[Monthly Overview] November 2019 Overview


Hana Awase Iroha Hen – 22nd November – Enterbrain! / WoGa

Hana Awase ALL – 22nd November – Enterbrain! / WoGa

Nintendo Switch

Diabolik Lovers GRAND EDITION for Nintendo Switch – 21st November – Otomate

This month is kinda like a black hole in terms of releases, the only new one to release is Hana Awase Iroha Hen. But don’t worry folks! December always means that it’s the dumping ground month when it comes to Otome releases, just to squeeze ’em in before 2019 ends.

Though as the year comes to an end I realise….. I haven’t played a lot of otome games this year lol I don’t think I even have an otoge review out for this year either omg…. Yikes, this is bad haha. Then again so far I’ve only bought 4-5 otome games this year, so it’s not a big year for me in terms of otome spending (been tightening my belt for this whole year but now that I got a semi-full time income for now I guess I can go wild lol). Considering I bought/preordered some games near the end of the year I won’t be playing/reviewing them until next year haha. I did buy Omega Vampire for the Nintendo Switch as a joke so hopefully that will pay off.

Reflecting on last month’s blog posts I think I’m finding some footing with regularly posting (6 posts in one month is something I haven’t seen in a long time for myself haha). Hopefully I can keep up with this pace, that is if I still have any post ideas.

Also small announcement, seems like Voltage has added another mobile port to their Nintendo Switch lineup. Some of you may be familiar with the title but it is the one and only “Kissed by the Baddest Bidder“. Like most Voltage games, it’s not fully voiced but it will be available in both Japanese and English. It is unknown when the release date is but Voltage says coming 2019, and knowing them I wouldn’t be surprised they suddenly release it in November or December without any notice.

Anyway, onto this month’s releases.

Hana Awase Iroha Hen is the last part to the Hana Awase PC game series. This part has been in the works for 3~4 years now and it is finally getting its release. This part will focus more on Iroha and his route (he seemed like the poster boy of the series so it’s a long time coming for him lol).

Hana Awase ALL is releasing the same day as Iroha Hen and is a complete collection of all the Hana Awase games (all 4 parts) as well as a CD for the soundtrack as added bonus. A good collection for someone who wants to dip their toes into the Hana Awase series or for fans who are avid collectors.

Diabolik Lovers GRAND EDITION for Nintendo Switch is a port to the Nintendo Switch of the PS4 game under the same title, which in turn is a port of the two PS Vita games “Diabolik Lovers Limited Edition” and Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD Limited Edition” WHICH in turn are also ports of the original PSP games “Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal” and “Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD” which are also adaptations/inspired by the Drama CD series “Diabolik Lovers Do-S Vampire CD”, “Diabolik Lovers Versus” and “Diabolik Lovers Do-S Vampire CD MORE,BLOOD”. Port-ception.

That’s about it. I’ll prolly get Diabolik Lovers GRAND EDITION together with CHAOS LINEAGE if I ever find them in a bargain bin in Japan, if I ever go on a trip there again. For scientific purposes, of course.

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] November 2019 Overview

  1. Oh man, I’m getting tired of Diabolik Lovers despite being a fan… I originally pre-ordered the Switch port, but I had to cancel, because you know… Christmas presents etc. I’m not even mad about cancelling, the limited edition is pictures only, no drama CD. And I have a feeling the bonus pics aren’t even drawn by Satoi unlike Chaos Lineage cover art.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tho isn’t the switch port of grand edition have both the same artwork for regular and limited cover 😂 there’s nothing special really and it’s sad….
      At least the money you saved will go to some good Christmas presents


      1. Yep, I hope so XD
        I was disappointed to have no extra drama cd though. It’s as if even Rejet is finding it awkward to approach DL’s seiyuu for new recording about some vampire bullshit like… baking cupcakes etc. And I suppose it’s super expensive too.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. You have doing well to preserve your money, the illustrations are not even draw by Satoi anymore so it doesn’t worth it.


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