[Mobile] A3! Global Release Coming This Month

More than a year ago back in June 2018, CYBIRD–company that created the mobile game Ikemen series–had announced that in collaboration with Liber Entertainment they will be releasing A3!, a popular actor training mobile game in Japan, worldwide with English translation (Japanese audio included). After a long wait it had been scheduled to release in Autumn 2019 and planned a release in mid-to-late October.

Now that A3! apocalypse is upon us, here’s a little run down on what’s happening for the pre-game launch campaign.

Beginning from the start of October, the folks at CYBIRD have been busy at work promoting the game through social media which means there are now official English accounts for A3! on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook (I’ll link them at the end of this post).

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram share similar posts (though Instagram is more image based, but a good place to check out each character’s profiles). Though I’ll mainly focus on Twitter because that’s basically my haunting ground.

At the time of me writing this post they have uploaded character profiles for all troupes except for Winter troupe in the lead-up towards the game’s release (judging by the accounts posting patterns, I’m sure they’ll start posting Winter troupe’s profiles next week).

Give it up for best boy, Sakuya

There is also a Twitter only campaign going on, encouraging people to follow the account to reach milestones which in turn will reward every player with in-game goodies. The campaign started on October 10th and will keep going until October 22nd, where if every goal is cleared players will get up to 150 gems, which is good for one whole 10-roll scout plus extra.

They are aiming for 10,000 followers which is a moderate goal and so far (at the time I’m writing this) they’re at 6,800+ followers. So they’re almost close, but considering the time restrains of the due date being a week (plus a couple of days) from now, they’re gonna need a couple more peeps to follow the account.

Also spreading awareness is Aimu Sora, a bilingual vtubber who specialises in talking about female oriented franchises/content. Here’s his first video on A3!, he’s also running a character ranking poll which can be found in the video description. Maybe he’ll do a series on A3! like he does with idolish7 🤔

Also happening right now is that the game is up for pre-registration on the google play store (sorry iOS users).

Pre-registering for a game on google play means it’ll notify you when the game is available for download. Though not quite sure if it automatically downloads it to your phone when you’re connected to wi-fi (though that would be very convenient).

Edit: There’s now a Popularity Poll for A3! English Ver. until October 22nd.

The popularity poll asks you which guy is your best boy in A3!. The winner of the popularity poll will have his SR and training items for his troupe given out to every player for free.

Final Thoughts

Y’all may be thinking, “Damn is Billy being paid for this promo?” and I’m gonna say “I wish”. But honestly from the deepest depths of my heart I really want to see A3! become successful worldwide and enjoyed in English, I honestly didn’t even think it was possible that A3! was getting a worldwide release considering Ensemble Stars never got one (at least an English release). Plus I wanted to make this post to spread awareness, considering the original announcement was over a year ago I’m sure some people may have forgotten about it.

This game, while I have no time for mobile games anymore, is very dear to me. I enjoy the story and characters very much and am glad many more English speakers will get the chance to experience it. Also this may be a good chance for me to high rank in events (I wish). I also hope that the English/Worldwide version of A3! will be just as generous as the Japanese version when it comes to giving out daiyas (in-game currency used for gachas and other things) 😔🙏

I’m also quite curious whether or not they will sell A3! albums overseas with English lyrics or at least have official English lyrics available somewhere in some form or is that too impossible for me to ask ahaha.

Though it’s a bit of a shame that A3! English version doesn’t have a website to go to for additional information and such. Hopefully they can get around to it, but if not, it’s understandable.

Either way, with the release of the English version coming this month/autumn and with the A3! anime coming out in 2020 with two cours (which means it’ll have around 24-26 episodes aired in total), it seems like a pretty promising upcoming 12 months for A3! fans (and English fans in particular).

For further reading on A3!, check out my review on the Japanese version of the mobile game as well as my thoughts on A3! global release.

Thanks for reading!

Click links below to find out more about A3! English version:

cant wait for my favourite scene to happen

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