[Monthly Overview] January 2020 Overview

Nintendo Switch

Gensou Manege – 30th January – mages. / LOVE&ART

Koi no Hana Saku Hyakkaen – 30th January – Takuyo

Starting 2020 with 2 titles releasing for the Switch on the same day. mages/LOVE&ART and Takuyo coming back with new titles after a long while of no new game development. Hopefully they and many more companies pop back up in the otome scene to provide some competition with Otomate considering now they’re a major powerhouse pushing out a good amount of otome games lately. Competition is usually a good thing, sometimes makes companies who push out mediocre stuff reflect on their business model when a newer and better company comes out with better content that gains a great reception *coughs-eXtend/toybox-cough*. I really want more companies out there pushing the envelope when it comes to creating otome games, I worry that if things stay as mediocre and stagnant as it is the otome game scene will cease to exist (that’s my opinion).

Anyway I’ve caught my second cold in the past two months and it’s bloody summer. I hate that I’m catching more colds in summer now than in winter. So am just trying to cope for now before it might get worse lol.

As for a run down on the games releasing this month…

Gensou Manege is a new Switch game by mages, the company that brought you Meiji Tokyo Renka and B-Project. Set in a town–Brambourg(?)–near the french border where a travelling amusement park came to visit the town. The protag, born and raised in Brambourg, Ema while visiting the amusement park meets a mysterious man at the carasoul where he tells her he and the other people who work at the amusement park are prisoners of this bdsm park and only her “magic” can save them. It plays like a normal VN but has this wack mini game where you must collect stars to help awaken the heroine’s magical powers. Check a look:

Koi no Hana Saku Hyakkaen is a new Switch title from Takuyo that had been in development hell for 4-5 years. The heroine meets a white cat who reveals itself as a spirit who resides in the “hundred flower garden”. He tells the heroine his wish to see the garden restored to what it was once a long time ago. He bestows her the power to hear the voices of plants and the power to use human being’s positive energy to feed the plants which helps them grow. Most of the cast is newbie voice actors and the heroine is also voiced.

That’s about it for January.

Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] January 2020 Overview

  1. Am I the only one who thinks Gensou Manege looks really similar to Cendrillon Palika lmao? Like, the color scheme and even the setting is pretty similar I feel like. Not exactly the same, but they seem to be in the same lane I guess? I don’t know lol

    Hopefully more otome game companies will crawl out of their holes and start releasing games. I’d love a switch port of a lot of Takuyo games that I never got in the past lmao but I think now that most companies have moved to Switch, we’ll hopefully see an upsurge in releases by companies other than just Otomate.

    Hopefully. Lol

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    1. Yeah I think so too, buddy 😂 Gensou Manege really does give those Cendrillon Palika vibes, especially with the cg of the heroine holding out her hand for gaining magic compared to cendrillons cg of the heroine holding out her hands holding the magical item thing that may help break the curse thing (idk I can’t remember but those two cgs seem very similar).
      Wonder if mages just straight up copied/used cendrillon palika as influence 😂😂

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      1. LMAO ^q^ I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was like I’m sure others have noticed I just haven’t seen anybody say anything because I completely forgot this game existed until like… last month. LOL so needless to say it’s been completely off my radar.
        I honestly can’t imagine how much better it’ll be compared to cendrillon palika (which was pretty mediocre iirc from what reviews stated) but who knows, maybe it’ll surprise us LOL

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  2. I laughed at wack mini game and how the guy’s just going DO YOUR BEST for swiping your finger on the screen. Takuyo seems to be pretty consistent with the quality of their releases but there doesn’t seem to be much PR in regards to their new game…I’m glad they’re still making things despite the low sales, but I hope they can break even.

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