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[Anime] Dynamic Chord Episode #01 (Anime Review)

Woooooo, its Hallooweenie month and y’know what that means. Spooky shit, and what’s more spooky than a shitty anime adaption of an otome game? Trying to profit off a series by making an anime out of it and leaving it in incapable hands is the truest horror one could possibly witness.

Like I promised, even though it’s really late, I’m gonna do episodic reviews for Dynamic Chord: The Anime. It took me a while to find a place to watch it (and is legal) and boy was it abysmal. I might do an overall review for it in the end because its so bad.

Anyway, I want y’all to witness the first episode too. The first episode is free to watch on HIDIVE (only in 480p for free users, it enhances how bad this anime is), so feel free to watch it before reading my thoughts. →Check it Out←

Also, quick heads up. I’ve never played the games so I have no idea who is who and this is all new to me. I might not find enjoyment or get the fanservice, so I might be a little biased here with my ignorance.

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[Anime] Thoughts on… Sengoku Night Blood Episode #01

Based on the mobile game that released late May of this year, Sengoku Night Blood is one of historic dramas but with a twist, that twist being that it’s set in an parallel world where instead of daimyōs fighting against each other in the Sengoku Period to unite Japan, we’ve got vampires and werewolves fighting against each other to unite “Shinga” (totally not vampire-werewolf Japan). Oh, also every single person in this anime/game shares the same name as historical figures in the Sengoku Period. Coincidence? No, not really.

The mobile game and anime is a collaboration between Otomate (game company whose specialty is to create games for girls), Marvelous Inc. (developer of video games and anime) and KADOKAWA (publisher of manga, magazines and games). The game itself is only in Japanese, so if you’re an English speaker who is interested in playing it after watching this anime, I’d suggest to either look up guides and translations or learn Japanese. If you want to read my review of the mobile game, here’s the link.

As for the anime its main production is by a studio called Typhoon Graphics who are mostly credited for finishing animation and their big projects would be animation production assistance with the Digimon Adventure Tri. movies, animation production/finish animation of my favorite shitty first person anime series One Room and Roommate and finally their latest and biggest project with Sengoku Night Blood. With such prestigious work, I’m sure this will be one hell of a ride.

This time around I’ll be reviewing this series as each episode airs because I have a mighty feeling that this anime might be hilarious in terms of quality (or lack there of) and it’ll be much easier to gather my thoughts on certain parts of the anime, considering I forget some stuff when I do full reviews. Hopefully I’ll do the same for the Dynamic Chord anime because that seems lol worthy. Not sure if I’ll do a full review eventually to wrap things up after it ends, but I’ll consider it. ❗

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[Anime] Thoughts on… Kenka Banchou Otome -Girl Beats Boys- (Anime Review)

In commemoration of the release of Kenka Banchou Otome~Kanzen Muketsu no My Honey~ (fandisc) this week, I’ll be giving Kenka Banchou Otome -Girl Beats Boys- a little mini review 😆

You’ll have to keep in mind that its been a year since I played Kenka Banchou Otome so I might not remember things properly and may even say thing that are inaccurate. Sorry about that! Anyway, I’ll try my best to remember and give a quick, thorough comparison between the anime and the game.

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[Anime] Thoughts on… Roommate & One Room (Anime Review)

I was initially going to review RoomMate by itself but when I found out it was a spin-off of another anime that shares the same concept called One Room (replace the dudes in RoomMate with cute anime girls and that’s the anime), I decided, what the heck, I’ll check this one out and see if its any better than the dumpster fire that is RoomMate and y’know what it is. One Room isn’t exactly “anime of the year” material but at least it ain’t RoomMate.

So I’ll be using One Room as a way to compare and analyse RoomMate and see what exactly went so wrong. Just to make things clear, both of these animes are in the ‘first person anime’/’point of view anime’ genre much like my good ol’ friend Makura no Danshi (I take all the bad things I’ve said about it back now that I’ve watched RoomMate). One Room was released on January while RoomMate released afterwards in May, these animes run for about 4 minutes. Both share the same animation studio (legit thought it was by the same studio that did Makura no Danshi, guess I was wrong) as well as the same directors/writers/storyboarders/staff which kinda creates the problem of a staff going from catering to guys with One Room to catering to girls with RoomMate, usually the transition doesn’t go so well especially when both rely heavily on fanservice… which I’ll talk about later.

Anyway, lets get this shit show rolling.

it ain’t gay if its in space

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[Manga] Mini Review – Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki (Vol.1)


Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki is a comic/manga initially published online at Ruelle Comics (where you can read the first chapter and latest chapter) and now has been published into a bounded manga. Art and story is by Mizuki Oniyama, you can find their pixiv but if you look into their art logs you’ll prolly get spoiled on what they have in mind for the series.

The art style Oniyama uses is reminiscent of 80’s manga, while the visuals they use are kinda macabre and really leaves an impression on you. Gonna say this outright, this isn’t a shoujo manga, actually I’m not even sure what audience this is for, but I’m gonna have to say it’s for adults or for those with mature minds. If you’re easily squeamish at either gore, vomiting, piss etc then I wouldn’t recommend you to read this 😆

It’s definitely dark but the dark comedy makes it less grim than what it should be, but guaranteed it does have it’s dark moments where it’s not joking around. Even if it is about an abusive relationship, I still find it interesting at how the manga explores the human workings of the two characters as well as their paraphilic tendencies. You’re free to call me out on being an asshole or a sick fuck for liking this manga. Also, just a heads up but this post will be discussing some stuff that may not sit well with some people and might be a bit NSFW.

I also got a bonus illustrated gift from purchasing it from Animate:

2017-03-01 13.06.16

The context of this pic is explained in later chapters, don’t worry. Anyway, this is just a glimpse on how abnormal the manga can get.
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[Manga] Mini Review – Mermaid Boys Vol.2


This is a little belated review of Mermaid Boys Vol.2 by Yomi Sarachi, been a bit busy lately haha. You’d think that after reviewing the first volume I wouldn’t feel the need to review the second volume because I might have the same opinion but this volume has changed a bit of my opinion on it…

Anyway, I’ll be addressing some spoilers for Volume 2 in this post so if you plan on reading it yourself and don’t want to be spoiled then don’t read the rest of this review. All I can say is that I don’t see this series going far, even if it pains me to say it. Sorry if I’m being a wet blanket, its just that I didn’t feel it in this volume… It still made me laugh but whenever I think about what it’ll provide in the next volumes I start to think that it might not last long before the conclusion.

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[Manga] Mini Review – 31☆idream (Vol.1~4)


31☆idream is an on-going series by Arina Tanemura, first published back in 2013 and still going. The latest volume released was released last year in November, seeing that I tried out Akumi ni Chic x Hack, I thought I may as well try this one.

It seems like the publisher for this series, Melody, asked Tanemura to make a “magical girl manga for adult readers”, limiting Tanemura from the stuff she’s well know for and the result of all that is this series. There are subtle themes/tropes that you’d find in the magical girl genre, like having an alter ego, transforming into someone else, the dual personalities one has to balance as well as their lifestyles, but rather than being pure fantasy, it is a bit more grounded and realistic than the average ‘mahou shoujo’ manga. No talking animal mascots here lol.

There are a few moments at the first two volumes where it becomes painfully relatable, especially for me seeing that the heroine is too similar personality wise haha.

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[Manga] Review – Akuma ni Chic x Hack (All volumes)


Akuma ni Chic x Hack is the latest shoujo manga by Arina Tanemura, you may know her other works such as I.O.N, Kamikaze Kaitou JeanneFull Moon o Sagashite as well as her character design work for idol app Idolish7. Its Arina’s 20th anniversary of being a mangaka and there will be an exhibition starting 17th December 2016 until 4th January 2017. What better way to celebrate than read her newest manga, which has been gathered together into 2 volumes and is complete.

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[Anime] Thoughts on… B-Project Kodou*Ambitious (Anime Review)

B-Project, a multimedia project that started off with character songs (eventually adding drama parts to the CDs), eventually got a manga and an anime and their next project will be a mobile app. Of course, B-Project is all about idol boys and their hardships.

A-1 Pictures took on the job to do the animation with 12 episodes, about half an hour each. A-1 Pictures also did animation for UtapriTogainu no Chi and Ace Attorney. Rest assured knowing their past record with perfect quality animation we can expect great quality animation with B-Project the Japanese Anime. Amirite guys?


Jk it was fucking shit.

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[Manga] Mini Review – Mermaid Boys Vol.1

Finally the first bounded volume of Yomi Sarachi’s Mermaid Boys has released! This volume contains the first four chapters released in Aria, according to Sarachi’s author comments at the end of the volume, it seemed like if Aria hadn’t reached out, Mermaid Boys prolly wouldn’t become a fully fledged comic/manga. It took her about 3 years later to get her short comics on twitter to evolve into something bigger and here it is.

I talked about the first chapter here, in a post where I bought an issue of Aria. I bought this manga at CD Japan for about 580 yen (tho it was hard to find it when it was listed under the title ‘Marmaid Boys’ and they misspelt Sarachi’s name as ‘Chiyomi Sara’, which ironically she addressed in her author comment at the end of the book).

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