[Mobile] Mini Review – Tensei no Illuminasia Otome Yusha (Mobile Renewal)

After a long wait, Otome Yusha has now been reborn into “Tensei no Illuminasia Otome Yusha“. The game went into a 7 month maintenance since October 2018 and had experienced a lot of delays to make sure that the renewal of the mobile app will be up to standard and was released on 25th June, 2019.

I spent about a month playing it to see whats the changes and how much it was improved. In this essay I will In this post I will breakdown the new content and give my final verdict on whether the long wait for this renewal was worth it.

Edit: Please note that this intro was written back in July. Sorry for the wait!

—New Characters

The Six Brave (could be read as Sith Brave?) are a group of 6 guys who are loyal to the Demon King and act as counterparts to the heroine’s slayers. Each Six Brave are in control of certain enemy mob groups that appear during the races/gameplay.

*Some Characters haven’t had their character art revealed yet. May, or may not, update in the future

Luhbe | CV: Yuki Ono

He is the Six Brave in control of the ferocious beasts that plague the world. He is the Demon King’s faithful servant and coordinator of the Six Brave. A gentle type that always has a soft smile, but also has a cruel side that will throw away those who are useless.

“You’ve let your guard down, fool”

Alioth| CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

He is the Six Brave in control of the demi-humans. A man of few words, he is dignified and confident. Used to be a wolf-type beastman, but abandoned that appearance and became a demon.

“Disappear. That in itself is your only salvation.”

Phecdal| CV: Takehito Koyasu

He is the Six Brave in control of the daemons. Despite his dignified demeanour, he is quite an elusive and melodramatic man. He has a technique to captivate people’s hearts by using magic.

“Shall we dance, my lady?

Merak| CV: Kouhei Amasaki

He is the Six Brave in control of the “dolls” filled with magical power, called magicloid. He is also a magicloid made from the Demon King’s magic. He calls the Demon King “papa” and wants the best for him.

“You’re too late, 1 second over.

Megres| CV: Souma Saito

He is the Six Brave in control of the insects. A frivolous man who is friendly even towards the enemy. But all of that is a trap to get close to the enemy and entrap them. He is often called the “Poisonous Spider”.

“Hey, Hey, pay attention.

Mizar| CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

He is the Six Brave in control of the dragons who are boasted to be the strongest of the Demon Lord’s army. He is usually a timid youth but on the battlefield he is a changed person who is merciless and cruel in battle. He also seems to have a secret…?

“It won’t hurt a bit…

—Tenseijyū / Celestial Beasts

You’ll eventually get an egg which will have three stages: egg stage, babby stage and full grown stage (as shown above). You can pet it, choose different activities to do with it (will consume 1 of 3 activity pips which recovers in around 3-4 hours, prolly per pip) to boost its affection/experience and you can feed it armour and weapons?!

Yes, apparently you can give it unwanted weapons and armour that is piling up in your storehouse and feed it to the little beast to help it grow in terms of parameters. The parameters help determine what type of beast it will grow up to be and what skills it will inherit. Weapons helps its attack parameter grow and armour helps its defence parameter grow. Though I noticed that it doesn’t grow that much when you’re at the babby stage so maybe it’s best to keep feeding them these stuff when they’re in their egg stage? Or maybe Level-5 patched it so it wouldn’t be OP.

You can equip your beast to a slayer, whether it be still in its egg stage or fully grown beast stage it will still attack whenever you hit the button. Usually fully grown beasts will have skills that will help your slayer recover and other stuff, they also have more allowance in how many times you can use it to attack but it’s not that OP.

Also you can use an item on it to revert it back to it’s egg stage when it’s fully grown, possibly to make it even more stronger and/or change its attribute? But why do it when you wasted so much coins and resources in getting it to the fully grown stage?? (I honestly went broke at points where I couldn’t upgrade my slayer’s cards because I used all the coins on making the beast grow big and strong.)

—New Story + Maps

You would need to defeat the Demon King (for the second time), which was part of the old content, to gain access to the new maps and story. I managed to weasle my way to defeating the Demon King for the second time and I really liked the story there and it nicely stitched the game’s original available story together with the renewal story that introduces the second part of the Otome Yusha story.

Alas I haven’t really gone too far into it because my teams are weak (I was relying on a heavily OP Kin’caro to carry me to the goal of defeating the Demon King (for the second time)) so I wasn’t able to play much on the newer maps because the difficulty level is a little bit too high for me to handle at this point so I’m not sure how do the Six Braves appear in the new story.

Also I find it funny that the new sword the heroine gets isn’t really a sword for her to use in battle in terms of stabbing…. it’s just used to summon the celestial beasts 😂

Goddess: This is the “Tensei Tsurugi”– A sword used to summon the celestial beast

Thanks a lot, Goddess. I can use this sword to pick my nose with.

Edit: I haven’t been keeping up with many of my mobages lately because I’m pretty busy but it seems like they have added in a first Six Brave character into the gameMegres–who can be summoned in the gacha for some reason? He also has a new map called Wyndham Kingdom which you can access when you clear Granlot Kingdom. The story in this map pretty much sums up the previous story when you play the first chapter so it’s all good. Though it does contain spoilers, especially for the new story added into the renewal, so be prepared lol.

—3D Models

The 3D models are mostly used as cut-in animations for when you use skills that are special/unique for certain characters as well as winning and losing animations at the end of each race. Though I’ve never lost because it’s hard to lose in this game, so I’m not sure what the losing screen looks like.

—Date Event

Date events give you small mini episodes of going on dates with certain slayers (each date event only allows a total of 3-4 slayers to go on dates with and are predetermined by the company on who is going to have a date event) as well as rewards such as portraits for your profile as well as outfits to customise the look of your slayer, but you have to exchange event points first to gain those outfits so you better work hard for it.

I didn’t have the time or effort, especially when I had to pay event points to unlock stories, and I was too poor to purchase the premium outfit for Darryl so I got the poor version. Also with these date events there will be limited gachas to go with it, so best spend your real money if you want your man 😢

When you’re finished with the date story of your chosen man you may even get a little item from him as remembrance of the date.

Thanks for the surprise flower, Darryl, after I gave you cheap clothes because I’m too poor to get the swanky ones.

Event dates have a different play style to other race maps where once per race you get to choose one box out of three, sometimes it will give you points to use towards rewards, sometimes it will give you coins but if you’re unlucky you might get an enemy which range from puny punk to boss of all delinquents.

—Updated UI

UI is updated so it’ll be a little bit more easier to navigate which means less loading times between switching menu screens.

—Smaller additions

  • A few new voice lines – A couple of new voice lines as well as unlockable voice lines that can be unlocked with quartz
  • Limited Birthday Cards – There are now birthday cards of Slayers in gachas (I’m not sure if they’re added to the normal gacha pool after their birthday is over). There is also new voice lines for birthdays as well as a countdown daily log-in for a slayers birthday that gives you free orbs
  • Improved Event Styles – Events have changed their play styles, though whether it was for the better is up to how you perceive it
  • An ability to let the boys lose their shorts and go into spirit burst mode – Has a cool down of maybe 3 hours, I’m not sure, but pressing a slayer’s portrait during a race can activate their spirit burst which means stronger attacks but it will lower your slayers HP dramatically considering you’re doing a forced spirit burst
  • Ikebo Maker – Enter your name and let the randomisation spew out a confusing setence voiced by your fav character/voice actor

Overall Thoughts

First up, my grievances:

  • I still cant get my fav boi’s pantsu
  • Coins pay for almost everything now, including feeding the baby egg/beast and transforming it into something bigger. I’m too broke to even level up my cards bc of the coin price inbalance. Only good chance to get a good amount of coins is in events that give out generous amounts or the daily coin map.
  • They don’t give out much orbs anymore so its harder to roll in gachas, which are a nightmare because sometimes you can’t even get the lowest rarity card of a limited gacha set sometimes, let alone the highest rarity.

Overall, it still feels like the same old game, nothing big in improvements. Some of the stuff added in for the renewal seems more like bells and whistles to keep people entertained like a cat playing with a laser pointer. The only thing that interests me the most is the new story as well as the introduction to rival/enemy characters.

The gameplay is still a bit lackluster that you can just look away and let it play itself while you do other stuff (like what I’m doing now while writing this semi-review/overview).

It doesn’t help that they haven’t recovered back a couple of players that were into it before the renewal maintenance period but just gave up waiting and moved on to other mobages. I’m not entirely sure if this has improved the amount of new incoming players either.

While it is kinda disappointing and sad, I guess this is pretty much the state of most mobages at late? Or maybe I’m growing tired of mobages as a whole. But don’t get me wrong, I really do like Otome Yusha and I wish the best for it but I’m starting to worry for it’s future considering so many of the mobages I’ve played have already shut down by now.

For now I’ll enjoy it for what it is… that is if I have time for it 😂

Thanks for reading!

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