[2019 Recap & Review] Bunny Recaps 2019 – A year that felt like 3 years rolled into one

Hello from the future of 2020. I missed out on writing this post on time during New Years Eve, but with the help of time travel I will correct that (hopefully it works lol).

So, sorry for the delay folks but better now than never. This year’s recap post won’t have the separate pages to break up the post like last year considering how hard it was to find the page number buttons. I’ll try my best to make this post easy to read through with navigation bars.

Personal 2019 Reflection

This part you can skip if you don’t like reading other people’s personal life that may cause distress.

2019 for me has been pretty long. I don’t know if it’s just my memory going bad but a lot has happened in 2019 that it takes a while for me to remember if some of my memories really occurred in 2019 or the previous years.

Now a lot has happened. I think in the start of the year I had a terrible experience where one day I had a long and painful headache that I tried to sleep off, which escalated to my left arm and lips feeling numb, eyesight getting worse and was afraid that I was experiencing a stroke which resulted me into going into the ER to check it out. Though the symptoms subsided while I waited for the doctor, and the doctor seemed to somewhat diagnose it as a migraine with aura.

Because of that scare I decided to change up my lifestyle by drinking more water, sleeping at appropriate times (aka not oversleeping/sleeping at 4am), and taking 1~2 hour(s) long walks almost every other day, even though winter was drawing near. I also tried to manage my headaches (which frequently occurred for a good couple years now). The walking did me good, especially when I was focused on losing some weight as well (which I did lose some from walking and keeping an eye on what I eat).

In the middle of the year, during the months May and June I travelled (with my family) to the Philippines and took a side trip to Japan, my first (and hopefully not last) visit, something I had been dreaming of since I was in High School 😂 Though I had to take on the job of guiding everyone everywhere despite not knowing places very well, it was a pretty good trip. Besides the bad luck that plagued our trip lol.

After that I finally got a full time job and have been working since. Though I’ve learnt that with great amounts of bread making means less time focused on hobbies like playing games and writing blog posts, which was the point in getting that bread to sustain my very expensive hobby 😂😂

But overall, a lot has happened to me in 2019 that helped better myself. I dunno, it feels like I’ve matured more in this year than I have in the past decade. Speaking of, 2019 marks the end of a decade… and what a decade it has been. The year 2010 brings me back to a time where I would be watching anime illegally on my laptop that often overheated. Now here I am with a desktop computer trying my best to legally watch anime (unless said anime is blocked in my region *side eyes B-Project Season 2 on crunchyroll*).

A lot of good and bad stuff has happened in this past decade. We’ve all had our hardships. Hopefully the next decade and 2020 will be a good one.

Blog Recap Stats of 2019

Let me tell you its been a rough year for this blog lol. Rough in terms of lack of content being published on this blog. Zero otome games reviewed in this year, a total of 39 posts in 2019, a good 11 of those posts are obligatory monthly overviews (no December 2019 monthly overview because I couldn’t find time).

Originally this was going to be a blog recap but I doubt there’s a lot of content to talk about this year. The only two posts of this year that I’m happy about is the post covering Studio OwO and my Japan Trip post. I know this is me being harsh on myself but it is true that I’ve been lacking this year, so let’s go through the stats covering not only this year but the past 4~5 years with this blog as a way to end the decade.

YearNumber of postsViews
201939 [28 unique posts]111, 454
201853 [41 unique posts]169, 149
201755 [43 unique posts]203, 965
201697 [85 unique posts]131,163
201545* [39 unique posts]8,297
*Blog started July 2015. / Unique posts = posts that are not monthly overviews

So some background story, I started this blog when I started getting into playing Japanese otome games back in 2015 and was playing Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate (review coming soon, jk) and joked on my smaller tweeter account about becoming an otome reviewer on wordpress as I was posting screenshots making fun of DL:Dark Fate, but went through with it maybe a couple weeks later. I bought some B’s Log magazines to get more info on otome games and that’s when I was first introduced to Ensemble Stars.

The reason why 2015 and 2016 had a good amount of posts was because every other week I would post a game diary on some mobile games I would play, especially Enstars. Though I started to fall out of love with it in 2017 and quit cold turkey 2018, though those years have had a nice amount of posts. So yeah, 2019 was not great in terms of content 😂.

2017 was the height of the blog in terms of reach, though it’s gone down since then. Though I shouldn’t expect much when I’m covering a very obscure topic like otome games and games for women/girls, but as long as someone out there is reading my posts it’s worth it.

For those who can’t get enough of stats, here are some of my blog’s 2019 stats:

Top Viewed Posts in 2019 Views
1.[Mobile] How to Get Japanese Mobile Games17,297
2.2019 Overview – Upcoming Otomate & BL Games6,818
3.2018 Overview – Upcoming Otome & BL Games3,056
4.[Mobile] Breakdown – A3! Act! Addict! Actors! (エースリー)2,666
5.[Otome Watch] Sega’s Upcoming “Readyyy!” Project – An Idol Raising Project1,937
Top Posts Published in 2019 Views
1. 2019 Overview – Upcoming Otomate & BL Games 6,818
2.[Monthly Overview] February 2019 Overview590
3.[Unboxing] Jakou no Lyla Vol.1 (Limited Edition)555
4.[Otome Watch] Toraware no Palm for the Nintendo Switch Overview450
5.Otomate Party 2019 Roundup429
My top pick of search terms that lead to my blog*Views
1.b project naked 6
2.is b project a yaoi5
3. is iris school of wizardry translation fixed 2
4.aoba seragaki ahegao face2
5. is kensho ono voiced drama cd 18+ 5
*Ranked by how funny they are to me

Special shout outs to those who do link my posts on their website/blog/articles when quoting my posts. Though I really wish y’all don’t quote my poor japanese-to-english translations as they are not 100% accurate nor natural to read, especially my half-assed summaries I make for some games during my monthly posts… even I wouldn’t call my blogging professional.

I do find it hilarious that my half-assed and very casual summary for Diabolik Lovers: Chaos Lineage is used as the summary on Visual Novel Database for all to see. I honestly don’t know who keeps using my summaries for VND.

2019 Otome Game News Recapped

Honestly I can’t remember what happened in 2019 in terms of otome games. So I’ll try my best.

Aksys Games to localise 6 Otome Games in 2020 – Aksys will localise Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, Code Realize: Future Blessings, CollarxMalice, CollarxMalice UNLIMITED, Piofiore no Banshou and Gensou Kissa Enchante. All of these games are scheduled to release in 2020 on the Nintendo Switch. Strangely the Code Realise and CollarxMalice games and their fandiscs were ported into one game cartridge in Japan, while Aksys plans to localise the games and their fandiscs separately.

More Mobile Games aimed for women/girls shutting down – I’ve lost track how many games have shut down in 2019. Many of these mobile games didn’t last 5 months before the announcement of the shut down.

Production of PS Vita consoles worldwide and game cartridges in the West have officially ceased – It’s official. The PS Vita is dead. Once home to RPGs, visual novels and indie games, now it is laid to rest in 2019. Sony probably won’t make a successor for the PS Vita any time soon.

Taisho x Alice Episode 1 gets properly localised to Steam – Back in 2017 a “company” called E2 Gaming gained the rights to localise otome game “Taisho x Alice Episode 1” from Primula. What resulted was a poorly translated game that replaced the Japanese voice actors with amateur voice actors who were friends with the head (and only) translator of this controversy, not to mention the poor PR on facebook. ‘Till this day it is unknown if the person responsible for the mess faced consequences, especially when there were rumours that he got money from the government to make this localisation as well as other stuff that made it all seem like a con/scam. Anyway, 2 years later the game finally got a proper localisation and is available on steam. It doesn’t show on the steam page who was behind the localisation but according to this tweet JAST USA was behind it.

minetaka, producer and director of BUSTAFELLOWS, addresses the demand for localisation in a staff blog – In a blog post by minetaka, they talk about localisation in English and how they don’t have plans for now in terms of localising BUSTAFELLOWS as well as mentioning that it is also important to culturalise it when it comes to localisation/translation, which is “difficult for now”. Understandable, though if they do change their mind then I’m all for it.

Nintendo embracing the niche market of Otome Games – For those who don’t know, Nintendo Japan has a special page on their site dedicated to all the otome games on the Switch (and future games that will be on the console). They probably commissioned the artists from each otome game released on the Switch to draw the key characters holding/playing the Switch to hype it up. The page is always updated whenever a new otome game is announced, a release date confirmed etc. It’s very useful for those who want to keep track with otome games on switch. On 19th December, 2019 they released a new channel in the news section of the Switch and it is dedicated to otome game news called “Otome Game Club” (otome game-bu). I think you’re automatically following it if you have a Japanese otome game but you can always look it up from the channel list and manually follow it. It notifiies you when there’s sales on otome games, otome game releases and sometimes they publish letters from fictional characters from an otoge addressed to you.

2019 General Games Review (Non-Otome)

Yeah I mostly played any old game again this year. The ratio between the general games I’ve completed and the otome games I’ve completed would be 7:0. It’s shameful, especially when I should be focusing on otome games but gosh darn are these games fun. So here are some of the games I’ve played in 2019.


Last year at New Years Eve I just started this game and I finished it in the new year. It’s pretty good but god do I suck at it. Always dying and getting a shit rank lol. Thanks for making me feel bad, Kamiya.

All in all it was fun. Gameplay was fun, story was a bit goofy, characters were fun and goofy. Loved every second of it (except the seconds when I died)

Bayonetta 2

Gameplay wise it feels more improved than the first one (though in a way that it makes it a bit easier). But still feels challenging. It’s still fun to play, though the charm of the first game’s goofy story is a bit lost in the sequel. It feels a bit more serious, considering the plot and doesn’t have that Kamiya goofiness.

Overall I loved it too lol.

Devil May Cry 2

Yeah. I completed in back in March I think after taking a break from playing it because it was…. uh.

Yeah I finished both Dante’s and Lucia’s route so that means I played this terrible game twice. I see why people don’t like it.

Devil May Cry 3

Young pizza rat Dante.

After playing DMC2, DMC3 was a breath of fresh air. Pretty fun, though I’m not that great at playing it. Though can’t quite remember much about it plot wise. Like some dude disguised himself as a jester….? Just to lure Dante…? Yeah kinda dumb but was fun.

Devil May Cry 4

Haven’t completed this one yet. Maybe I’m halfway through? I’m not sure. I don’t know why I stopped playing I guess I got busy or something. I found playing as Nero a bit more easier than trying to remember all of Dante’s moves with his different styles but at least in DMC4 you can change Dante’s styles on the fly which makes it easier.

I see why people disliked DMC4 Nero bc he seems like a sulky, edgy kid. But I don’t seem to mind? I’ve seen worse characters.

Hypnospace Outlaw

I picked this up after watching my go-to-twitch-e-boy Vinny Vinesauce play it and it really is an experience. It plays a bit like Papers, Please, except you’re an enforcer on the internet, enforcing copyright law in your sleep (literally). I guess it’s a blast from the past and a little screenshot of what the internet looked like in the 90’s/00’s. I don’t know exactly what the internet looked like at that time bc I was too baby for it but when my sister saw me playing it she was like “Oh my god that’s exactly what it looked like back then”.

It really is a nostalgia trip and interesting to play.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Rat King

I only played and completed the Blue Lions route but overall I think this is an improvement from their previous attempt at a “three sided story between 2 kingdoms at war”. Plus all three to four routes are included into one game cartridge making this a replayable game.

I plan to play the other routes once all the DLC has released, but I know I’m gonna feel really sad seeing Dimitri and the Blue Lions in the other routes.

Pokemon Shield

I spent a good amount of time hatching a shiny ponyta instead of doing other stuff but gotdam it was worth it.

I kinda felt like the start of this game was a bit slow/hard to get into the game. I remember not wanting to play it at times but as I pushed forward I started to enjoy it. A good amount of the new pokemon added into this generation I absolutely love. Toxtricity and Hatterene, especially. The rivals are lovable and they have a good character arc (unlike you-know-what-generation) and god… Raihan…. Whoever designed him deserves a Nobel Prize.

It’s a shame people were bagging on it before it’s release because there’s a good amount of locations that look so good. I look forward to future generation pokemon on the Switch and see how much they can improve on it.

This generation doesn’t quite knock off Black and White from it’s number 1 spot in my heart but I liked it overall. I wonder if they’re planning for a sequel 🤔

2019 Otome Games Review

Got limited free time, and that free time is only allocated to the weekend, which I prioritise playing my non-otome games. Am sorry. Hopefully I’ll make more time for these games… especially when I’ve bought new otome games that are not in this list (and one BL game for the Switch, you know the one).

Variable Barricade | Hiatus

I bought this when I was in Japan and started playing it when I was in my mum’s hometown house back in Philippines, just to kill time. It seems promising but the whole time I was like “Sooo, when do I start going into Taiga’s route?”. It does seem like the common route is long, just to get you to know each guy but it feels more like Hibari is going from one guy to another in an endless harem date (jk). I get why she has to do that though.

It does have it’s funny parts. I enjoy the heroine as a character, she’s got her complexities. Too bad I don’t wanna deal with my PS Vita anymore (heck I can’t be bothered getting it out to get a screenshot for this post), so it might take me a while until I play it again.

Toraware no Palm for Nintendo Switch | Hiatus

Only played this for maybe a good hour or so. It’s all right for a port. I haven’t tried it on during TV mode, so I dunno if the controls are good. The graphics look as good as they can get, on par with the mobile version graphics.

I’m looking forward to Toraware no Palm: Refrain’s port to the Switch considering there is more voice acting it compared to the original games. Also the endless DLC that it had, that I hope will be added in the deluxe edition so I don’t need to spend 100 dollars on DLC just to hear the guard dude voiced by Sakurai to talk about Chiaki’s beauty mark on his butt.

Gensoukissa Enchante | Hiatus

I can’t say much about this game except its strong visuals and graphics design. I haven’t touched it ever since my unboxing post about it, especially the weeks after that post where I just spent my weekends endlessly trying to hatch a shiny ponyta.

I’m sorry I failed you, sexy Miser Rex.

2019 Mobile/Browser Games Review

Last year my New Years resolution was to quit playing mobile games and I think I kind of fulfilled it? Considering I hardly play any of the new mobile games I picked up this year and I don’t spend too much time playing mobile games these days.

So job well done for me lol.

—Updates on previously played games

Touken Ranbu | On/Off Playing

Am back babbeeyyyy.

I don’t play that often but I do try my best to play the events with new sword boys. Though sometimes (most of the time) I just give up at the beginning of the event lol. One of these days I’ll get 100% complete sword boys… jk, as if that would happen.

Yumeiro Cast | Shut Down

Yumeiro Cast shut down earlier this year and it was so sad to see it go (especially when Readyyy the app shut down a couple months after this one did). Sega really needs to get their shit together.

I Chu | Updates ceased

Liber is no longer updating I Chu the rhythm game app, no more new events until whenever they choose to officially close it down? I dunno. But seems like Liber is preparing for the new I Chu game (something similar to A3 gameplay) releases.

A3! (JPN & ENG) | On/Off Playing

Playing this on and off, though I haven’t hardcore played it in a long while. Heck I haven’t even levelled up in the English version either. Though I did do a rerun event for Japanese A3 to get SSR ninja Kazunari. I don’t know what possessed me to get that specific card but he cute anyway.

FGO (JPN & NA) | On/Off Playing

FGO got a big dickphobia issue going on where they don’t release male servants, but when they do they release some good ones like this himbo up there. Though sometimes they release some uglay dudes, that which I cannot forgive them especially when they are too scared to release a monster lady or old lady servant that ain’t attractive.

But yeah, I sometimes play the events, only if they’re worth it. I’m quite particular about their summer events which are usually fun.

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage | On/Off Playing

This year I think Deresute treated me good with the lucky SSR rolls I got. I still think this game is the No.1 rhythm mobile game out there (though that’s just my opinion). Still waiting for some of my fav idols to get voiced in Starlight Stage (I’m still waiting for Tokiko to get a voice actress).

Otome Yuusha | Shutting down

Despite taking months to make a renewal for this game, it seemed to backfire as players had move on during Otome Yusha’s absence and not a lot came back after Otome Yusha opened shop again as Tensei no Illuminasia Otome Yusha. It’s a shame because I loved the characters and the story but the gameplay was pretty lacklustre. RIP, Otome Yusha.

Shinen Resist | Shut down

Yeah this game shut down after a couple of months too. I’ll miss your ass.

On Air! | Dropped

Didn’t have enough time for this game anymore. Sorry, On Air.

Idolmaster Shiny Colors | Dropped?

Another game that I don’t have time for, but the visuals for this game is pretty good (blease release a rhythm game version in the near future, bamco).

DREAM!ing | Dropped

Another game I don’t have time for, wishing this game well for the future tho. Also stream Secret Scarlet.

Toraware no Palm Refrain | Completed

I finished the game and liked it, though the mystery wasn’t that much of a mystery. Still love Chiaki and the improvement Refrain is compared to the original two games. I’m praying Capcom will continue the series with new boyos to surveillance over. I know you love the Toraware no Palm Money, Capcom, why else would y’all add so much DLC to these games?

Anyway, sorry I didn’t get around writing a proper review for this game after I finished it. Hopefully when the Switch port releases I’ll get around playing it and reviewing it.

—New Games Played in 2019

Readyyy! | Shut down

This saddens me that Readyyy didn’t have the chance to live long. I have a mixture of feelings towards Readyyy after hearing that it was shutting down. Like I feel sad, angry, disappointed, all the emotions under the depression rainbow. Just makes me sigh deeply.

The King of Fighters for girls | On/Off Playing?

Played a little bit. The gameplay is lacklustre like most mobile games for women/girls are, I shouldn’t expect anything anymore for this genre lol. I hope SNK just… releases a console otome game for The King of Fighters instead. Let me date all the sexay men and get that completed feeling when I reach a route ending.

Final Words

This year has felt like it’s been going on for an eternity. Though I dunno how this year was like for others. I do apologise for the lack of content for this year.

My new years resolution for my blog in 2020 is to put out more consistent content, but mostly to put out content that I enjoy writing about. Also, fingers crossed I can actually eat away at my otome game backlog and push out reviews (I say for the fifth time).

I would like to thank you all for reading, commenting, liking or doing whatever. Thank you for everything, dear reader. You guys give me motivation to write for you all, even at times when I don’t have the time.

I hope 2020 will be a good year for us all.

One last beats meat man for the decade, for old times sake (even though this post is written one day in the new decade).

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2 thoughts on “[2019 Recap & Review] Bunny Recaps 2019 – A year that felt like 3 years rolled into one

  1. I chuckled so hard at failing sexy Miser Rex. You’ve made your mark on VNDB…historians will remember your name.

    Wow, it feels like yesterday since Otome Yuusha finished its renewal? Wack. Here’s to all the mobile games that never had a chance…I’m glad you had fun with all the other games you checked out! It’s nice to get in the groove of RPGs. GO GET THAT BREAD…do your best with that and taking care of yourself, I’m rooting for you. Here’s to another decade! Hopefully I will get to see Dynachord in all its beauty within this time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 2020 resolution is to finish watching dynamic chord anime (only watched like 1 or 2 esp, couldn’t bring myself to watch the rest).
      Have a wonderful 2020 to you too!


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