A trip to the Royal Melbourne Show

Not particularly otome related but hey, it’s something to write about in my blog and I want to share a bit of some Australian past times 😂

Last week I accompanied my cousin, who is visiting Australia for a couple of months, and sister to the Royal Melbourne Show. Basically it’s an annual carnival/fair that’s been going on in our state for about 170 years that happens during the start of spring to Show and appreciate agriculture and the rural industry. Though its mostly a past time for families with small kids and young couples to go on dates, it still has stuff for people young and old.

Now, this will probably be my second time in my lifetime that I visited the Show. My first being when I was still a baby in a pram–which my parents used as an excuse not to go back to the Show when I was growing up because “I had already gone when I was little”. Pretty sneaky tactic for parents to pull on a kid who could barely remembers anything when they were a babby.

Though as an adult revisiting the Show, it’s a bit… less magical I guess? I’m sure kid me would’ve loved it, though adult me is just worrying about spending too much. Which is why I hardly went on the rides because you’d have to pay on top of your 40-something-dollar admission ticket.

There’s a lot of rides and activities, as well as dog shows and demonstrations to watch. Though for some people the main attraction is the showbags in the Showbag Pavilion (picture seen at the start of this post).

Showbags are basically goodie bags that are usually themed. You’ve got showbags that have candy, others that mostly have chocolate from one brand, and lately there has been a rise on franchise themed showbags such as showbags with merchandise of Friends (yes the TV show, though its pretty basic stationary stuff), Rick and Morty themed showbags and even Gudetama themed showbags.

(Ngl the Riverdale showbag caught my eye because the poster for Riverdale looked almost like a Twilight movie poster)

Most of the showbags are aimed towards kids but there have been a couple showbags aimed towards adults as well, stuff like small baby essential showbags, makeup showbags and showbags that have goodies picked out by fashion magazines. My sister usually gravitates towards the ELLE showbag because it usually has the most stuff for an alright price. If you’re lucky and go to the Show during its final days, there might be a couple of showbags selling for a cheaper price. I ended up getting one of the Pusheen’s showbags, though I did have my eye on the gudetama one.

The showbag pavilion not only hosts a place to get your showbags but it also has a bunch of food stands. My sister ordered a cheesey pasta that was being mixed with cheese inside a legit cheese wheel, just like this image. Meanwhile I tried out a “popsicle waffle”.

Ngl it wasn’t as great as I anticipated it. You could hardly notice there’s a waffle underneath it all. The oreo cookies wasn’t the best part of it and the popsicle stick seemed a little redundant when you had to pick it apart with some sporks.

After looking around the showbag pavilion trying not to tempt ourselves into buying more showbags, we took a seat on grass and waited for the magic show.

There was an ad for Pokemon Sword and Shield before the show started

The magic show was alright though the audience seemed pretty much dead, not a lot of applause or reactions, considering some of the stuff the magician did was somewhat impressive. Though things got tense when he was in this torture device designed by himself and he had to escape before the kitchen knives stabbed his head. Honestly couldn’t make myself watch it😂

Afterwards we looked at the nursery where baby animals are at and despite the smell it was pretty cute. Though the goats seemed pretty aggressive when it came to people feeding them (honestly they just butted each other just to get some of that sweet oat, hay and grass mix).

I had also found my people (the rabbits)

We looked around some more, won an alpaca plushie from a carnival game (cost me about 40 bucks to get it tho), saw some alpacas in an alpaca show to see which alpaca is the most supreme. I also found a PS Vita as a prize for an arcade machine?

Must’ve been stuck in that machine since 2014.

Just as we were about to leave we were distracted by the food and wine section of the Show and I was drawn in by the Masterchef building. Ngl up until that point in my life I didn’t know that Masterchef Australia was filmed at the same location as the showgrounds 😂

I remember seeing Masterchef Australia debut on TV when I was in high school, and apparently it’s seasons have aired overseas (except for America I think, considering America has their own Masterchef show). Honestly the inside of the building looked bigger on TV, but once you go inside it’s not that big at all. For the show the Masterchef building hosted a number of food and drink stalls as well as products for cooking, apparently all of them are award winner and after trying some fudge from one stall I can understand why.

And just as we were very close to exiting we finally found the Jurassic/dinosaurs pavilion that was advertised heavily.

I know kid me would’ve loved this. Heck, even adult me loved this.

The animatronics were okay, though they kinda went overboard with the fog in that pavilion. There were some fossils on display, or at least some castings of fossils, as well as some framed insects but I didn’t bother taking a closer look (maybe sadly, maybe not sadly considering some bugs freak me out).

My fav animatronic out of the collection would be this one:

The dinosaur looked somewhat bothered by the raptor, like “aw come on man, get off my back…” so it was kinda comical to me lol.

And that was about it for the Show.

Here’s a quick look at the showbag I got, thinking back on it now it may not have been worth it lol.

The list of goods are:

  • Cold pack
  • Socks
  • Drink bottle that looks like a whisky flask
  • Nail files
  • Badges
  • Headband
  • Stickers
  • Stationary set (pencils, notebook, pencil case)
  • Duffle Bag

All for the price of $28 (apparently the goods are valued at $81.50 but I kinda doubt it).

It was strange how the headband had this huge tag on it like…. that’s going to be distracting as hell when you wear it. Honestly the first time I’ve seen a headband, a novelty one, to have such a huge tag omg. The drink bottle had a weird iffy smell to it too…

Also the socks did not fit me, they’re obviously kids sized. They don’t make good sock puppets either…

That’s about it. I dunno if I’ll go back, considering I’m too old for it. Though if I ever get kids or have kid relatives wanting to go in the far future then maybe I’ll take them there.

Thanks for reading.

Goodbye for now, from Alpaca friend

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One thought on “A trip to the Royal Melbourne Show

  1. It sounds like fun! It’s nice that there’s local carnivals there you can check out. I love that dinosaur park…there’s a magical atmosphere about it with the fog and lights. Those bunnies are so cute. I want to pet them.

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