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[Monthly Overview] June 2018 Releases

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2018 Overview – Upcoming Otome & BL Games

We’re in the year 2018 now and we have yet to arrive in a future where games aimed at women aren’t dumbed down, can be pretty fun with gameplay and is just as pandering in terms of fanservice in any other game aimed at the average male otaku (e.g Senran Kagura, Blue Reflection (kinda pandering), Any other D3P game that has a main cast of high school girls etc). Just cryogenic freeze me and thaw me out when that future happens. Just kidding.

This Overview Post will be a bit different than the previous years. I’ll do my best to write down the names of the main voice actors for each game and I’ll only write up summaries for games that already have a set date, which will help me get through this list faster.

Last year I couldn’t update the 2017 Overview post past July, 2017 because my browser would always lag because of all the youtube videos it tried to load, so hopefully I’ll post less youtube videos this time (particularly only posting youtube videos for games with set release dates).

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[PC] 🔞 Thoughts on… Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai (Trial Ver.)


I promised to give my thoughts on the trial of Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai at the start of this month, so I’m gonna deliver on that promise right now. I won’t be doing mini reviews on trials/demos often but if you suggest one or if I’m interested in something there’s a chance I’ll do it more often.

Anyway, onto my mini-review.

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[Figures & Statues] 🔞Post-mortem on… Aoba Figure by Native


It’s been about 9 months since R18 Aoba had been conceived in the womb of Native (naked + creative), a company that creates erotic figures–mainly female erotic figures. Now that he’s been released there’s much to be celebrated for the first R18 male character figure… or at least I had hoped.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of views on my initial post about the Aoba figure, I can’t really do a fully fledged review because I didn’t buy him myself but thanks to a friend who told me to check the comments on his page at myfigurecollection and seeing how the comments are disappointed, I thought, “Hey, why not do a post-mortem based on my impressions from images users have supplied on myfigurecollection?”

I won’t be doing a lot of post-mortem posts, but because I have followed the development of the Aoba figure for a while I feel the need to talk about it. I won’t be reuploading other user’s pictures of their Aoba figures for this post, instead I’ll supply links and pictures from the official Native blog.

Again, this is gonna be an R18 post, so don’t be surprised by a few links to dongers here and there and foul language.

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