[Monthly Overview] October 2019 Overview

Nintendo Switch

Amnesia LATERxCROWD for Nintendo Switch – 3rd October – Otomate

Gensoukissa Enchanté – 10th October – Otomate

Happy Spooptober everyone! A whole month dedicated to spooks and I really have nothing spooky planned lol. Honestly there’s not a lot of new upcoming otome games from Japan that are slightly horror based, I guess the OELVN community gotta pull that weight… Though I guess if you think about Toma from Amnesia trapping you in a cage and drugging you for weeks on end is horror, then there’s that.

On similar note, the double fandisc bundle for Amnesia is going to release on the Switch this month. Hopefully it’ll get an English Localisation because only the original game was localised, but alas that was only to the Switch.

Personally I’m doing all right. Getting that bread to hopefully continue posting for you guys. Though seems like this year ain’t great for my blog because honestly stats are dwindling. I wonder if Google hates me and my blog now because it’s not gaining traffic anymore lol. Oh well 😂 I’ll just keep doing what I do best (which is avoiding writing otome game reviews apparently). But enough self-deprecating humour, let’s check out this month’s releases.

It really does seem like releases are slowing down at the end of this year, I’m not sure if last year had the same problem. Heck, I think only one game is scheduled for release in November. Then again some games really do go under my radar because my sources aren’t updating or adding all games expected to release and also sometimes I’m just not actively seeking out every game announcement. So apologies if I ever miss a game!

Here’s a rundown on this month’s releases:

Amnesia LATERxCROWD is a port to the Nintendo Switch of a PS Vita port of two PSP fandisc games for Amnesia. Basically the LATER portion of the game is more focused on after stories, “another” stories and side content like the wacky world of Waka-san and girl’s party as well as another “route option” where you find your memories with Orion instead of the other boys. CROWD is split into three parts “SUSPENSE”, “WORKING” and “LOVE” where these parts have a couple of mini-games and nothing too ground breaking… I guess? I guess you could say the SUSPENSE part of CROWD was pretty much a precursor to CollarxMalice judging by the website’s explanation lol.

Gensoukissa Enchanté is a new Otomate game for the Switch (feels like ages since a new otoge from Otomate was released omg… lately it’s just been ports galore). The story focuses on Kotone after she inherits her late grandfather’s cafe “Enchante” and the regular customers of said cafe. Though the customers aren’t exactly your run of the mill coffee enthusiasts, in fact Enchante is a domain that hosts those who come from different worlds, non-humans to be exact, from demons to dullahans. This game will also be getting a release in the West in 2020, which means English localisation (the exact date is not decided yet). It seems like it’ll be a cute game but judging from the limited edition cover and CGs from the website maybe it’ll be a bit heart-wrenching.

That’s it for this month. I’ve already preordered my limited copy of Gensoukissa Enchante because it actually has something different from most Otomate LEs recently as a bonus, as it comes with a B3 poster (wowzers). Which is basically a poster that is 35 cm by 50 cm or 13.9 inches by 19.7 inches. Sweet. I won’t be getting any animate or other shop sets bc I’m being a cheapskate but they do look pretty cute. I just hope that the game will live up to my expectations (though I will prepare for the worst if it doesn’t turn out great). Maybe it’ll be a good Halloween post excuse considering there be a couple of monster boys in this game (tho maybe technically one and a half monster boys…).

Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] October 2019 Overview

  1. Gensoukissa Enchante looks pretty cute but it doesn’t really interest me that much if I’m really honest. I’m mostly just going to sit around and wait for reviews lol I might consider buying the EN game next year if the reviews are good though. Or maybe if I’m really impatient I’ll buy it in JP but considering my backlog is like ten years long…. yeah. I should just wait. LOL

    Yeah there really aren’t many releases for the end of the year. The only one I’m looking forward to is BUSTAFELLOWS. Ordered that stupidly expensive deluxe stellaset when I was drunk so that I wouldn’t get cold feet when it was sitting in my cart haha ^q^ but other than that…. no plans to buy anything else for the rest of the year.

    Oh well lol maybe next year the releases will be a little more equally distributed. Thanks for all your hard work as usual~

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    1. I’m hoping enchante will be good so the English otoge community can enjoy something that isn’t shit like bad apple wars and that “we’re stuck in an RPG, if we die here we die in real life” otoge that wasn’t that great. Need to show the West the small gems from otoge, so if this is another blunder I dunno if it’ll sit well with the community lol.

      I also preordered the bustafellows deluxe edition tho I didn’t go for any sets, even if they’re very tempting lol. Hopefully that one will be good too. I like how the heroine can kinda go back in time or at least see the future and is voiced? Pretty hyped about that one.
      Though I won’t be able to play it until next year bc I chose the slowest shipping option to save money lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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