[Monthly Overview] February 2020 Overview

Nintendo Switch

Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari ~Taishou Tsuya Koi Ibun~ – 20th February – aromarie / prototype

This month is lacking in releases, like really. If it weren’t for Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari this month would be empty and I would have nothing to write about lol.

Some Nintendo Switch news, there is a fabulous special edition Animal Crossing themed switch to be released in March. Honestly I think a good portion of the internet has fallen in love with the colour palette for it, which is described as a pastel green and blue for the joy cons. I hope Nintendo takes the hint that people want some more pastel coloured/cute Switch products/hardware.

Nintendo has been pumping out a lot of Animal Crossing themed skins and other products for the Switch, can’t really blame ’em considering how popular the franchise is and how anticipated this new entry has become. I am actually thinking of trading in my old Switch for this themed one, but I’m still partial towards my neon red and blue joy-cons 😂. If it turns out that the Animal Crossing themed Switch is also using the new model that has an improved battery life than the OG model then that may influence my wanting of it lol. We will see.

In other news, been spending my weekends last month trying to plan out remodelling/renovating the kitchen lol. Now that I’ve saved up enough I think it’s about time to upgrade. Ngl I’ve been living my whole life without having a proper oven or dishwasher so this is a bit exciting for me. Been messing around with Ikea’s kitchen planner and seeing what works and such. I really love Ikea’s ideas with their furniture, just love putting their furniture together. Call me an Ikea-nut. Crazy for Ikea. Now I’m starting to sound like a middle-aged mom of two lol.

Anyway here’s the one game releasing this month:

Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari ~Taishou Tsuya Koi Ibun~ is a port of the PS Vita port to the Nintendo Switch. It is a more tame and safe-for-work version of the R18 PC game under the same name. Basically the game is your typical Taisho Era melodrama where the heroine, who is of a noble family, is being set up by her dad to find and marry a rich dude during her birthday party. But the party abruptly ends when rogues gatecrash the party and start to trash the place. As the heroine was about to get ready to fight them, a man comes to her rescue. Of course /sarcasm.

That’s about it for this uneventful month for otome games. Hopefully the next coming months get a bit more lively…

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] February 2020 Overview

  1. Wow I knew February was gonna be dry but I didn’t realize it was just chou no doku releasing lmao. That being said, the entire year of 2020 feels pretty dry in terms of otome game releases. I’m hoping more release dates get announced as we get further into 2020, but man it’s kind of sad to see how few games are releasing lol. And which games are still, after all this time, stuck in development hell. Cough dorico cough

    In other news, I’m still so salty that there isn’t like a customized joy-con color creator available via Nintendo. Why no pink nintendo switch, Nintendo??? I don’t know why they stopped doing all the beautiful colors like they did for the 3DS. Even the N3DS was pretty crap when it came to colors. If they release a pink and white nintendo switch I’m gonna be so salty but if it has better battery life yeah like, it’s a done deal, I’m buying it lmao.

    Ahh well. March is coming soon and I’ve got Collar x Malice for switch coming in (I know I told myself not to buy it and then I went and bought the stellaset) as well as Toraware no Palm refrain so yahooooo!

    Anyways congrats on your kitchen remodel! I love Ikea too, and their kitchen layouts are always super gorgeous. Hope everything goes smoothly with your remodel!

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    1. Thanks, I hope things go smoothly too lol.
      Honestly I hope the reasoning behind no pink or cute colors for the switch is NOT some dumb excuse, like “If we add pink controllers or switch models it’ll offend our male consumers”. But we will never know lol.
      Anyway I’m prolly not gonna buy much otoge in these coming months except refrain lol. I still haven’t finished/started some of the new switch otoge I bought. Yikes for me 😂

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  2. The new Switch is so cute! Maybe it’s time for me to finally get my own or continue waiting for when they release a XL/XXL/whatever. (Me looking pointedly at the 3DSes I have.) Fingers crossed for otome games…there’s still Otomate Party in May, though I wonder if they’ll bring any new titles to the table.

    Good luck with remodeling! It sounds fun to brainstorm your own living space ideas.

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    1. I really hope otomate announces some new titles so there’s stuff to look forward to 2020 (and maybe 2021 lol)
      Also thanks! I’ll try my best with the remodelling lol


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