[Figures & Statues] Cu Chulainn 1/8 Scale Figure Review

Look at him spin.

Cu Chulainn

Series: Fate/Stay Night — Fate/Grand Order

Manufacture/Company: Orange Rouge

Sculptor: Sato

Price: ¥12,778

Release Date: 23rd December, 2019

Height: 17cm / 6.63 inches

Scale: 1/8

For those who do not know, Cu Chulainn is prolly in my top 3 for favourite characters out there. You could say it was love at first site when I saw him die in Fate/Unlimited Blade Works 😳 Honestly I went into watching it as my first exposure to fate series first hand and I didn’t think I would like him, but he turned out to be kinda cool? Despite dying lol. Apparently it’s an ongoing gag.

But yeah, I leapt at the first opportunity his preorder was available and just got it. Though mind you, I had to wait months for a preorder slot to be available as every online store refused to accept any more orders. Then after being delayed for maybe the second time?, moving the release date to December 2019, Amiami allowed others to preorder. I leapt at that opporunity despite telling myself I would just settle with only having Cu Alter figure as my only Cu scale figure. But I guess I’m getting both of them now 😂.

I think this Cu figure was announced 1~2 years ago but had been delayed and put on the back burner until it was released just in time for Christmas. Mine arrived in January in pretty good condition and I’m quite happy with the end product. Let’s check a closer look, though.


I kept it unopened in my closet for a couple of weeks waiting for the right time to take pictures of it, so excuse the dust and cat hair. Packaging is aight, nothing too special but shows off Cu’s charm points.

Taking it out of the box, you got Cu by himself and empty handed, the impactful base (not made out of concrete btw) and the gae bolg, Cu’s lance, which is broken in half.

Surprisingly the instructions that came with the figure was both in Japanese and English but sure as hell wasn’t helpful because it was mostly graphics and no wording/tips.

Cu’s hair and neck was neatly protected by plastic 😂 Though I kinda hate that the plastic bib around Cu’s neck was hard to pull off. I had the exact same trouble with the Persona 4 Teddie nendoroid where I tried to rip off the thin plastic that is held between the torso and legs of the human teddie and it just wouldn’t come off and parts of it just torn off so I was left there with only tiny pieces of plastic to grab onto to keep ripping the plastic off (Spoiler: I never could get rid of the plastic). My pro tip for ripping off the plastic stuck in Cu’s neck is to stretch out one corner/side of the plastic bib to loosen it from the neck and maybe cut it so you can peel off the rest of the plastic.

Next hurdle would be putting Cu on the base–every figure collector’s nightmare trying to make sure its properly on the base. I managed to stick his left foot in right but his right foot couldn’t go further down the peg so I just gave up. Another problem is trying to get the gae bolg in one piece while making sure it’s neatly in Cu’s hand. It took me a lot of tries trying to get the peg into the hole and was kinda frustrating but it’s all good.

With all of the pieces put together, the end product looks like this:

Pretty good, huh? Sato really outdone themselves with this one. I particularly love the choice of base, rather than having a boring flat surface we get something very impactful and you can feel the weight of the action captured in this statue.

The paint job is pretty good. I love how parts of his skin-tight suit naturally shines/gets highlights from the light. The shading to accentuate muscles and the darker parts. The paint job on gae bolg is particularly my favourite. The shine and the colour just contrasts itself against Cu’s body and just pops. I dunno about the coloring on the base though, particularly the shades for the concrete. The damage on the concrete looks good but the shadows for concrete slabs is kinda…. ?? sometimes its weird to look at it straight on from above.

Anyway let’s anal-eyes every angle, nook and cranny of this Cu figure to truly get a good appreciation for it.

—Full Body

These pictures were used for that “faux-360-view gif” at the start of the post.

Overall all the angles of this figure makes Cu look very photogenic. The pros of having a figure that is in the midst of action/motion is that you can get different interpretations depending on the angle. Certain angles makes Cu look really pissed, while others make him look serious or just chilling lol. This figure truly can be appreciated in all angles.

A possibly underappreciated angle for this figure would be his back, considering his back would always be facing towards a wall where it would be hard to view it. It’s shame bc you wouldn’t get to see his booty (jk). Mostly I like the back view because you can get a good view of his ponytail and the gae bolg, plus his back and high heels (yeah he got them heels on) that is mostly obscured in any other angle.

The flow of the figure/body also works really well in any angle which is a plus for this figure.


I’ll just show off the details by body parts, starting off with feets 😂

Feet and legs:

I still think his heels is pretty cute lol. But yeah, you can see in the last pic that the peg on the base is exposed. I dunno if it’s supposed to be like that or you have to really push down that foot to cover the peg. Other than that, really love that impact/damage on the concrete due to the sheer weight of Cu who is about to pounce.


The abs and chest are so lovingly sculpted 😩👌 I love how the shadows form on the abs and chest to make a dramatic look under the correct lighting (not under my lighting which is just a ceiling fan light lol).


Cu’s Gae Bolg:

Yeah, it’s pretty and shiny. Very detailed and pretty much accurate to the one in the mobile game. I really like how his hair flows above the gae bolg, really good stuff.

It also fits nicely in the hand of Cu. The seam where the lance is broken in half is sometimes unnoticeable. True secret: I actually didn’t connect the lance together properly so there’s a bit of a gap but I bet you didn’t notice.

Cu’s “Gae Bulge”:

Yeah that’s my nickname for his bulge. Though interestingly enough, the bulge is not as prominent as you would think. I tried getting the camera to focus on the bulge but it couldn’t get a good lock into it (I’m sorry, Cu). Though we all know that Cu’s bulge truly shines when he becomes Cu Alter.


As I said before each angle kinda gives a different interpretation to the figure. My favourite angle would be the one in the last photo where he truly looks angry and his face is reminiscent to Takeuchi’s style (the original character designer and artist of Fate series).

Tits and Ass Shot:

Who says male character figures can’t have a tits and ass shot? 😂 Though in this angle you not only get a shot of his ass and boobs but also the abs and pits. Truly this figure is a gift that keeps on giving.

Ass Shot:

I won’t like, Cu’s ass is almost concave. Where did all that cake go? Though that’s the fate of all male characters… to have a flat or concave ass because apparently no man has a butt? Only women are allowed the luxury of having a cushiony ass to allow them to sit down comfortably.

—Final Thoughts—

Like I said before, I’m happy with how this figure ended up being despite the delays and such. Beautifully coloured and shaded and is an overall good looking figure. This may be my first figure that isn’t standing around statically and is actually in the middle of doing something and I’m happy with it.

I’m unsure what illustration this figure is based on but I think it’s a pretty good choice of motion. The gae bolg is a good eye catcher that helps guides your eyes to the flow of the figure’s movement.

I’m glad I purchased this despite it being a last minute purchase haha. If I had a better photography setup I would’ve done some better and creative photoshoots but I’ll just make do with the skills I have now.

Thanks for reading!

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