[Monthly Overview] February 2021 Overview


Slow Damage – 25th February – Nitro+Chiral

* R18 BL Game

Nintendo Switch

How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered – 4th February – Roseverte Games

Buddy Collection Extra -Kouchouso no Kimyouna Go Nin- – 4th February – PLiCy

Uta no Prince-sama Debut for Nintendo Switch – 25th February – broccoli

Steam Prison – 25th February – HuneX / dramatic create

My, how quick time flies now that we are in the second month of 2021 lol. In a blink of an eye we’ll be in March in no time (especially with February being the shortest month).

Anyway to update y’all, a miracle has happened last month when I got a notif that the Izuminokami garage kit I mentioned in last post was restocked by 1. So you know I snagged that last stock as soon as I saw it and this time I came prepared with a forwarding service that shipped via DHL (shout out to tenso, despite being expensive af). Anyway, he is safe now… though with my skills right now (being zero) I am not prepared to put him together 😂

The box it came in was pretty fancy and sturdy so many thanks to Crea Mode for this detail bc if it were in a dainty box being shipped overseas I know a few pieces would’ve been snapped or broken.

Also something I’ve been addicted to lately (other than garage kits which is burning a hole in my pocket) is Pui Pui Molcar. It is a pretty cute weekly web show hosted by Bandai Namco’s “art” youtube channel of these stop-motion felt puppet Molcars which are guinea pigs the size of cars… and they function like a car too. The episodes are pretty short but it is filled with wholesome and cute stories. The latest ep is so far my favorite? Though Bamco deletes each episode off their channel once a new episode is uploaded but I heard JPN’s Amazon Prime will stream all the episodes. Here’s my fav ep so watch it while you still can:

Here is a recap of last month’s releases that happened after my January Overview post.

Voltage just loves to drop ports on the Switch without a seconds notice, making my life more difficult lol. Last month they released “Her Love in Force” on the English eShop or as it is known on the Japanese eShop “Koibito wa Kouan Keiji” (“My lover is a public security detective” or something similar to that effect). As usual with most Voltage games saving on budget there is no voice acting.

On the English only side, OperaHouse did it again with another localised port from their catalogue: Byakko-tai Samurai Boys. This one is also not ported to the Japanese eShop and reportedly by Otome Kitten, unlike the original mobile game that has voice acting this one will have zero voiced lines (talk about cutting back on budget). I think this may also be the case with Yumemidori Nostalgia which I reported on last month where I thought there would be voice acting bc the mobile game had some but looking at the file space required to download it, it is a measely 300+ megabites which is a very small file size if there were voice acting in it (most games with voice acting range around 1GB or more depending on the length of the VN). Then again How to Take off Your Mask Remaster has voice acting in it but is worth around 200+MB but that could be a short game or just very well optimised lol.

So I apologise if I made anyone hope that Yumemidori Nostalgia had voice acting. Anyway it kinda sucks that these two games may not have voiced lines esp when the OG version had them and had a good cast of voice actors too. Anyway here’s a promo video for the mobile version of Samurai Boys just to show what we missed out on lol.

Also in the news of localised otome games “Code:Realize ~Wintertide Miracles” is getting a port to the Switch with the help of Aksys Games. It will release this month on the 26th. Basically it’s a winter/Christmas themed fandisc for Code:Realize.

Now onto this month’s round up of games releasing:

Slow Damage is the new R18 BL game to come from Nitro+Chiral. Going back to Chiral’s dark roots, we follow the story of Towa a somewhat twisted hobby painter constantly searching for that euphoric high. He is particular about painting exclusive the desires of others which he can see as “auras”. Anyway even though the voice actors use pseudonyms I know that Yuki Ono voice from a long mile (he’s credited as Santa Hiiragi, providing the voice of protag Towa). For sure this will be picked up for localisation in the future, probably by JAST BLUE considering they’re now Chiral’s go-to localiser. The trial version was released a long while ago so check it out. You may need to change your computer’s locale to Japan but idk.

How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered is a remaster of 2015 PC game under the same name for the Switch, PS4 and Xbone. Made by indie devs Roseverte Games who has created many a otome game and making them available in many languages (Japanese, English, Spanish, German, French you name it they get them efficiently localised). The remaster includes new artwork, animated sprites and improved audio for voice acting etc. I do hope more of their games get remastered and put onto the Switch and other consoles.

Buddy Collection Extra is part of the Buddy Collection series. I don’t know much about the series but I do know Buddy Collection if is on the Switch too and both the games give off a puzzle mystery sort of game like the Zero Escape series and Death Mark where you get clues and solve some puzzles/mysteries. Idk if this is proper to put under otome but it pops up whenever I search otome on the eShop.

Uta no Prince-sama Debut for Nintendo Switch is a port of Utapri Debut which “debuts” the fab four senpais that take the Starish guys under their wing. Uh and also Nanami is there lol I kid but sometimes the way broccoli is going Nanami is just a ghost at this point (sad to say). Now all that is left to port in the Utapri collection is Utapri All Star and Utapri All Star After Secret (as well as the music games but idk if they will do it) but so far they haven’t announced any new ports. Hopefully once they run out of games to port they can focus on Utapri Dolce with HEAVENS route right? Right? Anyway enjoy some All Star’s English taglines…

You will… kiss on him.

Steam Prison is a port to the Switch which will include a simultaneous Japanese and English release. This will include all the stuff introduced in the PS Vita route such as Fin’s route as well as a new opening song sung by the whole cast, new character songs for best ends + new closing credits, “Wedding Eve” short stories for each character via novel mode and new CG rewards after clearing the game.

That’s about it folks. I won’t be buying any otome games this month (just like the last couple of months lol), nothing quite piques my interest so far. I am kinda looking forward to JACKJEANNE? I say this with a question mark as I am unsure if it’ll be good considering broccoli is somewhat involved and even after playing the demo I am unsure if it is otome or not lmao.

Thanks for reading! Take care of yourselves and be safe.

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