[Otome Watch] Toraware no Palm Refrain For Nintendo Switch Overview

Toraware no Palm Refrain is being ported from mobile devices to the Nintendo Switch on 12th March, 2020. The first episode of Refrain was originally released on mobile devices back in December, 2018 and ending in early 2019, making this about a year in the making to be ported to the Switch.

Refrain, like the original game that was port to the Switch, will have localised Chinese (simplified and traditional) text as well as Japanese text option. No word on English localisation.

*Some of the overview take from the official website is kind of a copy and past from the Toraware no Palm for Nintendo Switch overview. I will also be using images and translating info from that website. So forgive me if I copy and paste from myself lol.

TV Mode

In TV mode you can see your man on the big screen. Depending on the size of your TV you can enjoy seeing him up close and personal.

During TV mode and tabletop mode you can use either the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Using the left stick of the controller you can move the cursor and in some scenes you can also use the gyro function to interact with him.

There will also be shortcuts available according to the scene. We have optimised it so you can play on the Nintendo Switch stress-free.

*In tabletop mode and portable mode, touch operation is also possible

* Nintendo Switch Lite is mobile/portable mode only and does not support play in TV Mode

Portable Mode

In portable mode, if you turn your Nintendo Switch vertically you can play as if you were playing on a smartphone with the touch screen. You can also play using touch and gyro functions in this mode.

*You can also play with the Joy-Cons removed

*In portable mode you can also enjoy playing it horizontally

*You can also play vertically and horizontally with the Nintendo Switch Lite

Skinship with your bro…

You can interact with him through the glass whenever the icon in the bottom-left hand corner appears.

Use the icon in the bottom-left hand corner as a guide on how to interact with him.

When using the controller, in some scenes use the controller to resemble the glass between you where you can touch foreheads or even kiss.

Express your feelings with your gaze

An eye icon will appear in the bottom left corner during visitation time that allows you to move the R-Stick on your controller for when you want to look around the room/look at Chiaki or when you want to avert your eyes. He will react according to the actions you take.

Express your feelings through the cursor…

When using the controller, you can move the cursor to select the dialogue you want.

When choices are displayed the cursor will automatically select the top dialogue choice for your convenience.

Play comfortably using the settings and convenient shortcuts!!

In the settings you can choose which screen mode you prefer to suit your play style (choose between vertical or horizontal screen mode).

In addition in the language setting, despite character voices being exclusively in Japanese, the text can be either Japanese or Chinese (Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese).

There are also handy shortcuts when using the controller.

Shortcuts when you want to retrieve “topics” that pop up during your monitoring of him, when you want to look at his messages immediately when you’re out, when you want to select topics and dialogue choices quickly when messaging him, etc. is conveniently at your fingertips.

View every inch of the beautiful illustrations with the big screen!!

Even though you could magnify the beautiful illustrations gained from the story to a certain degree in the mobile version, with this port you can appreciate the finer details when in TV mode.

You can freely expand certain points of the illustration. Of course, full view is also possible.

Also included in this port are concept art, magazine covers, things drawn for novelty and other valuable illustrations that are available to viewed in the “art gallery” section of the game.

Nintendo Switch Port Product Information

The port includes original Chiaki episodes rolled in one game. Package versions include the “Deluxe Edition” which includes all content and “Collectors Edition” a quite luxurious version with original goods, making 2 editions in total.

There is also the download version where you can purchase the game (episodes only) and 3 additional content packs separately.

Here’s the edition guide as shown on the website.

*To use the download version of “Additional Content Pack A” and/or “Additional Content Pack B” you must have the separately sold base game “Toraware no Palm”

*The contents of the game is the same as the mobile version of “Toraware no Palm”.

Please note that the contents of the main game (all 8 episodes) also includes the two bonus (originally DLC) side stories. They are not included in the additional content packs so if you’re just interested in the original scenario episodes, visitation extensions, memorial visitations, voice recorders, telephone events, etc as well as the two side stories you may be just better off buying the base game without additional content (download only, though).

Editions Packaging

Deluxe Edition

» Base Game

» Additional Content Pack A

» Additional Content Pack B

» Additional Content Pack C

Collectors Edition

Base Game

Collectors Edition outer box

Canvas Board (18cm x 14cm) | Illustration similar to the outer box

Acrylic Stand (Chibi chara Chiaki)

Book Cover (11.2cm x 16.2cm) | A book cover with the same design as the book that appears in the game *Book not included

E-Capcom’s Limited Goods “Memorial Box”

Decorative box | Stores items ~

Round zipper wallet (20cm x 10cm x 2cm) | Red Spider Lily (Lycoris) floral design

Situation CD (Date) | Chiaki talks about different date situations with you.

Big Acrylic Stand Chiaki (18cm)

Handwritten Message Card from Chiaki (10cm x 14.8cm)

Store Benefits with Store Links

*Original Toraware no Palm Switch port did not have store bonuses but Refrain does. These bonuses are available on first come, first serve basis with limited amount of bonuses that can be given out and in a select number of stores. I’ll provide links to stores that ship international if available.


✯ Clear File of Chiaki (Bondage ver.)

*Available when you purchase any version/addition of the game on the website. Limited units.

Website Link

*Japan Shipping only, may need proxy/forwarding services


✯ A3 Poster | Seahive Chiaki

Deluxe Edition | Collectors Edition

*Japan Shipping only, may need proxy or forwarding services

Amazon Japan

✯ L size Bromide | Salaryman Chiaki

✯ Digital PC + Smartphone wallpaper

Deluxe Edition | Collectors Edition

*May or may not ship Internationally. Definitely does not ship to Australia


✯ Stand Tin Badge | 3rd Anniversary Chiaki

Deluxe Edition | Collectors Edition

*Ships internationally


✯ Digital PC + Smartphone wallpaper

Deluxe Edition | Collectors Edition

*Ships Japan only


✯ 57mm Tin Badge

Deluxe Edition | Collectors Edition

*Ships Japan only

Yorozuya Shop Beak Takarajima

✯ 3 Set Wooden Badges

Deluxe Edition | Collectors Edition

*Ships Japan only

Rakuten Books

✯ Digital PC + Smartphone Wallpaper

Deluxe Edition | Collectors Edition

*Ships Japan only

—Overall Thoughts

Yeah I’m gonna have to get this one too to complete the Toraware no Palm set lol. Really glad it didn’t take them over two years to decide on making a port for Refrain, especially when I’ve been waiting for them to do a port for Refrain because that mobile game has a LOT of DLCs and other paid content so I’d be happy to just fork out money for a complete edition of the game.

Now that both games are ported to the Switch, I wonder what Capcom’s next step with the Toraware no Palm franchise will be. Will they make another story with a new boyo for mobile devices? Or will they start developing new Toraware no Palm games for Nintendo Switch consoles because I would be glad if they just start making console versions of new upcoming Toraware no Palm games instead of being bled dry by Capcom with the mobile game and it’s hundreds of paid content DLC.

Or maybe Capcom will just stop making Toraware no Palm games, if they think the josei-muke genre well is dry and they can’t get any more of them moneys… but who knows. Only time will tell.

I do hope Capcom can continue making a few female oriented games similar to Toraware no Palm, games that think outside of the box when it comes to traditional visual novels/adventure games.

I wish I could get the E-Capcom store benefit of Chiaki with the fetish gear on (probably my favourite rental outfit from the game) but I dunno if E-Capcom accepts foreign credit cards or ship internationally so I’ll just dream about fetish gear Chiaki…

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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