streams

This is post is just for links to the Kimikiri stream that happened on April Fools. I should’ve announced it a couple days back on this blog but the chance to post just kept escaping me haha.

Because of a couple of hiccups during the stream, it has been split up in 4 parts (maybe 5 hours in total of stream content?) so check ’em out if you’re curious as to what Kimikiri is like:

Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04

The highlight videos have the chat recorded as well so you can watch our reactions as the stream plays lol. Also because they’re highlight videos hopefully they’ll stay there forever.

Maybe I’ll do another stream of Kimikiri near the date it’s supposed to close down for good, who knows. Hopefully next time I can pick a proper time lmao.

If there’s any requests to stream other mobile games (those that can play on iOS and are josei-muke [female oriented]) then feel free to request away.

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[Otome Watch Special] Report – Readyyy! Project’s Second Live Event (14th March)

second live event

As promised, on March 14th Readyyy! Project held their second live event. As usual, they broadcasted it on twitch, youtube, periscope and nico douga (I’m using screenshots from the nico douga archive). I would usually add this to my original Otome Watch post but I figured out that condensing 2 hours of the stream into that post will make it more longer than usual, and would prolly lag it as well. So I’ll be writing separate posts like these event reports and then adding a link to my original Otome Watch post.

You can check out the Otome Watch post here, where it’ll give a better background on what this project is.

If you have a premium nico douga account you can watch the archive of the stream here but it’s only available for a limited time.

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[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | February《#10》


It has been more than a year since I made my last game diary for Touken Ranbu, for that past year I’ve been playing on and off but finally I’m getting back into the groove of things…

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[Otome Watch] Sega’s Upcoming “Readyyy!” Project – An Idol Raising Project

readyyyprojectbannerSega has announced its latest venture in making contents for the female audience. Back in 2015 Sega released Yumeiro Cast, a female oriented mobile game about musicals, this time they’re jumping in on the “Idol” bandwagon with their ambitious Readyyy! Project. Seeing that it had only just recently been announced, there is not a lot of information about it but that’s what Otome Watch posts are for–I’ll be constantly updating this post when news comes in so keep an eye on this post.

As most of my Otome Watch posts go, I’ll be using images only posted on the official website and will also be referencing articles from Japanese online news like Dengenki Online throughout the post.

I will also be trying my best to translate important information from the website into English, however I am still an amateur so please take my translations with a grain of salt as they are not entirely accurate.

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[Mobile] Review – Otome Yuusha (オトメ勇者)

Otome Yusha (オトメ勇者) released back in December 16, 2017 and because I was overseas when this happened I only started playing it around January this year. So after fiddling around with it for about a month I decided it was about time to review this mobile game.

I also wrote a previous post on Otome Yusha where I gathered information from the website before it was released and speculated what the gameplay would be like. I also translated character profiles so check it out here.

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[Mobile – Special] A3! Character Ranking Results


In celebration of A3’s first anniversary since it’s release, players were given an event to grind for support/cheer points to cheer for their favorite boy, new gacha with new SR cards were added just for the event and rewards like R/SR/SRR tokens were available during the event where you could use those tokens to choose previous limited gacha cards. Those who gave 1,000 cheer points to their favorite boy gets a special title/badge.

The event was called 咲かせよう!エールでMANKAI and it ran from 12th January, 2018 to 22nd January 2018. The event also provided as a character popularity poll too, in a way. The results of the character ranking was released on the 6th of February.

There are prizes planned for the winning characters so before I write up the character ranking I’ll just explain thoroughly what the prizes are.

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