[Mobile] A3! Releases Worldwide Today

That’s right, popular (in Japan) mobile game A3! finally releases today–23rd October.

Gonna keep this post short, but yes indeed, A3! has released to both the iOS and Android with no bumps or hiccups (at least so far). Coincidentally, English ver A3! releases on the 1,000th day of Japanese ver A3! being online. What a nice coincidence (also logging into Japanese ver A3! gives you 150 daiya/gems).

As I can confirm, the English version isn’t region locked to, let’s say, only those in the USA, in fact it’s available globally so almost everywhere and anywhere. No need to wait for your country’s turn to get the A-OK for you to download the game you can just download it right now.

In other news, A3! reached their goal of 10,000 Followers on Twitter. In fact they made it to 10.7K and counting. Hopefully now they can get that verified check mark next to their name eventually so I won’t accidentally mistake it as a fan account.

Everyone will gain 150 gems, training items and friend points after clearing the tutorial.

The winner for the best boy popularity poll goes to… Masumi Usui. Everyone will receive his initial SR card in their present box/inbox as well as Spring Troupe training items.

Pretty surprising, considering Itaru has been the no.1 popular boy in the Japanese side of A3! But I do recall Masumi being very popular when A3! initially started, it must be his yandere charm.

Edit: Aimu Sora posted a video showing the full character ranking so check it out:

As for the quality of the translation/localisation. I love it. It brings out the humour from the original Japanese script and transforms it into something English speakers can enjoy. It’s not quite a literal translation, but it’s very fun to read. I feel that the translators had fun with the English script as well.

Some classics include:

As well as:

And don’t forget:

There is also a Twitter account that posts out-of-context screenshots that have many more funny translated lines if you still haven’t had enough:

The localisation is very stellar and I can see people enjoying it (both previously Japanese ver players and newbies). I’ll give a better review when I have time and dipped my feet into it more.

That being said I’m feeling the same joy I felt when I first played A3! (Japanese version), it still brings a smile on my face and now I can 100% comprehend what’s going on thanks to the localisation. I’m excited for future content and for everyone else to have fun playing it.

Thanks for reading!

Links to download A3! Global version:

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  1. English A3 is such a fun time! I love how Sakuya is now officially dubbed a good boy. Here’s to hoping it lasts! It really fulfills that whole “accomplish stuff without having to do anything” itch thanks to that auto button.

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