[Monthly Overview] March 2020 Overview

Nintendo Switch

CollarxMalice for Nintendo Switch – 12th March – Otomate

Toraware no Palm Refrain – 12th March – Capcom

Finally in March, babbeeeyyyy. Been looking forward to this month considering the goodies releasing this month such as Animal Crossing New Horizons and Ensemble Stars Music Rhythm game (as well as hypmic rhythm game later this month). So many things to look forward this month, really.

Anyway I might end up in a social media shut down when Animal Crossing releases and just do absolutely nothing besides playing it during my free time lol. Hopefully I can be productive in terms of blog posts for this month (hopefully).

R18 BL PC game Tokyo 24-ku was supposed to release this month but was pushed back for a May release so for this month we will only have 2 titles releasing. So let’s run down on what those titles are:

CollarxMalice for Nintendo Switch is a port to the Switch that combines the original PS Vita title and it’s fandisc CollarxMalice -Unlimited- which contains after stories, side stories and “another” scenario. For the Switch version there will be an end list that will list all possible endings, replacing the trophy system the PS Vita version had which notified you on what endings you achieved. Strangely enough the two CollarxMalice games will be ported to the Switch as a bundle, meanwhile Aksys Games announced they will localise the CollarxMalice games but will be releasing them separately, similar to how the dealt with the Code:Realize games being ported to the switch in the West as separate games with separate release dates while Japan had them all in one cartridge.

Toraware no Palm -Refrain- is a port to the Switch of a mobile game. It serves as a prequel to Toraware no Palm with a new character to counsel and monitor. The physical package of the game includes the original episodes as well as all the extra paid optional DLC that was released later. Refrain has a more robust user interface and features that improves from the first two games. The language options for in-game text can be set between Japanese and Chinese (simplified or traditional), no word on whether there will be an English patch but so far seems unlikely.

So yeah, if you know me I splurged on buying the Collectors Edition of Toraware no Palm -Refrain- (I gotta complete the set lol). I hope Capcom gets cracking on another Toraware no Palm story/game but maybe they’re done with making more.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

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Playing otome games by moonlight, suffering by daylight.

3 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] March 2020 Overview

    1. Well AC games are more like life Sims than farming sims but overall it keeps you busy and new horizons seems promising so far I’ve played it lol Hopefully you’ll like it
      Now if only I could marry Beau in New horizons (jk)


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