[Unboxing] Gensoukissa Enchante (Limited Edition) + quick look

Back at it again with buying limited editions (I swear I’ll stop… after Busta Fellows LE comes home lol). This time I got Gensoukissa Enchante’s LE, mostly because I heard it came with a poster, turns out I should learn to read better because it turns out to be a “cloth poster”, kinda like a tapestry except without the cord and string to help hang it up.

Anyway let’s take a closer look at the contents.


The game actually came on Halloween, which I was kind of anticipating in it arriving before Halloween so I could do a somewhat spoopy related post but because it came on the day I couldn’t really prepare a post for it on time haha.

So happy belated spoopy day.

Anyway, as part of the preorder from CDJapan I got a little bromide and a Drama CD “To each of their own, a new beginning…” (my bad attempt of translating the preorder drama CD title).

I kinda wished they used the graphic/key visual used for the preorder drama CD for the regular edition of the game case… but alas. It seems like Otomate would rather the artwork of the regular edition game case to have the canon pairing, than have all of the dateable guys on the front cover (which sucks bc we don’t see that key visual above used much in promotional stuff….).

The inside of the Limited Edition has the physical game, LE Drama CD and the cloth poster (which is being used as a backdrop for this photoshoot lol). The chibi artwork for the drama CD is pretty cute, makes me wish that I got an animate/stellaworth set instead bc they’re prettty adorable (I’m sure there’s prolly some chibi keyrings). Another cute detail that otomate doesn’t do much with their packaging (or at least the one’s I’ve got) is the sweets/food illustrations on the border, just a neat detail that goes well with the game’s cover.

Finally, here’s the cloth “poster”:

Really wished this was a tapestry so I could hand it up but I guess I can put it in a frame, and hang that. I’m also kicking myself for not reading the “cloth” part of the description. Also, I guess because this limited edition gives you the cloth poster, they skipped out on giving a booklet with this LE which is too bad because I would’ve love to see some art material but I guess that’s what the artbook/fanbook is for (I’m guessing they’ll make one).

Overall it’s an okay LE, though I feel like I’m always staring at a spoiler whenever I look at the Limited Edition illustration and the cloth poster. But I can’t deny the illustration looks really nice, a great composition indeed.

—Quick Look At…

Okay first off, I am in love with Gensoukissa Enchante’s GUI/UI. It’s chic and cute and brimming with style. It’s very easy on the eyes and just feels very unique.

Main Menu:

The extra/gallery menu I love in particular, it’s exactly like a menu you would get from a fancy cafe. Though it’s hard to understand what each item on the menu is, though with some deduction and observation each meal represents each guy.

Each meal set reflects the guy’s taste and their favourite food. So far the only thing selectable in each of the guy’s extra menu is their Event CGs. I’m guessing when you finish the route you’ll unlock more extras. But honestly, I love the care and detail used for the UI and the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

Another neat UI/GUI choice is the pause screen, where “Enchante” is transparent so you can see through it and it will always show what was in the background when you pause. *Italian Chef Kiss Dot JPG* Purely aesthetic.

Still ranting on about how much I love the visuals, I love the backgrounds of it too. It’s not too clean, it’s got some texture to it and overall looks atmospheric. It kind of reminds me of Kazuma Koda‘s (environment concept artist for Nier Automata) art style.

One more thing about the graphics is that I love the character sprites and expressions, particularly the heroine’s reactions at some of the guy’s clownery, Miser’s catty smirk and Canus’ flames(?) changing color to depict his emotions.

Okay, onto the story though.

Basically the heroine visit Cafe Enchante after being told she will be inheriting her late grandfather’s cafe, whom she was very close with and hang out in the cafe when she was little. As she reminisced about the good old times with gramps and the cafe, she noticed the a suspicious drape of cloth that she had wondered what was behind it when she was a kid.

Now that she’s all alone, this is her chance to see what’s really behind it… Turns out to be a staff only door. As she enters it she is confronted with a room with one door standing in the middle with a “closed” sign. She humours to herself that it’s just an antique novelty door her grandpa just keeps around.

She takes notice of the closed sign and wonders if she should change it to open–this is a critical choice in this game. If you say keep it closed, Kotone (the heroine btw) returns back to the main room of the cafe and wonders how is she going to run the cafe if she decides to accept her inheritance. While lost in thought she gets a phone call from her boss to come in for some overtime and she accepts, sighs and shrugs off the idea of running a cafe.

The End.

Seems like Joe Ninomae (along with scenario writers Nao Kojima and Satomi Nakayama) directed games have these early bad end choices where nothing spectacular happens and the heroine just returns to her normal life. Like their previous title the trio worked on, Code:Realize gave you the choice to say no to Lupin and Impey in joining their team and just make Cordelia roam free in the wild and that was the end lol.

But in this game you must open a new door for our dear heroine to start her life anew. As you see, you later learn that Kotone is in a dead end job that she got into after graduating high school, where she works as a customer support for a wack food company where she mostly had to handle complaints. It became so emotionally draining, it seemed to break her down a bit to the point that her grandpa got so worried for her that he sent her a letter telling her it’s okay to run away and that he has a place for her to stay in the cafe… though it seems like she didn’t take her up on her offer.

So basically, her changing the closed to an open sign changed her life for the better as she gets 4 hunky out-of-this-world himbos in her life. Dang, wish that could happen for all of us. At first she couldn’t believe that these guys are like demon lords, fallen angels, demon beasts and beheaded knights but as they explained she became 10% less sceptical lol.

I didn’t go as far as the hour or so of them introducing themselves so I couldn’t see much in terms of story. I don’t think there’s a visible affection gauge either which makes me wonder if this game has different endings or not (but I prefer not to know for now) 🤔

I haven’t had much time coming back to it but I hope to play it soon. I hope it’s as good as its graphic design and visuals so the West Otoge community can have another good otome game that they deserve, considering that this is getting a localisation.

Anyway, that’s about it.

Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “[Unboxing] Gensoukissa Enchante (Limited Edition) + quick look

  1. Everything’s so pleasing to the eye! I’m more inclined towards possibly getting it…shame about the LE, though. It feels so lacking when the cloth poster substitutes the booklet since there isn’t really an inside look to the game…I hope it’s not going to be the norm for their LEs going forward.

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